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Bhav Chalit Chart and its use

There was a request to write about Bhava Chalit Chart and how it works? Honestly, I have very little information about Bhava Chalit Chart, so I will just share whatever little I came to know about it here in this post.

Half knowledge is never good and Astrology has suffered a lot from people like me who have half knowledge on a topic and still act like know-all. So, 1st thing is that all the thing I write here is very limited info about Bhava Chalit plus I rarely used Bhava Chalit Chart for making predictions. So, I don't know how effective this branch of Astrology is?

Again, it doesn't mean that it is ineffective. It only means that I am not equipped with right knowledge and experience on this topic. I am just sharing whatever little I know and then you are free to research more on this subject. So, as I read and heard -

Bhava Chalit Chart is a chart normally used through KP (Krishnamurthy Paddhati) Astrology system. Some people are of opinion that KP system is nothing but renaming of Bhrigu Jyotish or Bhrigu Astrology. It is said that followers and students of Krishnamurthy renamed the Bhrigu System as KP System.

The main concept which works behind Bhav Chalit Chart is that normally in birth charts we see some of the planets which are in very late degrees of a sign. KP System says that how we can be so sure about planets at exact same degree when calculations are done from Earth and through man-made tools. Especially when a planet is in very late degree of a sign, like 28 or 29 degree, then a slight mistake in calculation can mean that planet was actually in early degrees of next sign but it was calculated in late degrees of earlier sign.

Hence, a new way of calculation came up in which the ascendant degree of a birth chart was considered as the mid-point of ascendant. For ex - I am born with 1 degree of Scorpio ascendant. So in normal birth chart, 1st house will be from 0 degree Scorpio to 30 degree Scorpio (equal house system). But in Bhava Chalit Chart, 1st house of chart will begin from about 16 degree of Libra and will end at about 16 degree of Scorpio which will make 1 degree of Scorpio (which was my ascendant degree in birth chart) as the mid-point of 1st house. All other successive houses will be followed from the degree where the earlier house ends. In the end, what it does is that if I have any planet above 25 degrees in my chart in any house/sign then it will fall in the next house/sign. (This is the way I understood the calculation).

After that the Bhava Chalit Chart should be interpreted the same way as we interpret a birth chart but to make it more precise, KP System gives attention to not only looking at planet's sign and nakshatra position but it emphasizes on looking at sub-lord of Nakshatra too. This is where KP System is deeper and, as they say, more accurate.

For prediction of the event, they look at planet, its nakshatra lord and sub-lord position. Like, if I have Moon in Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra at 10 degree, then they will take position of Moon, Ketu (Ashwini's lord) and planet that is sub-lord at 10 degree. If all 3 planets are activating same houses in chart then event related with that house is almost certain to occur. For predictions, lordship of houses will be seen from Bhava Chalit Chart, not from Birth Chart.

In the beginning, it can be very confusing but with practice, it is as simple as any other stream of Astrology. For me, Birth Chart still holds the ground because of the same logic that even for making Bhava Chalit Chart, we need to 1st have a Birth Chart. If we don't have a Birth Chart then we can't even think of making or reading any other chart. I will always prefer Birth Chart over any other chart.

This is very little information on Bhava Chalit Chart. As I am no expert on this topic, please feel free to do your own research and study on this topic. For more information on how Bhrigu Nadi Jyotish works, please read and re-read this article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/BNJ .

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • Good

  • AN - I will consider it in 11th house.

  • AP - I will consider them in 8th house only.

  • Sir, in my chart Jupiter is in 11th house but in bhav chalit in 10th house. Will it still give gains or no?

  • Sir, in my chart Sun Venus Mercury are in 8th house and in Bhav Chalit Chart, Sun and Venus are in 9th house. So will they give results of 8th house or 9th house? I have heard that sun venus in 8th house gives a person magnetic personality. Will that hold true?

  • SK - I prefer only D1 chart.

  • Sir, does it mean that accurate predictions can be made without considering Bhav Chalit?

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