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Importance of Current Transit in Predictions.

So, now we come to the next level of astrology lessons and that is the importance of current transits.

In prediction, we should use the main birth chart of a person as well as the current transit of planets. So, first of all, lets see what are these two things and how different are they?

Main Birth Chart - Birth Chart, which is also called Lagna Chart or Ascendant Chart, is actually the scanned map of the planets' position in the sky at the time of our birth.

Transit Chart - After our birth, planets won't stay as it is, they are travelling all the time and they will move to their next destination soon after the birth of the person. So, Transit Chart is actually the scanned map of planets' position in the sky at any given point of time after the birth.

Lets say someone took birth on 10th September, 2007. His birth chart will show Saturn in Leo as at that time Saturn was travelling through Leo zodiac sign. But his current transit chart will show planets' position as of today, so he will have Saturn in Scorpio, as Saturn is travelling through Scorpio zodiac sign currently. And its not about Saturn only. Saturn is just taken as an example. All planets will constantly change their positions and that can be seen from Transit Chart.

So, what are its effects?

So, lets take example of these two charts.

This person is born with Mars in Capricorn in 6th house, i.e. Mars is exalted (in its best position). Now, suppose this person goes through Mars Mahadasha. As Mars is exalted, Mars Mahadasha should give him best results in dealing with enemies, obstacles in his daily routine life (as these things are represented by 6th house). Right? Now, see the transit chart. Mars is in Capricorn there also, as currently Mars is travelling through Capricorn only. This position will confirm that yes, in this time period he is going to defeat all his enemies. What if, Mars is currently travelling through Cancer, its debilitated sign. Then due to better effect of Mars in Capricorn in birth chart, this person will put his best effort (Mars) against obstacles but as Mars is currently weak in Cancer, he may not get desired best results.

Likewise, suppose if someone is born with Jupiter in Cancer (exalted position) and goes through Jupiter Mahadasha and he is expecting all the wealth which Jupiter can provide, but if currently, Jupiter is passing through Capricorn (weakest position of Jupiter), the person may not get desired wealth. As Jupiter travels through one sign in one year, after 2 years Jupiter will enter into Pisces, where it is very powerful as it is its own sign, now this person will get the best results of Jupiter Mahadasha.

Hope it is understandable and helpful. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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3 Comments on this post

  • Very use full information , explained in very simple ways. Thank you sir.

  • ST - birth chart positions are for life long , so person may get lil better results if planets are good in transit but once the transits are over, they will come back to normal results as per birth chart position.

  • Sir, what if opposite happen? What if in birth chart a planet is in a weak sign and current transit the planet is in a strong sign? How to interpret?

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