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Indian General Elections - 2019

So let's cover something today which interests everyone right now, i.e. Indian General Elections, 2019.

Disclaimer - All the probabilities I am talking here are based on the birth details available online. So, don't get mad at me if my analysis is not as per your desires because birth details given online can very easily be incorrect which can change the whole picture. Anyways, my analysis is just one probability among many others.

Let's cover this analysis on the basis of following points - 

Independent India's Chart. 

PM Shri Narendra Modi's Chart.

Opponent's Chart.

BJP's Chart.

Result Date. 

Sagittarius Sign. 


Let's cover all points one after the other –

Independent India's Chart – So, here is India’s chart - . Taurus Ascendant, Rahu-Ketu at 1/7 axis, Mars in 2nd house/Gemini, 5 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, )at 3rd house/Cancer and Jupiter at 6th house/Libra. I would consider 10th house/Aquarius of this chart as the house of Govt of India. Its lords are Saturn-Rahu.

Dashas – Independent India is going through a dasha of Moon-Jupiter from Aug, 2018 to Dec, 2019. Moon rules and sits in 3rd house/Cancer with other 4 planets. Jupiter rules 8th house/Sagittarius of major changes and 11th house/Pisces of Gains. Jupiter sits in 6th house/Libra of obstacles. There are few common themes in this dasha. 3rd house is bhavat bhavam of 8th house and as 8th house represents major changes, both dasha planets are activating a possibility of a major change during this dasha. Also, 3rd house, 6th house, 8th house and 11th house are all difficult houses which show hardship and changes.

Transit – This is something which I already discussed in above article link. 10th house lord Saturn is transiting through 8th house/Sagittarius which indicates a major change in Govt. It is conjunct Ketu at very close degrees. As Ketu is isolation and separation, it can separate India from its current Govt. This much should be astrological common sense that 2 strong malefic like Saturn-Ketu together in 8th house can’t bring any benefic event. Then 8th house lord Jupiter is also transiting through 8th house/Sagittarius or 7th house/Scorpio during elections. 8th house and Scorpio both indicating a major change plus Jupiter will remain in its deep Gandanta Degree throughout elections which makes Jupiter very weak or as I said in my last article Vulnerable Jupiter-

So, chart + dasha + transit of Independent India’s chart is showing some major change coming during this Moon-Jupiter dasha. As Jupiter is in 6th house/Libra, I won’t be surprised if elections are followed by litigations amongst opposing parties to validate their respective victories in election. 

PM Shri Narendra Modi's Chart – Now, chart of PM Shri Narendra Modi as available online - . Scorpio ascendant with Moon-Mars in ascendant, Jupiter in 4th house/Aquarius, Rahu in 5th house/Pisces, Saturn-Venus in 10th house/Leo and Sun-Mercury-Ketu in 11th house/Virgo.

Dashas – He is under Moon-Ketu dasha from Feb, 2019 to Sep, 2019. Now, he became PM during Moon-Rahu dasha. As Rahu is all about materialistic achievements, he got his ambition during Rahu AD. Now, he is under Ketu AD which is by nature very opposite to Rahu and indicates separation or letting-go. But here is my only confusion of this analysis. Ketu is still in 11th house of achievements and it is with Sun & exalted Mercury. As we know that Rahu-Ketu give best results when they are with an exalted planet. So, a Ketu dasha which is looking like a dasha of separation can also turn-out to be the dasha of achievements for him due to 11th house and exalted Mercury involvement.

Transit – During annual transits, he became PM during 1st phase of Sadhe Sati and now he is under last phase of Sadhe Sati. Saturn-Ketu are transiting his 2nd house/Sagittarius of Values. It shows a significant loss in the things he values in his life. Jupiter in 1st house/Scorpio and Rahu in 8th house/Gemini again indicating towards some major changes for him.

So, my only point of confusion from PM Shri Modi’s chart is Ketu with exalted Mercury in 11th house of achievements. It can go either ways, i.e. either Ketu can separate him from his Authority or  Govt (Sun) due to its basic nature of separation or it can bring further achievements to him due to involvement of with exalted Mercury in 11th house of achievements.

Opponent's Chart – Many fellow astrologers are referring to Shri Rahul Gandhi’s chart in competition with PM Modi’s chart but I don’t think it is a good idea because neither Shri Rahul Gandhi has directly announced his candidature nor he is projected as such by any party or alliance. An argument can be given that if UPA gets the numbers then who else would become PM if not Shri Rahul Gandhi? Well, then you just need to read Political History of India which is full of surprises in choosing the final name of PMs right from Late Lal Bahadur Shastri to Dr  Manmohan Singh. It might interest few that Late IK Gujral was sleeping in Andhra Bhavan of Parliament when he was woken-up at 2 am by saying, “Please wake-up Sir, you need to take oath of PM in morning”. And there is someone like Shri LK Advani carried the tag of PM-in-waiting for life. Such is Indian Democracy. As I see, if UPA gets numbers and if Shri Rahul Gandhi has little bit of brains then he will do what Smt Sonia Gandhi did in 2004. This is what I see from his chart (19th June, 1970. 14.28 pm at New Delhi) available online. He is Libra ascendant with Jupiter in 1st house, Moon in 3rd house/Sagittarius, Rahu in 5th house/Aquarius, Saturn in 7th house/Aries, Mercury in 8th house/Taurus, Sun-Mars in 9th house/Gemini, Venus in 10th house/Cancer and Ketu in 11th house/Leo.

