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Angarak Yoga

There was a request from people to write about this yoga. Although, I have already written about this yoga in an indirect way through my article on Rahu-Mars conjunction (http://astrosaxena.com/maraconj) but astrology is so deep that we can always find out something new every time we dive-in. So, let's try to understand Angarak Yoga on following points -

Planets Involved.
Malefic Energy.
Importance of Mars Dignity.
Final Result.
Houses involved.

Let's cover all points one after the other -

Planets Involved - As we know that planets involved here in this yoga are Mars & Rahu. Probably this is the reason why it has such a name. Angar means Fire, so Angarak Yoga is indicative of a combination of planets where lots of fire energy is involved. Now, as we very well know that Mars itself represents fiery attributes like anger, aggression, control & dominance and Rahu is known to explode anything beyond imagination, it is obvious that their conjunction will be named something like Angarak Yoga.

Malefic Energy - Here, 1st thing to be aware of here is that there is huge malefic energy involved here. If Mars had been alone then it won't have been a problem but the fact that it is with Rahu which is not only a malefic energy in itself but it explodes the results of other planet which is Mars in this case, makes it further troublesome. So, Rahu is going to enhance and explode the results of Mars out of proportion which is the reason why one needs to be aware if he has this conjunction because it can lead to immense anger and aggressiveness for the person.

Importance of Mars Dignity - Here, the most important thing is to see the dignity of Mars because Rahu is going to explode only what it gets from Mars. So, if Mars is in good dignity by sitting in friendly, own or exalted sign then Rahu will explode the good results of Mars but if Mars is in enemy/debilitation sign then Rahu will explode negative qualities of Mars. In a way, Rahu doesn't do anything on its own. Whatever it gets from its surroundings from other planets, it explodes that.

Final Result - As I said, for final assumption it is important to know the dignity of Mars. If Mars is in good dignity, Rahu will enhance the good qualities of Mars which means that person can be extra courageous, strong and active. If Mars is in bad dignity then Rahu will enhance those negative qualities of Rahu and person can become extra controlling, possessive, aggressive and may even be violent. I would always interpret Rahu-Mars conjunction as a person who wants to be free bird. He may not like to be controlled or dominated by others. Also, no matter how good the dignity of Mars is, person can still be overly aggressive in early life as he is yet to learn to stabilize Mars energy. Likewise, even if Mars is in bad dignity, things can stabilize in later life as person would have learnt his lessons from life and people till then.

Houses involved - Now again, Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka (http://astrosaxena.com/jkak) will again have its say as wherever this conjunction is falling, living significances of that house will be adversely impacted due to additional aggressiveness of person but he will still get results of non-living significance. Like in 4th house, person can have problems and disputes at home or with mother but he can have great gains from real estate. In 5th house, person can have problems connecting with love interests but he can be very much interested in sports, education or creativity. In 3rd house, immensely courageous or even audacious but can have conflicting relation with younger sibilings or may have foul speech. In 7th house, relationships are obviously screwed but person can be very shrewd or innovative business person. Like this, in any house, it can impact living karakas negatively but person can still get results of non-living karakas.

Conclusion - So, this is what I feel about Angarak Yoga. Post open for comments.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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7 Comments on this post

  • S - Jupiter may further expand the aggression.

  • Nice explanation Saxena ji, With Rahu, Mangal, if Guru is also present in 11th house in Tula lagna. How to interpret this combination?

  • What is the remedy for angarak dosh in 2nd house of taurus ascendent.

  • Exalted Mars and Rahu in 11th house. Thanks

  • @ Devi - Aggression towards family and possible spendthrift nature.

  • sir how about if angarak yoga happening in 2nd house?

  • My brother have this yoga in 3rd house and things are hapening like as described you above.

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