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My Recent FB Posts on story, 12th house, 8th house, Upachaya houses, 10th house.

So, I have again made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ . 

Post on 19th June, 2018 - 

I happened to read this story a few years back on Mata Amrinandamayi's Site and I liked how it was linked with Astrology.

So story is about a King who was visited by a Sage. Sage gave him 2 clay idols and said that your Kingdom would have to face a war within a week of the day any of these idols get broken. King gave those 2 idols to his best servant and told him to take best care.

One day while cleaning the idols, one of them had fallen and got broken. King was informed. King was furious and ordered the servant to be imprisoned. He said that if War takes place within a week then he is going to hang the servant.

As predicted, a neighboring Kingdom attacked this Kingdom within a week. The King ordered the hanging of servant but asked him any last wish he had. Servant said that he wants to break the 2nd idol too because 1 fine day that idol will get broken through someone else and you will hang that person too.

King asked, I didn't understand your point?

Servant replied that basically you didn't understand the Sage himself. Sage wanted to say that the day idol gets broken, you must start preparing for War. It is not that War is happening because of breaking of idol. Breaking of idol was an indication that someone is preparing to attack you, so you must begin your preparation.

And this is what Astrology is all about. Your upcoming dasha or transit is only indicating you towards start working in a particular area of life before it gets completely screwed. Like being a Scorpio ascendant, Saturn is now transiting 2nd house of wealth for me and this awareness made me to arrange my finances in a better way from last 2 years. As I was prepared, this transit is not impacting much to me but if I had been spendthrift in last 2 years or mismanaged my money then I would have had issues now.

So, this is the whole purpose of Astrology, to make you aware, prepared and pro-active against upcoming times of life, either good or bad.



This is something I talked summarily in my last FB Live Session.

12th house is basically a House of Losses. So, whichever planet is there in 12th house, we begin the life with feeling a sense of loss related with that planet. That planet improves during the life when we give our best efforts for that planet. In other words, consider that planet in the bucket of losses to start your life and now if you want to gain anything related with that planet, you may need to put extra effort throughout life. Like,

Sun - person will have lack of confidence or self-worth. 
Moon - lack of focused mindset, too imaginative. 
Mars - lack of courage & will-power, kind of lazy. 
Mercury - lack of ability to communicate correctly, feeling of loss towards relation with siblings. 
Venus - feeling of loss in relationship, lack of idea as to how relationship can be improved. 
Jupiter - possibly loss of education or morals. 
Saturn - loss of sense of duty or responsibility in life, again sort of laziness.

So, person can have or at least feel a loss in these areas "to start with" in life but as he grows up and works on these planets, he can get better results in later age.


PS - If there is no planet in 12th house then wherever 12th house lord goes, person may have sense of loss related with things of that house. 


Post on 24th June, 2018 - 

As 12th house represents the things person would sense a kind of loss about, 8th house represents things which would go through some changes in life and person may not feel stable about those things because 8th house is house of changes. I am not taking the dignity of planets in consideration here, with my earlier post about 12th house and now about 8th house of changes, because the basic foundation of 12th house is of losses and basic foundation of 8th house is instability. Of course, nothing is permanent in life and things improve with age and experience. This is where I am saying that "to begin life" person will have these feelings of losses or changes, as the case may be.

So, whichever planet is in 8th house, person can experience major changes in life related with that planet. Like,

Sun - Person will feel that he always meets those people who hurt his ego and his career can see many changes and instabilities. 
Moon - It is marana-karaka position of Moon where mind feels continuous fear of upcoming changes. 
Mars - Transformative relation with brother/male friends and person may be fearful in overall approach as Mars represents courage and will-power. 
Mercury - Relation with siblings can go through instabilities. Person can have fluctuating interests or hobbies. 
Venus - Overall love life or relations can go through major changes. Person may never feel stability in relationship. 
Jupiter - Person's belief system or morals can go through a major change. 
Saturn - Major changes related with duties and responsibilities in life. Changes may not be sudden here due to slow nature of Saturn. It means person will get many opportunities to correct himself before a major change comes in life.

I would again not consider Rahu-Ketu for these concepts as they give results based on sign and sign lord position plus conjunction with them. But it doesn't mean that they don't have any impact at all in 8th or 12th houses.

Rahu in 12th house can make someone gain from foreign lands but person can have spendthrift nature. Rahu in 8th house can explode changes and bring lots of changes but person can be a perfect mystic.

Ketu in 12th house is considered as Moksha-Margi position of Ketu but it can give some very weird or split spiritual views. Ketu in 8th house can split your family property or inheritance but again it creates someone who spends immense time in research of occult matters.

Needless to say that if 8th house is empty then 8th house lord position will decide where the change is coming.