Dasha – The biggest point in Shri Rahul Gandhi’s favour is his Rahu MD is beginning right at the time of election, i.e. in April, 2019. When a dasha begins around an important event of your life then it can be a huge dasha for your success. People would do well to remember that the week US President Trump won elections was the same week when he started his Jupiter MD. And if we look at Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Rahu in his birth chart then you may not get more powerful Rahu than his, i.e. Rahu in 5th house in Aquarius in Satabhishak Nakshatra. So, the planet of achievements is in Dharma House, in its own sign and in own nakshatra. Now, if we apply the concept of Sandhi Period then he is under Sandhi Period of Mars-Moon dasha from Sep, 2018. Sandhi Period concept says that last AD of any MD start giving an indication about the kind of next MD you may have. So, as he entered into Sandhi Period Mars-Moon dasha from Sep, 2018, we can see a definite rise in his acceptance among voters when he was able to remove BJP from its 3 main forts. It suggests that Rahu MD can be a great one for him, provided the birth details given online are correct.

Transit – But then why I say that he may not be PM? It is because Rahu is in 5th house/Aquarius in birth chart and during transit Rahu is in 9th house/Gemini. 5th house is 8th from 10th house of Govt (death of Govt) and 9th house is 12th from 10th house of Govt (loss of Govt). So, it shows that Rahu MD can make him achieve big but he may not become PM. He may make someone else given an opportunity. 

BJP's Chart – So, from the charts discussed so far, I can see a major change from Independent India’s chart, PM Shri Modi’s chart is little confusing due to Ketu dasha and Ketu’s position in 11th house with exalted Mercury and Rahul’s chart, dasha & transit show an achievement for him but he may not accept a PM’s position. Now, there is one more chart which can be of great help, i.e. BJP’s chart. BJP’s chart (6th April, 1980. 11.45 am. Delhi) available online shows it as Gemini ascendant, Rahu-Saturn-Mars-Jupiter in 3rd house/Leo, Moon in 6th house/Scorpio, Mercury-Ketu in 9th house/Aquarius, Sun in 10th house/Pisces and Venus in 12th house/Taurus. The reason why I am choosing only BJP chart out of NDA is that it will fight about 400 seats. So, if BJP wins then only NDA wins.

Dasha – BJP was in Sun MD between April, 2012 to April, 2018. BJP got full majority in 2014 elections during Sun-Jupiter dasha. Sun is in 10th house/Pisces and Jupiter is in 3rd house/Leo. Not only this dasha fully activated 10th house/Pisces (as Sun sits there and Jupiter rules it) of Govt/Authority but as Jupiter-Sun (two best friends) are also in Parivartan Yoga. This gave the boost to 10th house and they got full majority on their own. Now, the dasha has changed to Moon MD from April, 2018. Moon is debilitated in 6th house/Scorpio and we can see that from April, 2018 till now, BJP has lost 5 state elections to Congress during this debilitated Moon MD. Now, elections are happening in Moon-Mars dasha which fully activates 6th house/Scorpio as Moon sits there and Mars rules it. As Scorpio is sign of major changes and 6th house is house of daily work, there can be a major change in BJP’s daily functioning after this election. It again indicates the possibility of litigation after or during election.

Transit – Saturn-Ketu transit is happening in 7th house/Sagittarius of masses and it can reduce their mass support. Jupiter is transiting 6th house/Scorpio which can further enhance major changes, litigation and obstacles. Most important transit is of Mars as it rules Scorpio where MD planet Moon is sitting and AD planet is Mars itself. And in the May month of election results, Mars will be in its great enemy sign of Gemini. So, things are not looking very positive here.

Result Date – And here we get to the chart of the election result date, i.e. 23rd May, 2019 and here is why I feel that a major change is inevitable on that day. On 23rd May, 2019 morning when we start getting trends/results, Saturn-Ketu will be at exact degree 25 in Sagittarius and transiting Moon will also be at 28 degree Sagittarius. As Sagittarius remains 8th house for India’s chart, expect even unimaginable changes on that day. And that’s why, it is not safe to predict who will win or who will lose because it is 8th house energy all the way. Suspense, Mystery and Secrecy. Let’s wait till 23rd May, 2019 to unfold the mystery.

Sagittarius Sign – One more reason which indicates that this time can be difficult for anyone in Govt or Authority, is huge energy accumulation in Sagittarius. At one time during this election, Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu will be in Sagittarius and Rahu-Mars will be aspecting. So, 5 planets are going to impact Sagittarius till 22nd April and even after that 4 malefics will continue to make Sagittarius an important sign for all of us. As Sagittarius is 12th from Capricorn, a sign of Govt and Authority, it represents loss of Govt or Authority. So, it is not a good time for Govt or people in authority at mundane level.

Conclusion – We can predict and analyse through many ways but my experience of following Indian politics from 1990s say that we can never know the reasons for which Indian voters vote. They are masters at bringing-up surprises. They can defeat a sitting PM in 1977 and they can again give the same person power again in 1980, only after 3 years. Who ever thought that we would have PMs out of blues in 1990s and who had thought that Late Atal ji would lose in 2004. So, I will close it with this small story after 2004 election results –

During 2004 election, NDA was seen as smoothly regaining power and all political Pundits predicted clean sweep in favour of NDA. After one of the political rally campaign, Atal ji came back to his office and his PA asked how was the rally?

Atal ji replied, we are losing elections.

PA was shocked. He asked, how he can say so when all surveys and opinion polls are in our favour?

Atal ji replied, I am coming from middle of people.

After election result, Congress won and BJP lost the elections most unexpectedly. Brajesh Mishra came running to Atal ji’s place and asked, what has happened Sir ji!!!!

Atal ji laughed and said, this thing  even they (Congress) also don’t know that what has just happened

So, enjoy this election time and expect the unimaginable. Use your voting right. Rest all is fun. 

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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