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Darakaraka and its interpretations

There was a request for writing an article on Darakaraka and effects of various planets as Darakaraka. Let’s try to cover this topic as under –

Darakaraka – Darakaraka word is union of two words, i.e. Dara and Karaka. Dara is a Sanskrit word which means Wife. There is a reference of the word Dara a few times in Sundar Kand. Karaka means Significator. Hence, Darakaraka means The Significator of Wife but as I understand, we use it as the Significator of Partner. It means Darakaraka is a planet which itself represents or signifies a person’s partner.

How to find Darakaraka? - This is concept of Jaimini Astrology where planets are declared as karakas of a particular area of life according to the degrees they hold in chart. From planet with highest degree in chart which is named as Atma Karaka to the planet with lowest degree in chart which is named as Darakaraka.

Rahu & Ketu – Some Astrologers and Software consider Nodes as karaka, especially Rahu, and hence Rahu also becomes Darakaraka for them. As far as I am concerned, I don’t consider Nodes as Karakas.

Different Planets as Darakaraka – Now first of all, it means that all visible planets can be Darakaaraka or Significator of Partner. Whichever planet is your Darakaraka, the partner will have traits and characteristics of that planet. For example –

Sun – Partner can either be in authoritative position or he/she can be authoritative/egoistic by nature. Weak Sun in chart can bring a partner having false ego.

Moon – Partner can be emotional, caring or nourishing by nature or can be in such works where they need to take care or nourish others. Moon in weak dignity can make partner emotionally insecure and clingy in nature.

Mars – Partner can be protective, courageous or strong-willed or if Mars is weak then partner can be dominant, controlling or violent.

Mercury – Partner can be very communicative here and communications are the base of any relation. If they are unable to communicate then relationship may not prosper. This can also bring an intellectual person or business person as partner. But if Mercury is weak then partner can be childish, highly illogical and imaginative.

Jupiter – This is like inviting a counsellor or Guru as your partner. If Jupiter is in good dignity then it is like getting married to Gautam Buddha. But if Jupiter is in weak dignity then it may indicate attracting a person of low moral/values in relation.

Venus – This may bring a partner who is very beautiful or very wealthy. If Venus is not in good dignity then it can bring a partner who can have pride or ego of wealth or beauty.

Saturn – Saturn can bring a partner who is disciplinary kind-of or very strict or detached type of person. As dignity doesn’t matter with Saturn, in any sign, person will have such experience in relationship.

7th house & 7th lord – Darakaraka’s results are in addition of 7th house, planets in 7th house and 7th house lord’s nature/position/dignity. As always, everything is in addition. We can’t say that Darakaraka is more important than 7th house lord or vice-versa. In the end, they will all impact relationship. Another thing is that when relationship karaka, 7th house lord and Darakaraka are same planet then we can say that results as discussed above are more potential to manifest. Like, if someone is Virgo ascendant then Jupiter is 7th house lord and karaka of marriage. If this person also has Jupiter as Darakaraka then results related with Jupiter mentioned above are very prominent.

In the end, everything plays its role and we have to interpret whole chart to understand the whole picture.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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