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My Recent FB Posts on Ketu-Mars transit, Independent India's chart, Houses, 1st house/7th house,

So, I have again made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ . 

Post on 16th April, 2018 - 

Recent developments in India are very much reflective of my recent post on Capricorn, Saturn's position and Ketu in Capricorn where I said that coming times can be very tough for people in Authority.

I think Mars transiting Sagittarius and crossing over Saturn provided the impetus to the current protests against Govt in India.

Mars is our actions, courage and will-power. Sagittarius is sign of our beliefs and values. As soon as Mars got out of transiting Saturn's impact, people got fed up with delay aspect of Saturn and decided to fight for what they believe and value in this country.

In case, Govt is thinking that it is for the time being then I don't think so. Mars will go into Capricorn in May and stay there till Nov. It will join Ketu there and will go back and forth over Ketu. Mars-Ketu combination is always indicative of protests, revolts and military-coup. So, I feel this protest is here to stay and Govt/People in Authority have a long date with Saturn-Mars-Ketu.

I am just glad that finally people in india have got their voice back after 6 years. May this voice on the roads to parliament & assemblies never slowdown now.



Post on 19th April, 2018. 

Chart of Independent India. I took details as 15th Aug 1947, 00.01 am at New Delhi. As Pakistan got Independence few minutes before, Pakistan also will have similar chart.

Now, the important thing for both the countries is that they have Rahu in 1st house/Taurus and 5 planets in 3rd house/Cancer. As 1st house is Self and 3rd house is Self Efforts, it shows that both these countries can prosper only when they focus on Entrepreneurship. They have to trust their own abilities and inspire people to become Entrepreneur. Govt Policies should be in favor of those who want to do business. Education system and family environment should support someone's creativity and skills. Both countries will suffer if they continue to focus on jobs and surviving in job setup.

As 3rd house also represents skills & talents and 4 out of 5 planets are related with creativity and skills, we should also focus on inspiring people to follow a creative path in life. If someone wants to follow his hobbies, talents and passion, family & society must provide support to them.



Post on 22nd April, 2018

1st house is where it all starts, the child takes the birth, hence 1st house represents Time & Place of Birth.

Next thing which happens after child birth is that child's family comes to see the child. So, 2nd house is Family.

Then Neighbors come to see the child, 3rd house is Neighbors.

Initial upbringing starts at home and with Mother, 4th house is Mother & Home.

After early childhood, now it is time for education, there comes the 5th house of Education.

After Education, now it is time to do something and face life, 6th house is daily work life.

After you have started working, now you can plan your marriage, here comes the 7th house of relationship/marriage.

After getting married and having family, person becomes fearful of losing them. 8th house is your deepest fears.

The more fearful you are, more religious you become. 9th house is Religious Pursuits.

The more Religious or Learned you are, better image you may have in Society. 10th house is house of fame or public image.

When you achieve all things up to 10th house, you think of serving some higher cause or doing something for humanity as a whole. 11th house is serving humanity or a higher cause.

And when you achieve all this, 12th house leads you to Spirituality and End of the things.

Just shows that everything in your chart is in perfect order. You can't exchange significations of 1 house to another. Also, you can't skip any house just like that as every house is result of earlier house and prelude to subsequent house.

As I am flooded with consultations these days, this week I am not doing any audio/video recording. Let's hope to have next FB Live session on next weekend on Aspects. Thanks,


Post on 2nd May, 2018

Another reason why relationships are naturally troublesome is the combination of lords of 1st house of Self and 7th house of Partner. Like,

