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Early Success Vs Late Success in Life.

Today's request is about what makes a person gain early success in life vs to get it in 2nd half of life. We have examples in names of Sachin Tendulkar & Justin Beiber who became stars in teenage itself and then we have examples like Imran Tahir (Cricketer) & Irfan Khan (Actor) who got success & fame in their 30s despite being equally talented. So, what makes the difference astrologically? Let's find out on following points - 

Sun & Moon position. 
Ascendant Lord position. 
Rahu's position. 
Saturn's position. 
Upachaya Houses. 

Let's cover all points one after the other - 

Sun & Moon position - 1st of all, to get early success in life,one must have good position of Sun and Moon both in Chart. They are illuminating planets. They illuminate our life. So, if they both are well placed, person has very clear and right idea about what he wants to do in life at a very early stage. Sun represents Soul and Moon represents Mind. So, if they are together in one sign or nakshatra, it shows that Soul & Mind are aligned with each other and they work together for the same aim. But If Sun is in Aries and Moon is in Libra then Soul and Mind are going into completely different direction as Sun (Soul) wants to rule Others with Authority in Aries but Moon (Mind) wants to serve Others with Business in Libra. So, there is a conflict between Soul & Mind. In such cases, by the time person sorts out this conflict and realize what he wants to do in life, a considerable time passes-by. Also, if Sun-Moon are not in good dignity, even then it takes time to get clarity on the right path of life. Last but not the least, Sun represents Father & Moon represents Mother. So, if Sun & Moon are well-placed in chart then it means that someone's parents are supportive of his life path. Whichever path he chooses, his parents supports him lifelong. It shows lifelong mutual support between Parents & Child. 

Ascendant Lord position - Ascendant Lord position is equally important. They say to have a good life, 2 planets should be well placed in chart at least, i.e. Moon and Ascendant Lord. For a Cancer Ascendant, it is both ways Moon. Moon represents Mind and Ascendant Lord's position shows the Life Path. When they are well placed, person has clear idea of his life path and Mind follows it optimistically. Now, if Ascendant Lord is not so well placed then again it takes time to sort out about the right life path. 

Rahu's position - Rahu plays an important role here as it represents Illusion. If Rahu is in 1st house of Life Path, person can achieve great things in life but usually has an illusion about his life path or how to achieve it? Again, sorting this out takes a considerable time and person may end up in following one or two profession by then. 

Saturn's Position - Likewise, Saturn is the main karaka of Delay in Life and when it impacts Ascendant or 10th house of Career, then Success comes late in life, i.e. in 30s onwards. Saturn in Ascendant or 10th house requires person to put hell of hard work and perseverance to achieve things and usually that perseverance shows results in 30s. So, teens and 20s are only for putting hard work when Saturn is involved with 1st house or 10th house. 

Upachaya Houses - Upachaya Houses are houses # 3, 6, 10 & 11. These houses or things/planets of these houses improve or grow with time. It means they start giving best results after mid-30s. Till then, it is again time of hard work and perseverance. So, if a person has planets in Upachaya Houses and he goes through dashas of only those planets in early life then even if they are exalted planets, results won't be as expected. In such cases, person needs to continue work hard and then wait for either 30s to come or dasha of other planets in other houses to begin to reap the benefits of hard work. 

Mahadashas - In the end, it is all about Dashas one go through at different stages of life. Even if you have 3-4 planets in wrong dignity or in Upachaya Houses but you are under MD of an exalted planet in Kendra or Trikon Houses in teens or 20s, then you can get success early in life. Like, Sachin Tendulkar went through Sun & Moon MD very early in life and he has Sun exalted exactly at 10 degrees in 9th house and Moon in 5th house in Sagittarius. By the time, he entered Moon MD in his very early teens, he was already making names in School Cricket and all set to walk on his life path. Another example is Justin Beiber who has one of the strongest Gaj Kesari Yoga in 5th house in Libra with Jupiter-Moon conjunct. His debut album launched in late 2009 and his Jupiter MD was due to start in Feb, 2010. Wikipedia says - "When searching for videos of a different singer, Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive of So So Def Recordings, clicked on one of Bieber's 2007 videos by accident". Nothing is accident my dear Wikipedia. It is all conspiracy of planets. 

Conclusion - In the end, it is all about the kind of destiny you are born with and where you have to finish your karma 1st before starting this life's goals. Like, people normally give me a feedback that I write very well. Well, Thank you all, but it is the result of my practicing days as an Advocate where I consider myself as a failure. But I had my own left-over karma to exhaust before I can start with this life's goal. At the same time, this also shows that nothing is a waste in life. You never waste your time here. Whatever you do and learn at any point of time in life will be of some help at any given moment. So in the end, it is all about doing your karma with perseverance and waiting for the right time to strike. 

Hope this helps. Please leave your questions and comments if any. 


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer 

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  • Sir , could you please analyse the birth chart of nawazuddin Siddiqui, on the basis of your above mentioned article . And throw light on his success after lots of struggle, while from 23age he is confident about being an actor. And career in films Sir one more sometimes people know what to do but they Are not able use their energy and potentiality . Is there any impect of deegres of planet ,or in which houses it placed ,in which nakshatra, aspects of other planet ,planet return impacts.

  • i have saturn at 01 degree and rahu at 19 degree in capricorn ascendant and venus and mars conjunct in aquarius and have planets in upachaya houses presently ketu dasha is going on kindly let me know sucess in life

  • @MF - success automatically brings self-confidence.

  • The kind of success your talking about here only wealth success. Or self confidence apply to that too.

  • @ MF - it will need a detailed analysis. it cant be replied in a comment.

  • I have mars Venus Saturn mercury all in the 10 house, Jupiter in the 5th, sun in Aquarius moon in Pisces Ascendant in Aries north node in the 9th house. What do you think of my life path is it early or late success? And confidence too??

  • I have mars Venus Saturn mercury all in the 10 house, Jupiter in the 5th, sun in Aquarius moon in Pisces Ascendant in Aries north node in the 9th house. What do you think of my life path is it early or late success? And confidence too??

  • No questions!! Just wanted to tell that this is one of the most beautiful article written by you sir 🙂

  • @ Ishwar - you have every right to disagree with me or anyone and you have every right to have your interpretation. Thanks,

  • I disagree with below lines :--- Sun represents Soul and Moon represents Mind. So, if they are together in one sign or nakshatra, it shows that Soul & Mind are aligned with each other and they work together for the same aim. My view is :- Sun is fire and moon is water. If they are sitting together means it will dry out the moon. Or you can say strength of moon will go down. Another point is any planet close to sun is considered as "Asta". So they lose their impact. Another way to measure strength of moon is ...how far it is from sun. Awaiting reply 😀

  • @ swarna - please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • Hii sir...Meri dob..20-5-1997,Time..3am..place..puri.odisa..may meri job and +3result ke bar may jana chahatihu..kitna %mark rahe ga +3 may. .sir please answer mee

  • @ manish - please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • Sir, am i sucsees in my business?

  • @ priya - it may take repetitive efforts but it should be done. Saturn only wants u to put extra hardwork with perseverance. Thanks.

  • 8 Oct 1997 ...time 05-05 pm ...place -new Delhi I have query sir ..!?kya mere CA complete hgi ? Many says it difficult due to ill efects of saturn .

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