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Navamsha Chart (D-9), Right Life Path and its irrelevance with Marriage.

For many, this article may be a repetition but I had to write it due to continuous questions by people during consultation or for consultation regarding D-9 chart as to how it will impact their married life and spouse? I won’t repeat anything substantially on the point of astrology’s relevance in marriage as I have written enough over it and you can read my views on this topic here 

- http://astrosaxena.com/ramm,



 and http://astrosaxena.com/2marriage

In this article, I will limit myself to D-9 and its irrelevance with marriage because if astrology itself has nothing to do with marriage then there is no way that D-9 or any other D-chart can have any relevance with marriage as an institution.

So, let’s break this article in following points –

How a Navamsha Chart is made?

Importance of Navamsha Chart.

Common perceptions related with Navamsha Chart.

My response on these perception.

My views on Navamsha Chart.

Reason why I don’t prefer looking at D-charts?


So, let’s try to understand this misunderstood topic –

How a Navamsha Chart is made? – In an earlier article on D-9 (http://astrosaxena.com/d9read), I have explained in detail as to how a D-9 chart is made and what things should be looked preferably in D-9 chart. As I understand, D-9 is chart which is made out of 9th house of D-1 chart. As 9th house is the highest of Dharma Houses, D-9 should be seen to check our Dharmic or Righteous Path in life.  

Importance of Navamsha Chart – Of course, it is an important chart. Anything which is part of Astrology has to be important. Universe doesn’t create garbage. As D-9 helps us in seeing our righteous path of life, it is a chart of great importance. But there are some other importance which are given to D-9 and those are very popular. They say it is more important than D-1 chart and some say that it is the most important chart among all charts. There is another concept which says that D-9 chart shows the true dignity of planets as in if a planet is debilitated in D-1 chart but exalted in D-9 chart then it should be considered exalted.

Common perceptions related with Navamsha Chart – But where things go really awkward when you search at Google for D-9 chart and you come to know about following things that -

  • D-9 is almost a synonym of marriage, spouse or married life. They are talked together in almost one breath. I remember when 1st time I asked an astrologer at my home town about D-9 then he also replied that it is seen only for marriage. It was about 10 years ago. So, we can’t blame online world for spreading this information as the person, whom I asked,didn’t know about online world at that time. It seems generations of astrologers have followed this approach.
  • D-9 activates after marriage. Like when you get married suddenly your D-9 and planets there will come in life.
  • D-9 activates after a certain age like 30 or 35 years of age.
  • There is also an opinion that D-9 shows your later life, i.e. life after 35+ may be, if we are treating 70 years as average age.

My response on these perception – As always, here are my responses to all the general perceptions about D-9 –

  • Importance – From where D-9 is made of? It is from D-1’s planetary placements. Not only D-9, but all the Divsional Charts are made of D-1. If you don’t have D-1 chart then you can’t even draw a D-9 chart. D-1 can be termed as mother of all charts. That’s why, as I understand, no other chart can be more important than D-1 chart. This is also the reason why if you read D-1 exhaustively, i.e, up to nakshatra/pada level then you don’t even need to look at any other chart. Not because they are useless but they will reflect the same picture as D-1 chart. Also, D-charts are made for a specific purpose like D-9 for right path, D-10 for right karma or D-7 for creativity but D-1 can be seen for all areas of life. This gives a certain upper hand to D-1 Vs other D-charts. D-charts can still be useful in checking or confirming that our interpretation from D-1 is correct or matching with D-charts or not. Only exception where a divisional chart becomes more important than D-1 is when it is a case of twins and then we have no other option but to look at D-60 chart (http://astrosaxena.com/scd60) to understand the differences in their lives. Also, D-60 can be seen for all the areas of life just like D-1. May be that’s why they say that Sage Parashara gave more points to D-60 than D-1. Only tricky thing with D-60 is that it changes every 2nd minute. So, you need to be extremely sure about your time of birth to use D-60. Besides this exceptional situation, I don’t see any reason why any divisional chart should be given more importance than D-1.
  • Dignity – I don’t think that if we ask any astrologer about the results of a planet in its dasha then he/she ever looks at dignity of that planet in D-9 and then tells us the results of that dasha planet. It is quite natural for an astrologer to rely on D-1. Again, a planet’s placement in D-1 is deciding where it is going in other D-charts. So, planet’s dignity in D-1 decides its dignity in D-9 or other D-charts. I hope it is clear that where we should look for original dignity of planets?

Now, let’s deal with marriage.

