Population Explosion - Spiritual Insights.

Introduction - Most people in this world have tried to state the various problems this world or humanity is facing, at different times, as per their own perspectives. These problems range from Poverty, Unemployment, Crime, Terrorism to Gender Inequality and other similar issues. As I said, the list can vary, as per the perspective of each individual.

However, I personally feel that the single biggest problem that is really blocking the way of progress of humanity is the ever-growing population. More population means more poverty, more unemployment, more crimes and the list is endless. As we have recently crossed the 8 Billion mark, it is high time that humanity should think about this issue as limiting the population can reduce many other problems that this world is facing.

Resolution Efforts - Time and again, the World Governments and different organizations have tried to bring awareness among people about population control and these efforts are still ongoing, but it seems that there is a lack of effectiveness as despite the so-called efforts, we have doubled the world’s population in the last 50 years.

My views - But as I claim to be an astrologer and like to look at the issues from spiritual or mystical point of view, I feel that the reason behind this ever growing population has to be something other than the lack of awareness and lack of effective measures to control population.

If you go through my articles on Spiritual Musings (https://www.astrosaxena.com/SpiritualMusings), especially the first few articles (Spiritual Musings 1, 2 and 3), you will find my views on theory of evolution and how soul or Consciousness moves from Rocks to Plants to Animals to Humans and is supposed to move beyond in Liberation.

One of the questions frequently raised by people regarding the existence of the soul is the doubt over how the world population is growing if there are a limited number of souls that have already incarnated as Humans?

Let’s understand it with this example. Suppose the world human population is 100. They all will die at one time or the other and as per the theory of soul’s evolution and Moksha; some of these 100 souls will get liberation too. Let’s suppose 10 souls got liberated and won’t reincarnate. So, world population now should be reduced to 90 as only 90 souls will be left to be reborn. Then how come we are growing with every passing day? From where are these new souls coming into incarnation?

This is where we have to see the theory of evolution of soul in its totality. Not only the soul within the human body is evolving towards liberation but the soul within the animal body is also evolving towards human incarnation. Likewise, soul within a plant is also evolving towards animal incarnation and so on.

So, Human population is getting increased because there are many souls in different Animals’ body whose species got extinct and those souls then moved to human incarnation. Likewise it happens from plants to animals. We can say that this existence is evolving and moving and nothing is static here.

The reason behind Human population growth is that Souls from Animal Kingdom are moving into Human Incarnation but the Souls from Human Incarnation are unable to move into Liberation or Moksha. So, it is like a place where people are entering but nobody is using the exit gate. The end result is that this place is becoming overcrowded. That is the situation with this world now.

Many people might disagree with me and they may say that they are very much inclined towards Spirituality, Liberation and Moksha, but my experience of dealing with people in last 10 years suggests that majority of us are only interested in talking about Spirituality, Liberation and Moksha. When it comes to taking a definite action in this direction through a Guru or a method then all the excuses come into forefront. The fact that most of us are so scared of death itself shows how much we really want Moksha. Right now, situation is such that everyone wants Moksha but no one wants to die.

Hence, as I see, the spiritual or mystical reason behind population growth on this planet is that Souls from Animal incarnation are putting required efforts to get into Human incarnation but Souls from Human Incarnation are not putting enough efforts to reach the Super-consciousness state from where there is no “NEED” to take re-birth as Humans.

I emphasized on “NEED” because Souls from Super-consciousness state can also decide to come back in human incarnation but it will not be out of their NEED or NECESSITY but they will come back only out of their compassion and out of our NEED or NECESSITY, to guide us as Gurus or Teachers or Masters. Freedom also includes freedom of coming back. So, a liberated soul can also choose to come back but it won’t be out of its own desires, but out of compassion towards us.

This can also be seen as the reason behind all the ignorance or illusion in this world because new souls are entering into human incarnation, ones that need proper guidance and counseling for their evolution but seemingly, right now, we don’t have enough Gurus or Masters to be the guides.

As mentioned above, this existence is evolving and moving and nothing is static here. It can also be said that all movements in this existence are circular. We can see it from planetary movements in the Sky around the Sun or movements of one galaxy around other galaxies and so on. All movements are circular. Hence, it is necessary that when new souls are coming into human incarnation then old souls should be available to guide them. Similarly, when these new souls gain wisdom then they shall be ready to guide newer souls in the future when the current old souls move into the liberated state.

But it seems that this wheel has stopped moving right now as not enough old souls are available to guide new souls. In this population of 8 Billion people, we can feel blessed if we can find even 8 Living Masters.

One thing to remember here is that, all that I have written here, is from the point of view of people who claim to be spiritually evolved. It is their responsibility to take-up positions of Masters or Gurus in this world and guide a layman. A layman is always occupied with the most mundane approach towards life. It is therefore the responsibility of spiritually evolved people to help laymen to evolve so that this wheel starts functioning again and we can see more souls moving towards Super-consciousness state so that the balance on this planet can be brought back.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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