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Conjunctions of Planets.

Conjunctions in a Horoscope.

Conjunctions in a horoscope occurs when 2 or more planets occupy the same house. Like in this picture attached Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus are occupying 10th house of work environment in the sign of Leo. Sometimes it becomes easy and sometimes it becomes tough to read a conjunction. Basic rules for interpretation of conjunction is here under -

1. First of all, pay attention to degrees. A real conjunctions between planets occur when they are at least within 15 degrees from each other. Suppose in a horoscope Sun is at 2 degrees in 2nd house and Moon is at 27 degrees, then there is no exchange of energy between the two. Sun has just entered the house and Moon is about to leave the house. So, to make any good conjunction, planets should be within 15 degrees of each other. After that closer they are, more powerful is the conjunction. Like in this picture, there is strong conjunction between Sun, Venus and Mars based on degrees while Mercury is standing far away from these three planets.

2. Mutual relation between Planets - It has to be seen if planets making conjunction are mutual friends, enemies or neutrals. Their mutual relation is going to make a great impact on results.

3. Lowest Degrees - In conjunctions, planet holding the lowest degree has the highest say. It is considered that on the foundation of this lowest degree planet, other planets are sitting. Like in this picture, degrees of Mars is lowest in conjunction, so Mars will have highest say.

4. Sign placement - Sign in which conjunction is happening also matters. Suppose Jupiter-Venus are conjunct in some horoscope in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer whereas for Venus, it is an enemy sign. Now, Jupiter will have higher say. Same Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Capricorn will give Venus more power as for Venus, it is friendly sign and Jupiter gets debilitated there.

5. Mahadasha and Antardasha - I personally feel it is the most decisive in results. In this picture, we have 4 planets in conjunction and 3 of them in tight conjunction, but whichever planet is active through its Mahadasha or Antardasha, the person will feel more results of that planet. Again Mahadasha planet will have authority over Antardasha planet.

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  • DHS - good for research and spirituality but bad for relationship

  • Namaste guruji In my lagna chart ( meena lagna & purvabhadra nakshtra-4 th pada ,meena raashi) Iam having ketu moon conjuction (moon -1. 29° & ketu 15.31°) in 1st house. Can you help me the is it good conjunction for my horoscope or bad.. Please show some light on this. Thank you in advance.

  • HK - he should be in knowledge sharing kind of work.

  • Sir , I want horoscope my son date of birth - 29dec2019, time- 11.30 am, place - rohtak , haryana He has five conjunction in 11th house of aquarius ascendant of sun,mercury,jupiter,Saturn,ketu tell me about this conjunction result and effect, he has also mars in 10th house making ruchak panchen mahapursh yoga

  • Ayusha - Mars is ruling over this conjunction as it is in own sign and can deal with heat of Sun, being fiery itself. For child birth or any event, we need to look at whole chart, dasha and transits

  • Namaste, For cancer ascendant which among the 4 planets in 5th house wins the planetary war? Moon 0.30; mars 8.58; sun 17.51 and mercury (R) 17.25. Here, moon has the lowest degree but is debilitated. 2nd lowest is mars but is in its own sign and also combusted. So which one is the ultimate winner here? Also, a small question related to combustion. Does combustion of 5th lord for cancer ascendant ,that is, mars signify difficulty in getting a child? Or do we need to look at the position of Jupiter too to come at a conclusion?

  • @ Rajesh - I am yet to make articles on conjunctions. Will cover during the year. Thanks.

  • How to read conjunction of Sun ,Jupiter,Rahu and Venus in this order in 7th house of taurus sign.

  • How to read conjunction of Sun ,Jupiter,Rahu and Venus in this order in 7th house of taurus sign.

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