Aries ascendant is ruled by Mars and 7th house/Libra is ruled by Venus which is neutral to Mars. 
Taurus ascendant is ruled by Venus and 7th house/Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which is neutral to Venus. 
Gemini ascendant is ruled by Mercury and 7th house/Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is enemy to Mercury. 
Cancer ascendant is ruled by Moon and 7th house/Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is enemy to Moon. 
Leo ascendant is ruled by Sun and 7th house/Aquarius is ruled by Saturn-Rahu, which both are enemy to Sun. 
Virgo ascendant is ruled by Mercury and 7th house/Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which is enemy to Mercury. 
Libra ascendant is ruled by Venus and 7th house/Aries is ruled by Mars, which is neutral to Venus. 
Scorpio ascendant is ruled by Mars-Ketu and 7th house/Taurus is ruled by Venus which is neutral to Mars. 
Sagittarius ascendant is ruled by Jupiter and 7th house/Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is enemy to Jupiter.
Capricorn ascendant is ruled by Saturn and 7th house/Cancer is ruled by Moon, which is enemy to Saturn. 
Aquarius ascendant is ruled by Saturn & Rahu and 7th house/Leo is ruled by Sun, which is enemy to Saturn & Rahu. 
Pisces ascendant is ruled by Jupiter and 7th house/Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is enemy to Jupiter.

For Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants, 7th house is ruled by the great enemy planet.

For Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants, 7th house is ruled by the enemy. Also for these ascendants, 7th house lord becomes the Badhakesh Planet, i.e. planet which brings obstacles in life. So, may be their partner brings the biggest obstacles in their lives.

So, out of 12 ascendants, only 4 ascendant signs have a neutral planet ruling the 7th house of partner. These are Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio ascendants. Even there, it is not a friendly planet, just a neutral planet which indicates an average relation.

Here, we are not even considering any planetary position or dasha/transit or yoga. Only on the basis of ascendant, relationships look troublesome for 8 ascendants at least.

As I understand relationship astrology more and more, I feel horoscope matching should become a process of finding the challenges one may face after getting married rather than trying to see the so-called happy marriage.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer


Post on 17th May, 2018 

Please pay attention to this when you next time think about following any remedy/gemstones for some better results in your life -

A horoscope is made out of 3 basic information, i.e. date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Now, ask yourself as to who decides these 3 things for you? It is Universe/Nature/God. Now, can God do anything wrong for you or for anyone? If we say that God is perfect then everything done by God should also be perfect.

Basically, I want to say that your chart is perfect for your life. My chart is perfect for my life. All we need to do is to make the best use of the given chart to evolve to the next level. The main cause of our sufferings in life is that we are not aligned with our chart. If my chart wants me to go in X direction but if I try to go in Y direction then obviously I will get some hurdles and blocks on the way. Those hurdles and blocks are nothing else but the God's way of telling me that I am on wrong path and I need to change the path. So, all we need to do to live a peaceful life is to understand the direction shown by chart and then walk in that direction.

A remedy/gemstone can neither improve nor reduce the results destined to be given by chart. If at all someone thinks that after following a remedy/gemstone his life improved then he just needs to check his dasha/transit which might be the reason behind the change.

Last argument always given is about whether all kinds of worship from times immemorial are useless?

No, they are not but a true worship is only done for thanking God for whatever God has done for us without even asking. The moment we include a demand in our worship that I am doing this and I should get that, then it is not worship. It becomes a bargain or even a kind of bribe.

Please read my detailed views on remedies here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/remexp.



Post on 21st May, 2018 - 

Since the day Saturn has re-entered Sagittarius in Oct, 2017, I have repeatedly said in my articles that this is not a good time for Govt and people in Authority. It is because Saturn is 12th house (losses) away from Capricorn, a sign of authority. So, this transit of Saturn is more about losing the authority or power. It is more so because Ketu also entered Capricorn around the same time and Ketu represents isolation or separation. So, it gives feeling to people not to obey the orders of authority. Now, Mars joining Ketu provided the much needed impetus to this revolting nature of Ketu.

And in last 1 week in India, we have seen all these things manifesting where Govt tried all it can through its authoritative ways to get the power in Karnataka after assembly election but they were defeated within no time. If Central Govt or PMO has any faith in Astrology, then an Astrologer's best advice to them will be to get rid of their authoritative approach and humble yourself. At least till Nov, 2018, till the time Mars-Ketu conjunction is there else Mars-Ketu-Saturn combine energy won't take much time to bring them down again. And it applies for every Govt or Authoritative person in the whole world. It is not a good time to show-off your authority.

