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Best Possible Results of a Dasha

One of the common complains people have is about a certain planetary dasha not giving expected, desired or predicted results. Despite all astrological analysis and theories, many a times a planetary dasha doesn't give expected or even predicted results. As I see, there are many reasons behind this and they are as follows -

1. First reason can be the factor of human desires itself which are never ending. In such scenario, whatever we get or receive, it loses its value and we go on desiring for more and then we may feel that we didn't get enough results. It can be one of the greatest virtue to appreciate what we have, get or receive from Universe.

2. Then one major factor can be the basic nature of planet which dasha is going on. If you are under Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon dasha, which are naturally benefic, then it is still worthy to expect some good results as they are providers and even in their worst case scenario, they will be providing something, at least in non-living significations/Ajeeva Karaka - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jkak.

3. But if you are under natural malefic planet dasha (Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars and Sun) then you cannot expect "easy benefits". Even if they are in good dignity, as they are naturally malefics, they are supposed to create circumstances which may bring hardships for person and if person puts best efforts over a long period of time then they give some benefits.

4. Then of course there is another important factor of dignity of planets. If a planet is in good dignity then its dasha can bring benefits but a planet in wrong dignity can bring benefits only after continuous efforts and person may feel that he got very limited results.

5. The houses a planet rules also show its impact over dasha results. If a planet is dushthana lord or Upachaya lord then results can come after facing much obstacles. If a planet is maraka lord then benefits may even come through an event like death, for example inheritance or insurance money.

6. But as I see, there is one more factor which is often overlooked while placing the expectations from a planetary dasha. That is the house it is sitting in. As I see, planetary position in a particular house shows in which particular area of life we should focus during a particular dasha to get its best results. In a way, it shows that we need to constantly change our life focus with the change of dasha to utilize that particular time period.

7. For example, suppose someone is under Venus MD and it is an Aries ascendant chart where Venus rules 2nd house/Taurus and 7th house/Libra. Venus is sitting in 3rd house/Gemini. Then we can clearly see that Venus MD is activating 2 houses related with Business. Hence, this Venus dasha will bring best results to person only in business setup of work. It is not that if person is doing work in any other work setup then he will not get any result? He will get but those results may be average results, not the best results promised by Venus.

8. Obviously, he will be told by Astrologers that Venus MD can be the best time of his life and he must get best results during this dasha. With such type of expectations, he may begin this dasha. But as I see, the best results can only be expected and achieved when this person is in business setup. Now, if this person is working in job setup then he cannot expect 100% results from Venus MD as he is not even working in the area of life where Venus wants him to go. We can see similar example for different planets in different charts. If someone got best results of any dasha then it is only when he got involved in work where that planet is indicating.

9. I experienced it by myself as I completed 10 years of my Jupiter MD and Jupiter is exalted in 9th house/Cancer. For 1st 4 years of Jupiter MD, I was working in corporate world and although I was receiving results of Jupiter MD in terms of wealth and knowledge but not up to the best extent. Then in 2015, I switched to astrology counselling business and then I started getting the best of results of Jupiter as I was doing work which is reflected by Jupiter in 9th house/Cancer.

10. So, this becomes the biggest challenge or obstacle in getting the best of results of any particular dasha. We may not be able to change our life and activities all of a sudden with the change of dasha. Especially, when it comes to switching from job to business, it is not so easy unless someone has no other option left. Likewise, it is in human nature and the biggest desire to get into relationship and if person is under 6th house or 12th house dasha, then we can only counsel him not to get into any relation during this dasha but how much that person is going to follow that advice is anyone’s guess? And if we are going against the planet’s energy and indications then obviously we can’t expect best of results during that planet’s dasha.

11. As I see, every planet dasha can give us best results if we are doing something related with that planet. Even Ketu MD can be the best for research/investigation/spirituality/meditation if you are involving yourself in these activities as Ketu represents these actions. But if in Ketu dasha, you are trying to have a relationship or your ambitious materialistic plan’s manifestation then you can be in trouble because you are trying to do something against Ketu’s basic energy.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • DOB 1/6/1973 time afternoon 12:55pm place : Mumbai Last tens years things or not that great what to do to get better results in future

  • Thank you your answear. Namaste

  • V - Jupiter is 8th lord, so path of being an astrologer is always open for you.

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