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Role of Aatma Karaka & Amatya Karaka in Career.

Today let's see the importance of Aatma Karaka and Amatya Karaka in knowing the right path of Career as it has also been a request. These two planets hold key in matters of right career in 90% cases as per my experience. So, let's understand these two planets and their impact on Career on the basis of following points -

Jaimini Astrology.
Aatma Karaka
Amatya Karaka
How to find Career through Aatma Karaka & Amatya Karaka

Jaimini Astrology - Basically, it is a concept of Jaimini Astrology where Sage Jaimini gave karakas to planets based on their degrees. He left-out shadow planets Rahu & Ketu from this scheme of Karakas. Karakas were decided based on their degrees in chart, like the planet with highest degree is named Aatma Karaka, and then going into descending order Amatya Karaka, Bhratru Karaka, Matru Karaka, Putra Karaka, Ghatni Karaka and Dara Karaka. Jagannath Hora Software considers Rahu as one of the karaka and also adds one more karaka as Pitru Karaka, i.e. between Matru & Putra Karakas. I don't know how applicable is it because I never saw Rahu & Pitru Karaka being used anywhere else. But anyways, our focus right now is on Aatma Karaka and Amatya Karaka.

Aatma Karaka - As I said, Aatma Karaka is the planet with the Highest Degree in our chart. It means this planet is Soul Significator. For proper understanding, this planet indicates your aim/purpose/destination of life. We are supposed to reach the place which is indicated by Aatma Karaka Planet, its position and house it rules. This will give us an idea of where we need to reach in this life.

Amatya Karaka - Now, as we know destination to reach through Atma Karaka, we should also know how to reach there? So, planet with 2nd highest degree becomes Amatya Karaka. It is a ride up to the destination. Things related with Amatya Karaka planet, its position and its rulership of houses will indicate about what actions a person should take to reach his destination, i.e. Aatma Karaka.

How to find Career through Aatma Karaka & Amatya Karaka? - So, now how to use AAtma Karaka & Amatya Karaka to find right Career Path? For this, we have two ways - 

  • Karakamsha Lagna - It is most commonly used technique. So, see the sign position of Aatma Karaka in D-9. Make that sign as Ascendant in D-1. Then see, which house Amatya Karaka is placed from this sign as Ascendant? For ex, suppose someone is Sagittarius Ascendant is D-1 with Sun and Mercury being planets of 2 highest degrees. So, they become Aatma Karaka & Amatya Karaka respectively. Now, see in which sign Sun is placed in D-9? Suppose Sun is in Cancer. Make Cancer as your Ascendant in D-1, which will be known as Karakamsha Lagna, and then see where is Amatya Karaka-Mercury is placed from Cancer as Ascendant. The house, where Mercury goes from Cancer as Ascendant, will give an indication about the kind of work person should do. Like if Amatya Karaka - Mercury is in 7th house then Business; 5th house then Teaching or working through his hobbies; 4th house then home based Business.
  • 2nd way is my way only. Hence, no name as yet. As I remain a "devotee" of D-1 chart, I will look at the house which Atma Karaka rules and sits in D-1. It will give me an indication about what person should achieve in life. Then I will look at the houses Amatya Karaka rules and sits. It will give an indication about what person needs to do. Like in above example of Sagittarius Ascendant, Aatma Karaka-Sun rules 9th house with Leo sign then it sits in 11th house in Libra. It indicates that person needs to use his higher education to help/serve all through a large institute. Now, if Amatya Karaka Mercury is in 8th house after ruling 7th house and 10th house, then it shows that his interaction with other people through his career of research oriented activities will help him to reach the destination which Sun is promising.

I know it is a bit confusing in 1st go but practice makes a man perfect. For me,it is simple. We just need to see the house planet rules and house it sits in. Then interpret it. Also use conjunctions with Aatma Karaka and Amatya Karaka to pin point the field or career.

Dashas - We always say that Dashas indicate the way our lives unfold. Now, it is strange that dashas always support the Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka. In some charts early in life and in some charts with delay. But this only means that Universe gives a chance to everyone to fulfill his destiny, sooner or later.
Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • If a man has atnakaraka Sun in 10th house in Uttaraphalguni, and amatyakaraka Venus in 9th house in Ashlesha, can he be a reputed physics professor ?

  • D - I dont consider.

  • rahu has 2nd heighest degree....so can we consider rahu as amatyakarka planet

  • SD- look for Amaty karaka from same lagna position. same process to be followed.

  • Sir What will happening if DE lagna and karakamsha lagna, both are same?

  • Great article

  • AN - Career determination needs detailed analysis. Please take proper consultation from astrologer of your choice.

  • Guruji, Atmakaraka sun being lord of first house, sits in 10th house, and Saturn as amatyakaraka, is in 9th house. How would be career options?

  • Jupiter as dharakaraka in 9th house in Virgo of Libra ascendant

  • A - career determination needs detailed analysis.

  • my amatyakarka jupiter in second house from karakamsha lagna virgo and moon atmakarka in aries (eight house) what kind of job i will do?

  • @ Nanda - all these questions need detailed analysis, I cant help u in a comment

  • Sir, atmakaraka venus, amatya karaka sun. In tula asc chart venus+sun+mercury conjunct in 4th house of capri. In karakamsha sun+venus+mercury conjunct in 7th house. In navamsha sun and venus conjunct in 8th house(cancer). Please guide sir.

