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Big Boss of Astrology - Saturn

The importance of this picture in Astrology is that it tells us who is THE BOSS in Astrology.

So, exclude Uranus, Neptune & Pluto as they are not considered in Vedic Astrology because it is considered that they are too far from earth and their rays either won't be able to reach earth or even if they reach, they will be too low in energy to effect our life in anyway. Another thought behind their exclusion is that these three planets change their positions in 10-15 years time. So, even if they are impacting then their impact is not upon any individual specifically but on whole generation of that 10 years. So, all will have the same impact.

So, back to our topic. THE BOSS of Vedic Astrology. So, if we exclude Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, out of the planets left out and revolving around Sun (the yellowish fiery ball in left corner is Sun), Saturn has the biggest circumference. That's why it takes longest time (about 30 years) for Saturn to complete its one full rotation around the Sun. All the other planets are also rotating around Sun but their circumference is smaller than Saturn (as seen by the picture) and hence they end up in working under Saturn's boundaries. May be that's why Saturn represents limitations and restrictions in our life. In a way, Saturn is saying to all the planets that Guys, listen, do what you want to do but always remember, you can't go beyond me. I am THE BOSS. You can give to human beings only what I allow you to give.

The only exception to this rule is Jupiter, Jupiter can bless a person beyond the limitations of Saturn and the reason is that Jupiter is the biggest planet of our Solar System. Its total size is bigger than even taking the size of all other planets together. That's why, only Jupiter's rays can pacify Saturn.

Another way of saying this is that Jupiter represents our Spirituality, Faith and Belief System and Saturn is boundaries. So, it means with true faith in God you can cross any boundary or limitation or restrictions of our life.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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