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Important Astrological Events of 2019.

So, we are at New Year time again. About 5 days to enter in the New Year which will fly away just like that. It is the right time to see what planets have in store for us in 2019. So, let’s see some of the major astrological events of 2019. Of course, I can’t cover all these events ascendant wise but I will try to give introduction of how different planets may behave in different positions for the major part of year. We will see the results ascendant-wise when these events actually happen during the year. Also, lots depend on the dasha you are going through. Dasha planets results can be more visible than other planets. So, here are some important astrological events of 2019 –

Eclipse Seasons.

Mercury Retrogrades.

Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn Retrograde.

Jupiter in Scorpio.

Jupiter Retrograde.

Rahu in Gemini.

Ketu in Sagittarius.

Saturn-Ketu-Pluto Conjunction in Sagittarius.

Rahu-Saturn joint impact on Gemini and Aquarius.

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu-Pluto Conjunction.


Let’s cover all events one after the other –

Eclipse Seasons – So, we will start the year with Eclipse Season. Actually, we have 3 Solar Eclipses during 2019 which are as follows - 

  • Solar Eclipse on 5th-6th Jan, 2019 in Sagittarius. It is Ketu-end of eclipse, hence it is about letting-go or leaving/quitting something related with Sun or the house/planets where Sagittarius falls in your chart. 
  • Then we have another Solar Eclipse on 2nd July, 2019 in Gemini. It is Rahu-end of eclipse, hence it is about making new beginnings in life related with Sun or the house/planets where Gemini falls in your chart. 
  • Then last eclipse of the year 2019 will be on 26th Dec, 2019 in Sagittarius again. Again, it is Ketu-end of eclipse, hence it is about letting-go or leaving/quitting something related with Sun or the house/planets where Sagittarius falls in your chart. 
  • Along with these solar eclipses, we will have 3 lunar eclipses. Solar Eclipse shows the events of our lives which are very external or visible to outer world. Lunar Eclipse can relate more to our internal feelings or emotions to the same events.
  • As I said in this article - http://astrosaxena.com/eclipses, eclipse seasons always bring confusions in life. As both luminary planets go into the shadows of Rahu and Ketu, our sense of properly seeing and understanding things get affected. It brings problems in jobs, career and especially with authority figures. This is also the time to pay special attention to your parent’s health and your own health. At global level, we can see some governments seeing tough timing or world leaders facing issues in their personal/professional life. At times, it indicates falling of a Govt or death of a world leader. Effects can be seen with things related to the house where these eclipse fall in your chart.

Mercury Retrogrades – During 2019, we will have 3 Mercury Retrograde Cycles. First will be from 5th March to 28th March in Pisces/Aquarius, then from 8th July to 1st Aug in Cancer/Gemini, and finally from 31st Oct to 21st Nov in Scorpio/Libra. Of course, Mercury retrograde will impact the things related with signs involved and the house where it falls in a chart, but besides this, as per my experience, it is just the most irritating time of the year when you may need to communicate repeatedly, your communications may be misunderstood by others, some mistakes somewhere in writing which can be of serious nature, you may lose your mobile or your laptop can crash down. Your travel plans can be rescheduled at last moment. We have just come out of a Mercury Retrograde Season and you may have experienced some of these things in last 1 month. Other than these results, you will also see yourself reflecting back on Mercury related things in life. That’s what all planets do when they are retrograde. They make us reflect on things related to planet and things related to the house/sign they are retrograde in.

Saturn in Sagittarius – Throughout the year, Saturn will remain in the sign of Sagittarius (http://astrosaxena.com/sat17). Saturn is focus and hard work. Sagittarius is sign of higher education & belief system etc. So, it is right time for all of us to focus on higher education in our respective fields. Saturn will make us work hard to gain knowledge and education. Results will be only for those who are ready to work hard with perseverance. A thing to remember here is not to become rigid or fundamentalist as Sagittarius is sign of belief system and different religions etc. During the year, we can see an rise in fundamentalism. People may get into questioning others beliefs which can be avoidable. Although, Saturn entered Sagittarius in Jan, 2017 but in 2018 and 2019 it is getting full opportunity to remain in one sign for whole year. So, now we are seeing the real results of Saturn in Sagittarius with great intensity. During most of 2019, Saturn will be in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, where it will support mature relationship and continuous efforts for higher education. Immature relations and instable actions in matters of education & duties of life won’t sustain.  

Saturn Retrograde – Saturn will be retrograde in Sagittarius from 30th April to 18th Sep. This will be the time when results of Saturn in Sagittarius will be really intense and visible. This is also the time when we reflect back on our duties, commitments and responsibilities in life. As it is getting retrograde in Sagittarius, we will reflect back on our duties and commitments towards our educational pursuits, belief system and Teachers. As I said, this can be a good position if person remains away from fundamentalist approach in matters of religion or belief.

Jupiter in Scorpio – For most part of the year, Jupiter will remain in Scorpio. Jupiter is education and Scorpio is instabilities or changes in life. So, we will learn the biggest lesson of life that nothing is permanent and everything is going to change. We can’t control the situations in our life and at times, it is easier to let-go of things and people rather than trying to hold on to them. This is a chaotic transit so far and at least till March, 2019 it is going to be like this as Rahu is aspecting Scorpio and exploding these transformational events. Detailed articles on the current transit of Jupiter are here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jupscorp2018 , 



and https://www.astrosaxena.com/ljijs . 