  • @ SS - possible career in finance, wealth, assets, real estate or creative fields. but overall chart analysis is needed

  • Sir thanks for this article. Sir, if atmakarka mercury and amatyakarka Venus are sitting in 4house in Capricorn within 1 degree ( the difference between the degree of atmakarka and amatyakarka is less than 1). How we will interpret that? Please guide.

  • @ Shweta - it will need a detailed analysis. it cant be replied in a comment.

  • Sir, I am sagg ascendant atmaraka is mars in 6th house and in navamsa its in 9th house gemini..what does this means?

  • @SS - it will take detailed analysis. It cant be replied in a comment.

  • Sir, my amatya karaka Moon and Aatma karaka planet saturn both are in conjunction in 10th house Libra of Capricorn Ascendent D9 CHART. More info: Moon is in sign of Libra in 10th house in D9. Venus is in sign of cancer in 7th house in D9.

  • @ Bhaskar - fortunately, things are deeper than this and it needs details and time to analyse.

  • My atmakaraka in 5th in Leo with Amatyakaraka Mercury in 6th in Virgo

  • @ veena - it will need a detailed analysis, cant be explained in a comment.

  • Vishal-ji, AK and AmK are benefics and closely conjunct in multiple divisionals - so its a good raja yoga. What happens when Ketu is also conjunct(within 4 degress) with AK and AmK in D1 and also aspected by Saturn? Does it make the native achieve his soul/life/career purpose easily and then renunciate the material world? Thanks

  • @ Pawanjot - AK/AMK is one of the final steps to determine career, not the only step. there are 7-8 steps involved. Hence, i cant help on the base of these information. Thanks

  • Jupiter atmakarka 5th and 8th lord conjunct with mercury amatyakarka 2nd and 11th lord sits in cancer sign in 12th house in leo lagna... What about career

  • @ Tio & Debesh - AK/AMK is one of the final steps to consider for Career, there are 7-8 more steps. I cant tell your right career based on only 1 step. Thanks,

  • This article is very informative, thank you for spreading the knowledge ☺

  • Hello sir, my Atmakarka Jupiter is in 5th house of Pisces and Amatyakarka Sun in 6th house Aries. Also, karakamsa is Pisces again. I am trying to figure out what it means (a beginner :^) )

  • Hello sir my Chara atma karak is moon and amatya karak is saturn . Saturn is sitting in Aries with Mars and Jupiter for Taurus ascendant . And mercury Venus conjunction is there in 10 th house . What career would suit me ?

  • Hello sir, my Chara atma karak is moon and amatya karak is saturn. Saturn is with Mars and Jupiter in 12th house, in Aries for Taurus lagna and I am going through Saturn Mahadasha . What career would suit me ? There is mercury Venus conjunction in 10 th house .

  • @ keyuri - it shows u r supposed to be in high position of authority, govt or law.

  • Hello sir, my aatma karaka Mars and amatya karaka Saturn are conjuct in the ascendent in the sign of capricon in my karakamsha lagna. I am also running my Saturn mahadasha.

  • @ vikas - it is maharaj yoga of jaimini astrology. results during saturn or sun dasha based on their dignity. thanks,

  • Karakamsha Lagna amatya karka Saturn and aatma karka Sun conjunction in Ascendant

  • Thank you sir

  • @ deepali - normally nodes are not considered as jaimini karakas. but jagannath hora software considers rahu as atma karaka. i dont take it in my consultations.

  • Hello sir, Very nice article however can you let us know if we have to consider Rahu as Atmakaraka? Thanks

  • @ DK - Dear Sir, As I said career related things need reading of complete chart. Hope it is understandable. Thanks,

  • Dear Vishalji, What is the generic effect if atmakaraka is mercury in pisces in 3rd house (conj. with sun) and amatyakaraka is saturn in libra in 10th house in D-1 chart ; in D-9 chart mercury in pisces in 7th house and saturn in aries (deb.) in 8th house conj. with moon and venus. Thanks

  • @DK - Career fields can be told only after seeing the whole chart. Mercury debilitated doesnt effect much.

  • Very nice article Vishalji! One question: Suppose atmakaraka is mercury in pisces in 3rd house (conj. with sun) and amatyakaraka is saturn in libra in 10th house in D-1 chart ; in D-9 chart mercury in pisces in 7th house and saturn in aries in 8th house conj. with moon and venus. What area of professional sphere is compatible as per this combination and does a debilitated mercury have any negative effect? Thanks DK

  • Thank you sir.. :) ..

  • @ pravesh - we can but all systems align with each other. so, we can make same predictions thru any dasha system.

  • Sir!!! If we are seeing towards AK and AMK,,then Chara Dasha system should be used??

  • Thanks Vala

  • This was awesome, many thanks! :)

  • @ vinita - I would prefer seeing them in d-1 1st. This shows a connection of your righteous life path with counselling, communication (oral or written), teaching etc. But as I said, D-charts come later, i will prefer D-1

  • Namaste, What does mercury as atmakaraka in pisces mean in navamsha(5th house),its debilitated right?is it good or bad? regards, vinita

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