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Concept of Dasha Pravesh

There was a request to write about Dasha Pravesh concept and its use.

As we have seen recently in Mahadasha Activation article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/MDAR that a Planetary Mahadasha activates many different houses in a chart. These results range from –

Karaka of the Planet – Things Planet represents on its own.

Houses it rules – Things related to the Houses it rules in birth chart.

House where it sits - Things related to the House where it sits in birth chart

Conjunction – Things related to the planet which is conjunct with Mahadasha Planet.

Aspects – Things related to the houses where Mahadasha Planet aspects.

Nakshatra - Things related to the Planets which are ruled by Mahadasha Planet. Likewise, the things represented by Planet & its placement which rules the Nakshatra in which Mahadasha Planet is placed.

Now, besides all these things, Mahadasha Planet also gives the results of the house where it was transiting on the day when the Mahadasha started. Like, if someone starts Jupiter MD today then besides all the things mentioned above, person will get results of the house where Aquarius falls into his chart as Jupiter is right now in Aquarius throughout the Jupiter MD. Obviously, the results will also be impacted by the dignity.

So, Dasha Pravesh indicates about an additional result you can get of a planetary dasha as per its transit position on the date of start of the Mahadasha.

Now, it is easy to remember the Dasha Pravesh house/sign for Planets with transits of longer durations, like Jupiter/Saturn and Nodes. But to know the Dasha Pravesh house/sign for planets with shorter transits, we need to make the chart of that particular day when dasha is starting.

Like, if someone’s Moon dasha is beginning today then make the chart of the day and see where Moon is placed in the chart. That will be Dasha Pravesh house.

Now, a Planet can change sign in transit during the day also. So, we need to be sure of the hour also when Dasha is beginning and person is entering a new Dasha, so that we can be sure of the Dasha Planet position in transit chart.

And as I said, it is an additional result we can get of a Mahadasha Planet. This result won’t overpower other results and vice-versa.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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