On a lighter note, at least one thing was proven in Karnataka Elections Saga, i.e. Rahu Kaalam works.


Post on 22nd May, 2018 

Remedies - 2.

Another thing we all can think about is that if remedies really work and all our material success in this life depends on performing some remedies or wearing gemstones then all the material success should belong to India and Indians only. If remedies are really necessary for success or living a good life then it should be a universal rule but I don't see people of any other country performing any Astrological Remedy or wearing any Gemstones for their success.

Actually, the lives of all the celebrities all over the world are biggest example of how our lives move as per charts, dasha and transits. None of them perform any remedy or wear any gemstone and still they get results as per their chart, dasha and transits. I mean, have we ever come to know that Barack Obama performed any worship to pacify any of the malefic planets of his chart or have we ever heard that any international sportsperson or athlete got success after wearing any gemstone?

Time and again we have heard that a few international celebrities have come to India and performed some worships but again it is only a worship to Thank God. Not to gain anything in return. And still they get success or failure as per their charts, dasha, transits and karma. So as I understand, please follow Astrology, not remedies or gemstones.


Post on 29th May, 2018 

Mars-Ketu came within 10 degrees and we started seeing impact when there was shootout at USA and a plane crashed at Cuba. That day Moon was in Ardra. Now, today Mars-Ketu are within 4 degrees and Moon is in Scorpio and at least in India, we have seen events of fire in Delhi and an elevator crashed from 11th storey at Gurgaon.

I hope not but I won't be surprised if we get to hear more such incidents till the time Moon stays in Scorpio. So, Moon's transit will be the key here.

Mars-Ketu conjunction will be there for 6 months but during these 6 months whenever Moon transits such nakshatras or signs which represents accidents and sudden events, we can see such problems. So now, we need to keep an eye on Moon's transit to be precise about the event.



Post on 1st June, 2018 

So, there was a request to write about Bhava Chalit Chart and how it works?

Honestly, I have very little information about Bhava Chalit Chart, so I won't write any article about it. I will just share whatever little I came to know about it here in this post.

Half knowledge is never good and Astrology has suffered a lot from people like me who have half knowledge on a topic and still act like know-all. So, 1st thing is that all the thing I write here is very limited info about Bhava Chalit plus I rarely used Bhava Chalit Chart for making predictions. So, I don't know how effective this branch of Astrology is? Again, it doesn't mean that it is ineffective. It only means that I am not equipped with right knowledge and experience on this topic. I am just sharing whatever little I know and then you are free to research more on this subject. So, as I read and heard -

Bhava Chalit Chart is a chart normally used through KP (Krishnamurthy Paddhati) Astrology system. Some people are of opinion that KP system is nothing but renaming of Bhrigu Jyotish or Bhrigu Astrology. It is said that followers and students of Krishnamurthy renamed the Bhrigu System as KP System.

The main concept which works behind Bhav Chalit Chart is that normally in birth charts we see some of the planets which are in very late degrees of a sign. KP System says that how we can be so sure about planets at exact same degree when calculations are done from Earth and through man-made tools. Especially when a planet is in very late degree of a sign, like 28 or 29 degree, then a slight mistake in calculation can mean that planet was actually in early degrees of next sign but it was calculated in late degrees of earlier sign.

Hence, a new way of calculation came up in which the ascendant degree of a birth chart was considered as the mid-point of ascendant. For ex - I am born with 1 degree of Scorpio ascendant. So in normal birth chart, 1st house will be from 0 degree Scorpio to 30 degree Scorpio (equal house system). But in Bhava Chalit Chart, 1st house of chart will begin from about 16 degree of Libra and will end at about 16 degree of Scorpio which will make 1 degree of Scorpio (which was my ascendant degree in birth chart) as the mid-point of 1st house. All other successive houses will be followed from the degree where the earlier house ends. In the end, what it does is that if I have any planet above 20 degrees in my chart in any house/sign then it will fall in the next house/sign. (This is the way I understood the calculation).