Someone asked similarities between 8th house and 12th house. Well, they both deal with secret matters. They both are part of moksha triangle along with 4th house. They both represent our intuitive abilities. 12th house is 5th from 8th house, so it represents education of occult and mysticism. 8th house is 9th from 12th house, so it represents luck of spiritual pursuits and foreign lands.

Understand a house as a Land Property you have. Sign as a Home you built. Planet as the person residing in that home. Now, if your title of land itself is doubtful then no matter how beautiful is your home or how strong is your tenant, you may find trouble in asserting your right on property. This is what happens with Dushthana houses like 6th, 8th or 12th that their base significance itself is malefic by nature. So, it will give some malefic results anyhow.

Post on 25th June, 2018 - 

3rd house, 6th house, 10th house and 11th house are known as Upachaya Houses. The houses which grow or improve with time. It means these houses give better results after a certain age which is normally considered as 30+. Now, why these houses only are known as Upachaya Houses?

3rd house - 3rd house is house of communication and self-efforts. Our communications improve with age and our ability to put efforts too. Like, if you see my very initial articles of 2014 then you can see a definite improvement in my writing with time. Also, as a kid we can't put our best efforts. We give our best efforts from our 30s as body and mind both mature.

6th house - 6th house is basically house of conflicts. Our ability to deal with conflicts also improve with age. In childhood or adolescence, we may even be ready to fight on streets for almost anything but as we grow, we develop an ability to ignore useless conflicts and deal with conflicts in more intellectual and righteous/legal ways.

10th house - 10th house is house of Work, Career and Recognition/Status. It doesn't happen that your 1st job is of Senior Manager or VP or Director. We join at the lowest level and then our status grow with time.

11th house - Similarly, as 11th house is house of Income and Gains, its not that your 1st salary is in millions. We start with low income package and then it gradually increases throughout life.

Hence, we can see that all Upachaya Houses and planets there are going to make us work hard for initial time in life and results can be reaped only from 30s. This applies even to the lord of these houses. Somehow they will make us work hard in life even if they are naturally beneficial planets. They will make us work hard in things related with the house where they sit.

Some additional info - It might be surprising but 11th house lord is considered the most malefic planet of the chart. Reason is very simple. 11th house is basically a house of Desires. Desires,which never end for humans. One after the other, we have desires coming in mind. The moment we achieve one desire, the next desire takes birth. And one day or the other, some of our desires won't be fulfilled and we will suffer because of that. Hence, 11th house lord becomes the most malefic planet in the chart.  . They say that if 11th house lord is sitting in any of the Upachaya Houses, it gives good results but still the vicious circle of desires continue.


Post on 27th June, 2018 

10th house is always considered as the house of Career and Work. But it is actually the house of Authority & Bosses. It is very important to understand this to finally understand that where and how you may see growth and prosperity in Career?

So, 10th house is basically the house of Father. As Father remains the authoritative figure and Boss at home/family, 10th house became the house of Authorities and Bosses. So, if you are working in a job setup where you always work under someone's authority then your career can be seen from 10th house.

Also, in ancient times, one used to follow the Career of his Father. Same skill used to run in family generations after generations. That is also the reason why 10th house became the house of Father and Career both. But nowadays, when there are so many options to choose for your career and doing a business has become lot easier due to advent of internet and social media, it is not a wise idea to keep Career or Work limited to 10th house matters only.

Especially when a person has completely trashed 10th house like mine (Saturn-Rahu in Leo), it will be stupidity to advise him to look for job setup work because that person may never get any co-operation from his Bosses or Colleagues at work. In such circumstances, if he enters in to business then whole scene shifts from 10th house to 3rd house/7th house for his Career as these two houses are related to business. 11th house and 8th house are two other houses of Entrepreneurship. Once the person switches to business then he is no more working under authority and 10th house only takes the shape of your public image then. Like, I am into business, so my career should be seen from business oriented houses but 10th house would still show how is my public image and those Saturn-Rahu in 10th house give me a very unusual image. Like, the community where I live for last 1 year, people are still curious as to what I do and why I keep long hairs?   And I add to their curiosity by not communicating much to anyone.   . It's fun.

So, when 10th house of someone is impacted by malefic planets then it is always a better idea to be your own boss and have your own business else you may have continuous issues with your Bosses or Authority Figures.

Likewise, 6th house is considered as the house of Service/Jobs but basically, it is house of Daily Work Life. Now, whatever is your daily work life can be seen from 6th house. My daily work life is looking at chart and my mother's daily work life is taking care of home. But again, as 99% people look for job oriented career and that is their daily work life, 6th house got the portfolio of Service/Jobs. Still, 6th house and 6th house lord position indicates what a person's daily work life should be?



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