Remaining calm under chaos is lesson for this transit.

Jupiter Retrograde – Jupiter will be retrograde between 10th April to 11th Aug. So, we will see these results of Jupiter in Scorpio more intensely during those times. It will also be a time to reflect on our beliefs, morals, values, teachings and Gurus. It is about correcting the wrong teachings and beliefs. This is also the time to reflect back on all the changes Jupiter in Scorpio has brought thus-far and realize the lessons we learnt in Jupiter in Scorpio.

Rahu in Gemini – From March, 2019 to Sep, 2020, Rahu will be in Gemini. Rahu explodes the results of the house it sits in and Gemini is sign of business, communication and skills. So, there will be rise in entrepreneurship during next year. People will be inclined towards learning new skills which can be more unorthodox. People can have lots of travels, especially in foreign lands. Besides this, people will get the results of the house where Gemini sign falls into the chart. They will also get the results of the house where Aquarius falls into the chart as per Rahu’s position/dignity in their birth chart. We will see effects of this transit in some detail as we come close to March, 2019.

Ketu in Sagittarius – Likewise, Ketu will move in Sagittarius sign from March, 2019 to Sep, 2020. This can be an excellent time for research and investigation in matters of higher education, religion, philosophy and literature. This is also a good time for going on a Pilgrimage etc. But conflicting opinions with your teachers can become an issue. Also, if someone is looking to get results of living significances of the house where Sagittarius falls in chart then things can be troublesome. Again, we will see effects of this transit in some detail as we come close to March, 2019.

Saturn-Ketu-Pluto Conjunction in Sagittarius – Now, the transit of the year for which whole astrological world seems to be under stress. It is when Saturn-Ketu-Pluto will come together in Sagittarius between March, 2019 to Jan, 2020. In a way this transit has already begun as Saturn-Ketu-Pluto are within about 15 degrees now but after March, 2019 they will be in same sign and energy exchange will be more intense and stressful. Like every malefic planets conjunction, this conjunction will also be very stressful. In matters of higher education, religion, philosophy and literature, it can still be a beneficial conjunction where it will give lots of ability and focus to research and educate but problems will come in living significances. It is unfair to say that Sagittarius and Gemini people are going to have most impact of this transit because Sagittarius is still falling in one or the other house of everyone’s chart and stress of this conjunction can be visible with things related with that house. Like for me, this conjunction will be in 2nd house of family and wealth. So, I can have some stressful moments in my family (living significance) but my wealth gains (non- living significance) can still be fine. So, the way to deal with this transit is not to expect much from the living significances of the house where Sagittarius falls in your chart and focus towards the non-living significances. This transit can be ideal for someone looking for Ph.D. Also, stay away from having fundamentalist view over anything or everything. Having a fundamentalist approach that “only I am correct” can be troublesome during this year. Also, as this conjunction is taking place in Sagittarius sign which is 12th from Capricorn (loss of Govt or Authority), this can be troublesome year for Govt of all over World and people in authority. Ego is going to be thrashed in no time. This is where Saturn in Sagittarius transit is going to show its true colour as it gets company of two more trouble makers Ketu and Pluto. Again, we will see effects of this transit in some detail as we come close to March, 2019.

Rahu-Saturn joint impact on Gemini and Aquarius – Along with same transit, Rahu will be in Gemini and will get aspect of Saturn from Sagittarius. Likewise, Rahu-Saturn both will aspect Aquarius sign. This joint impact will again be from March, 2019 to Jan, 2020Joint impact of Rahu and Saturn always leads into frustration as Rahu will gravitate us towards the things related to the house where Gemini & Aquarius are falling in chart but Saturn will put a reality check and make us work harder in those areas of life. So, end result is frustration. This frustration will be aggravated further between March 23, 2019 to June, 23rd 2019 due to Mars transit in Taurus and then in Gemini. From Taurus, Mars’s 8th aspect will be on Saturn-Ketu-Pluto in Sagittarius and in Gemini, Mars will be conjunct with Rahu and aspect Saturn-Ketu-Pluto in Sagittarius. So, these 3 months can be really explosive or stressful. Again, we will see effects of this transit in some detail as we come close to March, 2019

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu-Pluto Conjunction – Although Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for about 20 days in April, 2019 but as it is very small time window to predict anything of concrete nature, we have to wait for Jupiter’s full-fledged transit in Sagittarius in Nov, 2019 to understand its long term results. As it is happening in Nov, 2019, it is more or less transit of 2020. But again, we can say that this transit will be helpful in matters of higher education, religious pursuits and knowledge because Jupiter will be in own/mool trikon sign but as Jupiter will join Saturn-Ketu-Pluto in Sagittarius, again we can’t expect much from living significances and we should focus our time and energy in non-living significances of the house where Sagittarius is falling in chart. It will be too much of wishful thinking that one Jupiter will be able to control 3 of most malefic planets, i.e. Saturn-Ketu-Pluto and aspect of Rahu. Again, we will see effects of this transit in some detail as we come close to Nov, 2019.

Conclusion – As we can see, this year 2019 can be an intense because of all the malefic planets coming in contact with each other. We can also say that it can be the year of hard work and perseverance as malefic planets never give anything easily. Also, a good thing is that Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter will stay in one house/sign for best part of the year. This means that energies of these planets will be focused or centred at one house/sign and we can expect events to happen due to this focus of planets.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2019. Thanks for all the support and trust in last about 4 years. Hope to get same support in many years to come. 

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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