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Badhakesh Planets.

Badhakesh Planets.

In Vedic Astrology, for every ascendant there is a planet which works as a Badhakesh Planet, means a planet which brings obstacles in achievement of things related with the house that planet rules. But the obstacles and their impacts always depend on the dignity of Badhakesh Planet.

So, first of all let's see what are the Badhakesh Planets for every Ascendant. First, let's divide Ascendants into Movable, Fixed and Dual Sign Ascendants. These are -

Movable Ascendants are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Fixed Ascendant are: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.
Dual Ascendants are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Now, for every movable sign ascendant, Badhakesh Planet will be 11th house lord.

For every fixed sign ascendant, Badhakesh Planet will be 9th house lord.

For every dual sign ascendant, Badhakesh Planet will be 7th house lord.

So, Badhakesh Planet for every ascendant will be as follows -

Aries - Aquarius Sign (11th house) - Saturn.
Taurus - Capricorn Sign (9th house) - Saturn.
Gemini - Sagittarius Sign (7th house) - Jupiter.
Cancer - Taurus Sign (11th house) - Venus.
Leo - Aries Sign (9th house) - Mars.
Virgo - Pisces Sign (7th house) - Jupiter.
Libra - Leo Sign (11th house) - Sun.
Scorpio - Cancer Sign (9th house) - Moon.
Sagittarius - Gemini Sign (7th house) - Mercury.
Capricorn - Scorpio Sign (11th house) - Mars.
Aquarius - Libra Sign (9th house) - Venus.
Pisces - Virgo Sign (7th house) - Mercury.

So, now if Badhakesh Planet is positioned in bad dignity (sign wise, conjunction wise or aspect wise) and sitting in one of the Dushtana Houses (house # 6, 8, 12) or in Maraka Houses (House # 2 & 7), then it will be a real obstacle. Person will find that things related with the planet or house involved are hard to achieve in its Mahadasha. For Ex, if 9th house lord as Badhakesh Planet for all fixed signs is not well placed, it shows that person's higher education will be of no use for him in earning money. He will earn from some other altogether different source. But if it is well placed, like for Scorpio, 9th house lord Moon is in 7th house then it is exalted, then whatever obstacles come in way, in the end they all will be beneficial, as Badhakesh is a Natural Benefic Planet and Exalted.

Again, whole chart needs to be analysed and all the details need to be seen. One Badhakesh Position may be important but not all important.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • S - it will need detailed analysis. It cant be replied in a comment. Thanks

  • jupiter and moon mutual exchanges for scorpio ascendent ? how will this results be ? rahu in 9th lord moon nakstra ? will rahu give trouble ?

  • @ Usha - relationship can bring changes in life and ego hurt.

  • What if Pisces lagna & Mercury in 8th with Sun, Mercury, Venus in libra . Then how will badhakesh will affect. Thanks !!

  • @ Abhijit - Mars will give better results along with efforts and actions. after maturity age, every planet relieves its effect, thanks,

  • Also, one more query..does it impacted after planets maturity age..e.g.for Gemini ascendant Jupiter in Gemini and its Mahadasha at the age of 50 plus

  • What about Natural Malefic but exalted..eg. Mars in fourth house for Capricorn Ascendant..

  • Yes Supriya

  • Hi, I have scorpio rising and moon in cancer. Does that mean moon is badhkesha for me? Pls revert. Thank you.

  • @ Usha - it might show relationship impacted by higher education or travelling of person or vice-versa.

  • What if 7th lord mercury in 9th house in leo aspected by Saturn in in 3rd in Aquarius? Thanks

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