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Astro Saxena App - 5000+ Downloads.

Hi All, 
This is to thank you all for the great success you have given to our Astro Saxena App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.astrosaxena.app&hl=e

App has just now crossed 5000 downloads and I am overwhelmed by this response. This App was started only in March, 2017. So, to cross 5000 download mark within 7 months is an unbelievable success. It was only possible because of you all who took time to read articles and spread the word to the near/dear ones about this site/app. I have nothing else but Thank You to say to all of you. 

This is something which I posted yesterday on my FB Page (https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/) yesterday on completing 700 Likes/Followers there - 

"These days it is popular that people want to bring change in the world because changing themselves seems very tough.

Sometimes I feel that people who read/listen to me regularly are courageous as who wants to read/listen to stuff which can boggle your mind and make you confused/thoughtful?

Majority of people only want to read/listen regarding fulfillment of their desires. As I am not serving that cause, it is certain that people who read/listen to me regularly are a different lot.

Thank you all for 700+ Likes/Followers. It means a lot for a minuscule astrologer like me."

As always, I have a story to tell you - 

"When Buddha got enlightened, he wished to share his experience with everyone. Few Children used to visit him daily near Bodhi Tree along with Sujata who used to bring food for him daily. 

One kid asked him, you are a lone person and this world is vast then how will he reach out to everyone in this world and share his experience?

Buddha asked, what are you doing?

Kid replied, I am throwing pebbles in the river

Buddha asked, and what is happening in the river because of that?

Kid replied, it is creating ripples

Buddha said, this is what I need to do. I need to just throw 1 pebble in the river and it will create ripples. It means that I need to convince one person and he will go to convince others. Like this, knowledge will be spread to all." 

For all the people who ask how to start own business and be successful, this philosophy can be applied as is in own business also. 

I am happy that the small pebble which I had thrown in this river of astrology with my little Facebook Page in Sep, 2014 is finally creating ripples in form of this Website, App, Twitter page, YouTube videos etc and your responses on these things

Thank you all again for showing patience to read some of the most controversial views, lol. It was possible only because of your support. 

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • Thanks Vinita and thanks to you and all to make it possible. Guru? Me? LOL. I think I need to write someday about who is Guru? :). I am certainly not.

  • Thanks Bose ji

  • Hello Vishalji, Heartiest congratulations to you for such an achievement.This benchmark proves when there is honest guru honest students do follows.Keep it up. Regards Vinita

  • Congrats Vishalji!

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