After that the Bhava Chalit Chart should be interpreted the same way as we interpret a birth chart but to make it more precise, KP System gives attention to not only looking at planet's sign and nakshatra position but it emphasizes on looking at sub-lord of Nakshatra too. This is where KP System is deeper and, as they say, more accurate.

For prediction of the event, they look at planet, its nakshatra lord and sub-lord position. Like, if I have Moon in Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra at 10 degree, then they will take position of Moon, Ketu (Ashwini's lord) and planet that is sub-lord at 10 degree. If all 3 planets are activating same houses in chart then event related with that house is almost certain to occur. For predictions, lordship of houses will be seen from Bhava Chalit Chart, not from Birth Chart.

In the beginning, it can be very confusing but with practice, it is as simple as any other stream of Astrology. For me, Birth Chart still holds the ground because of the same logic that even for making Bhava Chalit Chart, we need to 1st have a Birth Chart. If we don't have a Birth Chart then we can't even think of making or reading any other chart. I will always prefer Birth Chart over any other chart.

This is very little information on Bhava Chalit Chart. As I am no expert on this topic, please feel free to do your own research and study on this topic.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

Post on 3rd June, 2018

One of the confusions around Astrology Practice is that whether an Astrologer should look at his own chart and predict for himself?

Most of the people I read/heard are of the view that an Astrologer should not read his own chart and I am unable to understand why?

The only analogy we get in response is that like a Doctor doesn't treat himself, an Astrologer should not look into his own chart and predict for himself. But then an Advocate can or does fight his own case then why an Astrologer should keep himself away from reading his own chart.

The analogy of Doctor is irrelevant here because there are many practical obstacles if a Doctor tries to have his own physical check-up and the diagnosis may not be correct due to those obstacles. But there are no such practical obstacles in an Astrologer looking at his own chart. Astrologer and his chart have completely separate physical existence. An Astrologer can easily look at his own chart and read it.

I have done it many a times and made few correct predictions for myself. Like last year buying a flat at Hyderabad was my prediction for myself which came true. Basically, if I know one chart by heart then it has to be my own chart. So, it is the easiest job for me to predict for myself.

The only logical reason I can see here is to separate yourself from your own egoistic desires. Like,if I am looking at my chart and trying to see the time of relationship and if somehow my chart has no scope for relationship but I still make a prediction of relationship as I am unable to let go of my desires then that prediction can be incorrect one. So, as I see, the basic test is if an Astrologer can separate himself from his chart and his egoistic desires or not? If he can look at his chart the same way as he looks at others' chart or not? If yes, then go ahead. You are just looking at yet another chart. If not, then may be you are trying to predict what you desire, not what God desires.

Would like to have opinions of others on this, if any?



Post on 8th June, 2018

Tonight Venus will enter in Cancer and then till August-end, it will transit through Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Every year, Venus goes through these transits for about 3 months where 1st it is in two enemy signs Cancer & Leo and then it is in Virgo, its debilitation sign.

As Venus represents relationship which is something we deal on daily basis, these 3 months come as a challenge where our ability to compromise and adjust will be tested. Normally, Venus is seen for romantic relationship but I feel it is any adult relationship. It can be siblings, parent-child or any other relationship as we have to be accommodating, flexible and adjusting in all relationship.

As Cancer is sign of emotions, things can still be better as people may be emotionally attached to relations and may be ready to adjust but only thing is that they adjust beyond limits. And that leads to ego clashes when Venus enters in Leo where person starts thinking how long he alone will compromise or adjust. And then it culminates in Venus in Virgo where people start finding fault in each other and leads to disputes, conflicts and may be litigation too.

Here, Venus strength in birth chart, other planetary positions also matter. Also, dasha and strength of dasha planets play a role. Still it is a time when one should be very careful in relationships, regardless of dasha or dignity, as relationship is something we deal everyday. Take care.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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