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Articles Copied.

Hi All,
This is just to inform you all that I happened to come across this site - http://www.astrology.adbazzaar.com/planetary-positions-in-kundali-horoscope.html and was startled to see that 144 Articles of mine from Lord Through Houses Series is copied as is, word by word on this website. 

There is a difference between learning/adapting someone's style and copying someone as is. If my legal knowledge is correct from my Advocate practice days then it is an act of Plagiarism. I request the site owner to remove these articles at the earliest to amicably resolve the matter. 

As the person, who copied the articles, looks like regular visitor and fan of my articles, I am sure that this update and friendly appeal will reach him. :)


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer 

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2 Comments on this post

  • Thanks. I am taking legal action against them as soon as i m back home.

  • Bro, using non-copyable web text may help to avoid such nuisance. atleast, they should have had their weblinks directing to your site. GOD Bless you!

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