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Why Different Astrologers Interpret Astrology Differently?

So, let’s cover this off-beat topic before we start Moon through Nakshatra series.

It seems to be the age-old problem in astrological world as to why different astrologers interpret astrological principles differently? I can understand the confusion and chaos it creates as I have also gone through this process from being Client to Counsellor. It is certainly confusing when different astrologers are interpreting same chart differently. It is also a matter of concern that when astrology and its principles are more or less same/similar and individual’s chart is same for all astrologers then why their opinions differ? I have also spoken about this topic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwUQ9VRgNuo) to a certain extent but now let’s analyse it again on the basis of following few reasons and logics –

Different Individuals.

Background of Astrologer.

Experience in the Field.

Area of Expertise.

Different Level of Interpretations.

Destiny of Client.

Importance of Astrological Advice.


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Different Individuals – So 1st of all, every astrologer can have different or unique view on astrological principles or interpretation of identical chart because basically they are different and unique individual. Every person has his own unique way of understanding and interpreting things and it is obvious that people in astrology field will also have their own unique ways of interpreting chart. It is just like 2 medical professionals will never write the same prescription for identical illness. Likewise, every astrologer is bound to have his own understanding and way of interpretation. It only proves that he is using his own mind rather than borrowing ideas from any other person.

Background of Astrologer – Now this can be an important factor which can be broadly divided in 3 parts –

  • Family Background – As I see, 90% of astrologers in country like India are following it as a family profession. Their grandparents, parents etc were doing it, hence they adopted it. It might be good to follow the family tradition but it has some drawbacks too. As I see, if you are learning any subject from your parents or grandparents, you may not question them. You may feel that they are practicing it for so many years, so how they can be wrong? It can be dangerous in any knowledge based profession as knowledge is bound to grow and expand with time. So, if you are limiting your knowledge gain only up to the knowledge given by your family members which they learnt 20-30 years ago then basically you are 20-30 years behind in knowledge base. You are not getting updated information. Best example for this in astrological field is Relationship Astrology which has gone through a sea-change in last 10 years. In this day and age, if someone is still following the Guna Matching Score to match charts then he is not doing justice to anyone as the knowledge level in this field of astrology has reached up to a new level altogether and such obsolete tricks are not useful anymore. Here, I am not saying that we should ignore teachings of our parents and grandparents. I am only saying that open your windows of mind and grasp knowledge from all sources. The biggest benefit I had in astrology field is that there was none in my family to teach me anything and I had to look for information outside in whole world and learn from whomsoever possible. So, your family background can play a huge role in kind of predictions you are making.
  • Social Background – Then it also depends on the social background of astrologer as to what type of predictions he is making? It sounds weird but it is truth because we all live our conditioning and surroundings. An Astrologer in US/UK can be more driven towards Career/Profession related predictions whereas in marriage crazy societies like India, an astrologer gets more people asking questions on marriage. Also, an astrologer in India may not be willing to do a Divorce/Separation Consultation, except me, as Divorce is an stigma but in western society, astrologers can be open about breaking a relation when it is not worth continuing it. So in India, you may not get good or genuine advice in matters of horrible relations as astrologers, families and your society will push you to continue the relation for the sake of avoiding stigma, which actually everyone forgets after 2 months as they get some new story of someone else.
  • Own Approach – Then there are astrologers who are able to break the boundaries of family and society. They develop their own ways of reading a chart. It is obviously going to create differences in interpretation of astrological principles as that person would like to see what new he can add in normal/regular interpretations.

Experience in the Field – This can be an important factor as experience matters in every field. So, an astrologer who is 20 years old in profession is supposed to give better prediction than someone like me who is only about 4 years old in profession. At least it is expected that more experienced astrologer will give better guidance. So, experience of an astrologer is also important in getting different predictions or interpretations.

Area of Expertise – This is a very important point. Suppose I don’t like doing marriage consultations. I have no interest in it. It means that I won’t study much about it and won’t update my knowledge in that field of astrology. So, my opinions in marriage consultations can be very generic or basic in comparison to someone who is interested in relationship astrology which makes him learn about it in detail. So obviously, he will have much better interpretations on relationship matters in comparison to someone like me.

Different Level of Interpretations – Recently I wrote about Body, Mind & Soul Level of Interpretations - https://www.astrosaxena.com/dlr. In this article, we came to know that same planetary placements can be interpreted in 3 broad categories. So, if I am giving body level representation of Moon in 5th house and someone else is giving mind level representation of same position then we may be giving different interpretations but both are correct.

Destiny of Client – Then no matter how insensitive it sounds but it also depends on the destiny of client. If he is destined to get right advice then he will find the right astrologer and follow his advice. But if he is destined to get confused then he may find different astrologers with different point of views.

Importance of Astrological Advice – But then is it really important to get an astrological advice? May be Yes for some but for many, it can be a formality. Like, recently a person messaged me one evening and asked for urgent horoscope matching. I asked why you are in such hurry? He replied – Engagement Ceremony is tomorrow morning. Without even looking at charts I told charts won’t match. Don’t waste your time and money please.

Now, 1st of all I am not saying that all people are like him but do you really feel that he wanted a genuine astrological advice? I don’t think so. They took all the decisions of marriage already as per their desires and now just want a person to validate their decision. This is what I feel that in 90% of cases, people already made their mind about what they want to do. They go to an astrologer just to seek validation of their point.

And I am fine with people taking their own decision. It’s your life. Hence, decision should be yours only but don’t seek a validation of something which you have already decided to do through astrology. In above incident, if I had looked at their charts and said that they can go ahead with engagement as charts are matching (which actually never happens with me) and if they had faced some problems in marriage after some time then I am sure that they would have put the blame on me that this person matched charts that’s why we went ahead with engagement. At that time, they will just forget that engagement ceremony date, time and venue was already decided even before checking their charts.

So, I don’t think differences or similarity of astrological advice matters a lot as in 90% cases people have already decided about what they want to do?

Conclusion – I always feel in astrological matters that if an astrologer is putting his honest effort, time and trying his best to guide you then he did his job. Differences of opinion will remain in every field. We can’t be and we should not be unanimous when it comes to knowledge and understanding as it can lead to mental slavery. So, take advice from as many people as you want but then decide as per your own prudence, experience of life and convenience.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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