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Maturity Age of Planets?

In Astrology, normally we talk about Maturity Age of Planets. Like, we say that Jupiter matures at 16 years of age, the Sun at 21, the Moon at 24, Venus at 25, Mars at 28, Mercury at 32, Saturn at 36, Rahu at 42 and Ketu at 48.

But is it really the maturity age of planets?

As I understand, all the planets are roaming around in the sky for millions of years or may be since the beginning of existence, if at all there was something like beginning. Then how prudent it is to say that because I crossed 36 years of age, Saturn in Sky is matured now? Is it not worst display of human ego that just because I completed the age of 36 years, Saturn is matured in Sky?

Then how to understand it?

As I understood through my experience of looking at charts, dealing with people and teaching astrology, it is not the maturity age of planets but the maturity age of persons. Like –

1. Jupiter represents knowledge and education. At the age of 16 years, we decide about the stream of higher education. So at 16, we “should be” matured enough to take right decisions of our higher education.

2. Sun represents authority, career and recognition. At the age of around 21 years, we decide about the career path we want to follow. So at 21, we “should be” matured enough to take right decisions of our career path.

3. Moon represents Mind and Mental Stability of person. At least by the age of 24 years, a person “should be” able to have a matured mindset and behave in a stable way.

4. Venus represents Relationship. Maturity age of Venus at 25 would mean that by this age, person “should be” able to handle his relationship life in a matured way. After 25, he is not supposed to have childish ways of approaching a relationship.

5. Mars represents our actions, anger and aggression. At least by the age of 28x person “should be” able to handle his anger or aggression in a positive way and re-direct it in some positive causes. He is not supposed to throw his anger at random people once he is moving towards 30s.

6. Mercury represents business and communication. It means that by the age of 32 at least, person should develop his communications effectively. He should have clear idea about his business as it is expected that by the age of 32, he has already developed his skills which can help him in serving people through his business.

7. Saturn represents our duty and responsibilities in life. At least by the age of 36, person should be aware of his duties and responsibilities in this life, not only towards himself but towards others also.

8. Rahu represents our illusions and materialistic desires. At least by the age of 42, a person should get rid of his illusions and realize that his materialistic pursuits are not bringing him any long lasting happiness.

9. Ketu represents letting-go and spirituality. It means that at least by the age of 48, a person should realize his spiritual path and understand that clinging on to things or people is not going to serve any purpose.

As I understand, all these different ages are showing that person should go through his life with full awareness and learn from his life experiences/mistakes, in order to evolve or mature. Only by doing this, we can expect to improve in our lives. If we are committing the same mistake at 40 years of age which we committed at 20 years of age then what did I learn in these 20 years?

People normally ask me if the results of a particular planetary placement will be difficult or challenging throughout life. Well, if you continue to commit similar mistakes then obviously you are going to get the similar results. In order to change or evolve your life, start taking more evolved in this life.

This takes away the basic logic in matters of maturity age of planets which says that after their maturity age, planets become more mild or beneficial. As I see, this is nothing but the way of giving ourselves consolation and living life in illusion till you reach that age.

I don’t see Saturn suddenly becoming mild the day a person completes 36 years of age. But Saturn can certainly give much better results if person has learnt the lessons of Saturn in his life and taking more evolved actions. In that case, if you are taking evolved actions even at the age of 20 then also Saturn would give better results and if someone is taking childish actions even at the 60 then also Saturn can punish the individual.

Understand it by this example, suppose a Man is trying to climb a Mountain. In his 1st attempt, he may fall or slide many a times, he may have injuries or bruises and he may be able to climb it in 5 days. If the same person again tries to climb the same Mountain then he may climb in 2 days with lesser injuries.

So, did Mountain come down the 2nd time? No. Person learnt from his 1st experience and put his foot at right places which made climbing easy in 2nd attempt.

So, planets don’t become mild at a certain age. It is just that we develop an ability to handle their energy in better way. Hence, it is not maturity age of planets but of individuals.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • Excellent insight. I was thinking on the same lines and your article has endorced it. I have a view similar to your lines of thinking that, by maturity of planet ; the dasa/antardasa of the planet will have different experience if getting repated at different ages. Like - a planet having a dasa at the time of birth when the child has no sense of right and wrong and , the same planet having repeat antradasa in next planet antardasa or vice versa then, the experience will be different. Of course the person has sense now so will have a different take on life but astrologically defined, the planet is better matured with age. I have similar take in my case where Su is 8L gave miserable experience in antar dasa and even in pratyantar dasa when operated in Sa mahadasa (1L and 2L, Makar Lagna) but in Me mahadasa Su antara gave set backs on financial front but the mental experience was different. You can say that I learned lessons thus could handle my situation - and astrologically I will say, Sun got matured so the native (I) was having different mental experience. Thank you so much for writing such an insight. Regards. Anurodh www.jyotishhealer.com

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