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Why results differ for similar charts?

I thought of writing about this topic many a times but I didn't get the exact charts to talk about it. Recently, I faced 2 instances where I got what I was looking for and hence this article. So, let's reveal the secret and cover this article on the base of following points -

Common Query.

Instance 1.

Instance 2.

Social Environment & Upbringing.

Chart/Lives of Twins.


Let's cover all points one after the other -

Common Query - So, a common query is normally asked that what if 2 children take birth at same date, time and place then will they live the identical life? It doesn't look like that any 2 lives can be identical, not even for twins. Then what is that thing which makes the whole difference in results of life of 2 individuals born with similar birth details?

Instance 1 - 1st instance was when a person recently contacted and had almost the same birth details as mine. After consultation, the person asked that I am under Jupiter MD and Jupiter is exalted but I didn't get the best results of exalted Jupiter as people normally talk about. Why it is so? I told them that we have almost the same chart and we are going through same dasha but I don't have any complains from my Jupiter MD and the only difference I see in my life and your life is that you are married and I didn't marry. Once you are married, your responsibilities or accountability increases towards your spouse and family. In such cases, you can't take unilateral decisions. Even in my case, I don't think that transition from job to business had been so smooth if I had responsibility of children education. May be, I won't have been able to take the risk. So, one of the factor which makes the difference in getting different results despite having similar chart is your family, responsibilities and accountability in life.

Instance 2 - If you check the planetary positions of Aug, 1984. You will be amazed. Most of the planets were either in own sign or exaltation. Again, two people came to me at different times with similar charts of that month/year and probably similar dashas too. But 1 person is working in high authority position in MNC and another is trying to reinvent their career. Now, here there were 2 reasons for this difference to occur. First is again the marriage and family responsibility related where 1st person is not married and can take any decision of life on own and another one is married &  have kids. Second is that 1st person is living in one of the biggest cities of world and 2nd person is born in rural India. So, here the society they are living-in is completely different and hence the opportunities for growth too. In rural India, age of getting married is still early 20s or even teens but the person who is born outside India is in 30+ and not concerned about marriage at all. Of course, both are living out their respective destinies at respective places or lives. So, there is nothing to feel bad about.

Social Environment & Upbringing – But this is how the concept of Desh,-Kaal-Paristhiti (https://www.astrosaxena.com/dkpb) can have the biggest say in what results you are going to get out of your chart. Agreed that two children can take birth at same date, time and place but after that lots of things are different. Like, they go to different families, different societies and culture. They have similar charts but their parents don’t have similar chart. One might have been born at the home of Prime Minister of Country and other might have been born to the servant of same Prime Minister. Then they get different education, resources and opportunities because of their societies. Then every society has different rules for marriage and family life. So, one may get married early and all the responsibilities of family life may be upon him and other may never get married which enables him to live life as per his wishes and choices. I profoundly feel that best results of Astrology or Horoscope is possible only if person is single or if his/her family provides unfettered support.

Chart/Lives of Twins – And if you want to see this happening profoundly in people lives then see the charts or lives of twins. After birth, they go to same home and same parents. Their names are very similar. As kids, they are dressed in an identical way. Sometimes they even fall sick at same time. They go to same School or College. Now, where does the difference in their lives come? 1st in choosing Career and then when they get into relation/marriage as they marry different individuals. Those different individuals with their different charts bring all the differences in the lives of twins. It may be argued that they should at least have identical career as they have identical chart? But your twin or family are not the only people in your life. Your friends at School or College level impact your choices in life a great deal. So, twins can have a separate set of friends who impact their lives separately. So, here again the society or company one keeps will have its say.

Conclusion – And with this difference in lives, Astrology and Universe are just proving themselves. It shows that a person is not a separate individual entity. Everything around him impacts him and he impacts everything or everyone too. Nothing is irrelevant or useless in this Universe. Nobody knows that who or what will leave a life-long or life changing impact on you. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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