  • Activation after Marriage – What about people like Swami Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh, Mother Teresa, Paramhansa Yogananda, APJ Abdul Kalaam, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and like other unmarried greats of this world? Their D-9 never got activated because they didn’t get married? Or take opposite example. Let’s say someone marries 4 times in his/her life. So, does his D-9 activate at 4 separate times? They say after marriage, D-9 starts bringing luck of 9th house of D-1 as 9th house is house of luck or fortune. By this interpretation, no one should be widowed or divorced? What kind of luck/fortune is D-9 or 9th house bringing after activation with marriage that they are seeing separation from spouse which are very common these days? So, I don’t think D-9 or its “activation” has anything to do with marriage.
  • Activation @ certain age – So, what if someone who performs a great act and leaves this world at an early age? Like Bhagat Singh martyred at 23 years of age and I think he served his life’s grand purpose. Can we say that he didn’t follow his life path because as per popular astrological belief his D-9 was not even active at his age of martyrdom? Swami Ramteerth passed away at 30 years of age and Swami Vivekananda gave his historic Chicago speech at same age. Can we say that they were not following their right life path as their D-9 was inactive at their age? Every Athlete plays his best game before 35 years of age, barring very few exceptions. They are known throughout life for their game which they play in their prime before 35 years of age. So, was their D-9 not active?
  • Chart of later age – What if a child born is supposed to live for only 5 years? From which age, D-9 will be active? Likewise, what if a person is supposed to live 100+? Poor guy will think at 35 that his D-9 is active whereas it will be active after 50+. Because we can’t have a set expected age length of individuals, we can’t apply this rule as is.

As I see, there is no logic or reasoning in any of the popular perceptions spread regarding D-9 and it’s connection with marriage or age of person.

My views on Navamsha Chart – For me, as D-9 is made out of 9th house of Dharma, it shows our Dharmic or Righteous Path of Life. If I am reading D-9, I will only be able to tell what is your right path in life? The reason why D-9 is seen as chart of marriage is that 99.99% people follow path of marriage. So, they thought that if everyone is following 1 path then it must be the right path. "Complete Sheep Mentality". Another way of looking at this logic is that when a person realizes his life-path then he/she almost gets married with that path. You will see many sports persons or creative artists saying that their respective sports or creative skills was their 1st and last love of life. I hope you understood my point. D-9 is not about marriage with another person but it is about marriage with your destined path.

Regarding Activation – If someone is under Mars MD then at least for God sake accept that it is same Mars in all the charts. D-9 doesn’t have its own separate Mars. If Mars is active in D-1 then it will be active in any or all of the D-charts. It needs no marriage or age to activate any chart. If your D-1 is active then all other charts are made of D-1 only. The under-current of activity will be spread to all the D-charts simultaneously.

Reason why I don’t prefer looking at D-charts? – And this is the most basic reason why I don’t prefer looking at divisional charts. It is not that I don’t give importance to them but I feel that they are not looked for the purpose they were made for. D-9 is looked for marriage whereas it should be looked for righteous life path. D-10 is seen for Career/Job whereas it is chart of your right Karma in life. D-7 should be seen for creative ability but it is seen for child birth. Of course we create children too but that is not the only purpose of D-7. D-7 shows your creative ability by which you can make a change in the world. That’s why, I feel that D-1 covers everything and should be given priority over any other chart barring that one exception of twins.

Conclusion – So, this is what I feel about D-9. Like I said, every chart has its importance and can be helpful in certain situations but for the reasons given above, I will prefer D-1 over any other chart. 

Please let me know if there is any doubt, query or comment.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • Respected SPB Your post has cleared many illusions regarding D-9.However, I m confused regarding its calculations.If D-1 is supreme chart showing 12 houses representing different areas of human life,then why there are 12 houses in divisional charts though that D chart,say D-9 chart is supposed to address only 9th house matters? In calculation,each pada is assigned one sign.i.e For Ashwani pada 1,Aries is assigned.For Pada 2 Tauras is assigned and so on.How can Tauras be representing Ashwani Pafa 2,Gemini Pada 3 ,Cancer Pada 4, when All 4 Padas is represented by Aries Sign? I hope I am sble yo convey in comprehensible manner.

  • Thank you for sharing your light of knowledge, Sir 🙏

  • Thanks Prashant

  • I have read dozens of your posts and love them. You have a very different perspective on astrology than traditional astrologers which is very enlightening. I am a very analytical person and like to get the same answer via different techniques such as D1, divisional charts or KP.

  • What are the effects of debilitated planets of D1 exalted in Navamsa??

  • Now it is clear to me

  • What a enlightening post...

  • @ Ashwin - Please apply for consultation through consultation tab. Thanks

  • Hi sir . I saw your conjuctions of planets articles . I have sun moon and venus conjuction in 8th house aries . I am a virgo ascendant . My date of birth is 04th may 1989 . Time of birth : 03:45 PM . Chennai is place of birth . I need to know how will be my life . Kindly help me .

  • Thanks Padma. :)

  • Interesting article Vishal. Great points!

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