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Change in Belief System as per Astrology


There was a request to write about the planetary placements that lead to someone changing his religion. So, let’s understand this interesting topic on following points –

9th house – 9th house is main house of belief systems. As Religion is also a belief system given by our families/parents/societies through conditioning from birth, this is most important house for this analysis.

9th house lord – For same reasons, 9th house lord also becomes important planet for this analysis.

Jupiter – Among Planets, Jupiter is the one which represents our belief system. Hence, it represents religions, philosophies and dogmas we follow.

Rahu-Ketu – If we go into the story of origin of Rahu-Ketu then we would know that Demon Swarbhanu broke the rule while distribution of Nectar of Immortality. Hence, Rahu-Ketu represents going against the Law. As Religion is also a Moral Law we are given, Rahu-Ketu can make us break the Law and go towards a different Law or create your own Law; i.e. create your own Religion.

Retrograde Planets – Retrograde Planets make us reflect back on something. They may make us think again and again if we are doing the right things on our path.

Lilith – If you follow Western Astrology then Concept of Lilith (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Lilith) can bring same results as Lilith is rebellious by nature.

Now, the combinations can be as follows –

a. Rahu-Ketu involved in 3rd house/9th house axis. In this axis, person questions or breaks his Religion. He tries to seek shelter in different philosophies. They can even create their own religion. But in the end, they need to move beyond Religions or belief systems to get some peace. They need to move into spirituality; sooner or later.
Emperor angelfish

b. Similar Results can come when Rahu-Ketu are in any contact (conjunction/aspect) with Jupiter. This is popularly known as Guru Chandal Yoga. Jupiter represents belief system and Rahu-Ketu impact on Jupiter can create same energy of being rebellious in matters of religion. Osho being the pinnacle of this energy.

c. Rahu-Ketu with 9th house lord can also create similar results.

d. If 9th house lord or Jupiter is retrograde or retrograde planets are in 9th house then also person can be questioning his religion a lot which may lead to changing his religion or belief system.

e. Lilith placed in 9th house, with 9th house lord or with Jupiter can bring similar result where a person can beat his own drum in matters of belief system.

Other malefics like Mars, Sun and Saturn in 9th house can actually make someone adamant or dogmatic about their belief system and they can develop this belief that only my belief system is perfect.

Now, there can be two types of people who can come out of these placements –

i. One will be those who only question their religions or other religions but then they do nothing to find out the answers. This is negative manifestation of this energy. If you are really serious about right belief system then put your best effort to find the truth.

ii. Other will be those who are not only questioning belief system but they are also putting efforts in finding the truth. These people end-up in manifesting positive energy of these planetary placements. One day they realize that all belief systems are incomplete and real truth is beyond any philosophy or theory.

"One, which is experienced in silence, can never be understood with words." – Osho.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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