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Identity Crisis (LOL) - Vishal "S" Saxena - Astrologer & Vishal Saxena - Astrologer

Hi All, 

In last few days, I have received messages from few people that they have tried contacting me on Quora.Com and as I didn't respond there, they had to email me?

I was like, "On Quora? Me?". 1st I didn't pay much attention but when 3-4 people said the same thing then I researched a bit. I found out that there is another Astrologer named Vishal Saxena who is actively helping people through Quora.Com and people have mistaken me as that person. 

This is just to clarify that Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer is different than Vishal Saxena - Astrologer on Quora.Com. I am not active at Quora.Com and now with this confusion in my knowledge, I will think many times before joining Quora.Com. I am active and approachable through my - 

If you think that Vishal Saxena at Quora.Com can be more helpful for you and you intend to contact him then please contact through the process settled by the person on his profile/page. 

At this moment, "S" added in my name at the advice of a Numerologist is proving to be helpful to make distinction. :)

Osho once said - "A confused mind is an active mind". lol. Confusion lead me to take actions. 

I will try to keep this notification on home page. 

Hope this clarifies things. 


Vishal "S" Saxena - Astrologer :)

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