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Compatibility for Love Marriage

So, there is some concept going on from many years that in matters of Love Marriage, people need not to check horoscopes. It is understood by majority of people as if the couple is automatically compatible and you need not to worry about charts, planetary placements and dasha/transits. As if couple is completely absolved from any impact of planets.

As always, all our interpretations are basically our desires. Let’s see how I look at this concept –

1. First of all, I think everyone here is aware of my views on chart matching that they never match with each other and there is nothing like compatibility as we understand it in a generic sense - http://astrosaxena.com/chartmatch . So, regardless of the fact that it is love marriage or arrange marriage, charts are not going to match with each other. Just like we have difficulties and conflicts in other relations in our life (like with parents, siblings etc), we would have conflicts in this relation of husband/wife or boy friend/girl friend too.

Then why and how such a concept developed?

As I see, following are the reasons –

2. As I see, whosoever thought about this concept for the first time, he must be very wise and can be a very busy astrologer too. He wanted to save his time from unnecessary consultations. He knew that a boy and a girl, who are in love with each other, won’t accept any advice from any astrologer if it is against their desires. For example, if an astrologer says to a couple after seeing their charts that your charts are not matching and there is a very less possibility of sustaining or prospering this relation then do you think that they will listen to this astrologers? There will be arguments and counter-arguments from both sides and in the end, astrologer will lose his couple of hours. Moreover, this couple can go and tell everyone that this astrologer knows nothing.

3. This is why I feel that an astrologer who initially thought about it was very wise. By refusing a small consultation, he saved his time, his peace of mind and unnecessary disrepute among people, who can be his potential clients in future.

4. So, the basic reason behind this concept, that for love marriage we need not to check the charts, is not because planets are not going to impact them but it is because people are not going to listen to any advice.

5. Just understand that if two people are in love with each other because of their mutual charts, dashas and transits then it is obvious that their future life together will also be impacted by same planets.

As I see, there is another reason –

6. Love is matter of Heart and the concern whether planets are favourable or not or if your relation will prosper in future or not, this is a matter of mind. Mind is calculative and it doesn’t want to take any risk. That’s why; we go to any astrologer to check what is in future, so that we can be safe.

7. But as I said and as we all know, Love is a matter of Heart. So, if your mind is so much working that if this is a right decision or not / if this marriage will work or not, then understand that you are probably not in love as yet because if Love is there then mind should not work. Ideally, if someone is truly in love then he will be ready to face whatever comes in future. He will go ahead with his decision regardless of planetary positions/dasha/transits.

There can be yet another reason –

8. Astrologers know that whomsoever you get married with, you will have some issues in your relation, sooner or later. So, at least lovers would have satisfaction that they got married to each other. At least that desire would be satisfied. They won’t have to take re-birth for meeting again and getting into the same mess again.

In my view, love marriage or arranged marriage, astrologer’s job is to make people aware of their charts and issues they may face in future if they decide to get married. After that, how clients take this consultation is their wish.

Finally, The Compatibility? – A layman understands compatibility as like if two charts are compatible with each other then they are going to live a very happy life forever. But in reality, compatibility is something like this –

If X person is supposed to meet with an accident today then there has to be a Y person who is committing an accident today. Then only they both will come in front of each other.

So actually, compatibility means that whatsoever you are supposed to go through as experience in relationship, the other person is also supposed to go through the same experience. That’s why; they both came in front of each other to manifest that destiny together. Now, it can be a pleasant experience also and painful experience also. So, if we look from this perspective then two people in relation are always compatible as they both are supposed to go through the same experience.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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