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Concept of Frozen Grahas

There was a request to write about one of the lesser known concepts of Vedic Astrology called Frozen Grahas. In Hindi, it is called Stambhana. Let’s understand it –

Stambhana – Stambh can be literally translated as Pillar. As Pillars are fixed/frozen at one place, we can understand the name given to this concept as Frozen Grahas.

Concept of Frozen Grahas – As I understood, this concept suggests that any planet which is falling 6th place from any day-ruling planet in weekday order is known as Frozen Graha for that particular weekday ruling planet.

Let me make easier. So, we have 7 weekdays; i.e. Sunday to Saturday. Every day is ruled by a planet. Like, Sun rules Sunday, Moon rules Monday and so on. Then in vedic astrology, as Rahu-Ketu are considered, they will be considered in this concept too. So, we have got total 9 planets; i.e. 7 weekday’s ruling planets plus Rahu and Ketu. So, let’s write them in an order first.


Now, let’s count 6th planet from every planet and let’s write its name with these planets –

Sun – Venus (6th from Sun)
Moon – Saturn (6th from Moon)
Mars – Rahu (6th from Mars)
Mercury – Ketu (6th from Mercury)
Jupiter – Sun (6th from Jupiter)
Venus – Moon (6th from Moon)
Saturn – Mars (6th from Saturn)
Rahu – Mercury (6th from Rahu)
Ketu – Jupiter (6th from Ketu)

So, we got these combinations of Grahas and their respective Frozen Grahas.

Now, this concept says that if any Frozen Graha is exchanging energy with its respective Graha (through conjunction, aspect or sitting in signs), then it will cause results of that particular planet frozen.

For example – If Sun-Venus are conjunct or mutually aspecting each other or exchanging their signs in any birth chart or during transit then Venus will freeze the results of Sun. Likewise, for other planets.

So, any planet in any type of energy exchange with its respective Frozen Graha will have this feeling of freezing in its results.

My views – As I see, this concept is not entirely new or unique to us. We know some similar concepts in astrology. This one can be another way of looking at same thing. As we know that there are many concepts in astrology which serve similar or even identical purposes many times. As I always say that these different concepts are devised to confirm things from different perspectives and not confuse us.

Now, the reasons behind why I feel that this concept I not entirely new or unique –

6th house – 6th house of our chart is always the house of obstacles for us. 6th house puts obstacles in our path and make our progress difficult. In other words, we can say 6th house, 6th house lord or planets in 6th house freeze our growth in life. Obviously, if I am spending too much of my time and energy in dealing with enemies, conflicts, litigations, illnesses and loans (all main representations of 6th house) then my progress in life will be frozen.

6th house from any planet – Likewise, 6th house, 6th house lord or planet in 6th house from any planet also exhibit similar energy and can bring obstacles in life during their dashas. Like, if someone has Saturn in 6th house from Venus then Venus-Saturn dasha can bring 6th house related results and can freeze the growth of person during that dasha.

Ghatnikaraka – Then in Jaimini Astrology, planet with 6th highest degree is considered as Ghatnikaraka and brings all sorts of obstacles in life. So, we can see that this concept can be seen in different ways in different streams of Astrology.

Hence, I feel that this is not something unique or new to us.

Relevancy - Then, how much of this concept of Frozen Graha is relevant?

If we pay attention to these combinations of planets and their respective Frozen Grahas then we will realize that most of these combinations are anyways difficult as they are enemies to each other. Like,

Sun-Venus – They are enemies to each other. Sun represents Ego and Venus is Relationship. Either you can keep Ego or you can keep relationship.

Moon-Saturn - They are enemies to each other. Moon is emotions and Saturn has nothing to do with emotions.

Mars-Rahu – This combination is anyways known as Angarak Yoga which can give extreme anger to person which is obviously not good for anyone’s growth of any kind.

Mercury-Ketu – Mercury is intellect and Ketu is separation. Person can lose intellect while taking important decisions of life.

Jupiter-Sun – I am not sure that this combination can be harmful to any of these planets. Jupiter-Sun are always the best friends and in good dignity, person can gain a lot from them. Only drawback I can think of is person can have high ego which can spoil his relations.

Venus-Moon - They are enemies to each other. Together they can create a stubborn person who wants to have me 1st approach.

Saturn-Mars - They are enemies to each other. Also, they both are malefic. Hence, their combination is always difficult.

Rahu – Mercury – Again, Rahu corrupts the gentle Mercury here and person can have issues with effective communications and allergies etc.

Ketu – Jupiter – One of the Guru Chandal Yogas where person can be seen as an outcaste by others.

This series of articles may help you - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Conjunctions

All I want to say that this Frozen Result is already seen in these conjunctions and we may not need a separate concept to understand the same. But if we have an additional concept then it is fine as long as it is not confusing us any further.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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