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Dashas of Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka

There was a request to write about importance of the dashas of Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka. So, let’s understand it –

Jaimini Astrology - Basically, it is a concept of Jaimini Astrology where Sage Jaimini gave karakas to planets based on their degrees. He left-out shadow planets Rahu & Ketu from this scheme of Karakas. Karakas were decided based on their degrees in chart, like the planet with highest degree is named Atma Karaka, and then going into descending order Amatya Karaka, Bhratru Karaka, Matru Karaka, Putra Karaka, Ghatni Karaka and Dara Karaka. Jagannath Hora Software considers Rahu as one of the karaka and also adds one more karaka as Pitru Karaka, i.e. between Matru & Putra Karakas. I don't know how applicable it is because I never saw Rahu & Pitru Karaka being used anywhere else. But anyways, our focus right now is on Aatma Karaka and Amatya Karaka.

Atma Karaka - As I said, Aatma Karaka is the planet with the Highest Degree in our chart. It means this planet is Soul Significator. For proper understanding, this planet indicates your aim/purpose/destination of life. We are supposed to reach the place which is indicated by Aatma Karaka Planet, its house/sign based position and house it rules. This will give us an idea of where we need to reach in this life.

Amatya Karaka - Now, as we know destination to reach through Atma Karaka, we should also know how to reach there? So, planet with 2nd highest degree becomes Amatya Karaka. It is a ride up to the destination. Things related with Amatya Karaka planet, its position and its rulership of houses will indicate about what actions a person should take to reach his destination, i.e. Atma Karaka.

We can see that Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka both are related with our destination in this life where we are supposed to reach and how we are going to reach there?

Hence, these dashas can bring us the knowledge and awareness of our destination of our life and these dashas are also going to make us aware about the activities we need to do to reach that destination.

In my experience, majority of people asking for career consultation are actually going through either Atma Karaka dasha or Amatya Karaka dasha. Hence, the desire to know about their right path in life comes up. Also, if someone is under dashas of Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka both at Mahadasha/Antardasha then such a result is even more prominent.

Whether or not the person follows the path to reach his destination is still his own free will but he will at least get the omens or indications or counselling from others about his destination in life and the path which he needs to take to reach his destination. This is importance of the dashas of AK/AMK.

This is also something I experienced when I started this Astrology Consultation work when I was about to enter in Mercury AD and Mercury is my Amatya Karaka.

So, dashas of AK/AMK are important as they can give us indication regarding our destination in life and also the path towards reaching that destination.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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