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Planetary Positions of Addiction.

This was another request to write an article about Addiction. Normally, addiction is referred to Alcoholism or Drugs Consumption but if we see realistically then addiction can be positive also where one can be addicted towards his hobbies, interests and passions. In this article, we will only cover those addictions which can be linked with escapism. So, let's break this article in following points -

12th House.
Social Setup.
Moon & Jupiter.

Let's cover all points one after the other -

12th House - 12th house is mainly related with foreign lands, spirituality and losses. But it is also house of escapism. Understand that 1st house is Self and 12th house is losses. Now, whose losses? It is losses of self, right? So basically, 12th house represents a place where person loses himself. As such, it becomes a house of escapism, addiction and showing back to the realities of life. That's why, it is the main house to look for any sort of addiction. Anyone who has many planets in 12th house can have problems related with addiction. Also, 12th house lord position can show what things a person can be addicted to? This may not be necessarily drugs and alcohol all the times. Like, I have my 12th house lord Venus in Sagittarius, so I am addicted to higher learning. Just the other day I told one of my friend who was interested to know about Osho that "Beware, Osho is addictive". :)

Rahu - Now, Rahu rules the matter when we talk about Addictions. Rahu represents illusion, hence it represents all sorts of illusions which includes alcohol, drugs and any type of obsession/intoxication/addiction. But again, I don't feel it is always negative. Like, Rahu with Jupiter or Venus in Pisces can make someone obsessed or addicted towards spirituality or spiritual pursuits. I have a client who has Rahu-Jupiter in 9th house/Pisces and that person meditates at least for 7 to 8 hours in a day. So, this is another type of addiction but a positive one. But Rahu in 12th house or with a planet which is in bad dignity can certainly lead to drugs, alcoholism or any other type of addiction. Like, Rahu with debilitated Venus can also make a sex addict whereas Rahu in 10th house with a debilitated planet can make the person addicted to power. As I said in previous article, Rahu doesn't do anything on its own, it will just explode the results of the surroundings it gets. So, Rahu with planets in bad dignity or in Dushthana Houses can make someone addictive.

Social Setup - Now, when it comes to Alcoholism or Drug addiction, lots depend on the society you live in. Suppose you live in a country where Drugs are easily available then risk of person getting into all these things is very high as compared to the country where Drug supply is considered as crime towards whole humanity. Likewise, if you live in a society which is open about Alcohol consumption and you can have a drink with your families, then it is obvious that you will get into all these things. In many countries, addiction is seen as a Sin or an irreligious activity. Now, if you belong to such a religion and your family has firmly imbibed the same in you then there is a very less possibility that you may get into it.

Moon & Jupiter - And here again comes the importance of Moon and Jupiter in your chart. Actually, I am the best person to write about this topic as I used to smoke, drink and eat non-veg during my Rahu MD but as I started my Jupiter MD, these things went out of my life. I quit all and the reason behind quitting is my strong Moon and Jupiter placement. So, if a Moon is strongly placed in chart then 1st of all the person may not fall to the temptations of addictions but even if he gets into it due to some dasha/transits, he will be able to get rid of it very quickly. Jupiter's position shows the level of moral and values a person can have. As I said, in many societies such things can be related with Religion. So, if you have a strong Jupiter, person may not fall into such things and can hold on to his values and morals. But again, even if he falls into it, it is due to some dasha/transit and he will get rid of it as soon as dasha/transits are over.

Dashas - As always, dashas will rule over events in life. So, if a person is going through Rahu dasha then it can be the most potential time to get exposed to addiction. It is kind of amusing that Rahu dasha is followed by Jupiter dasha. It means illusion is followed by wisdom. So, it can happen that during Rahu dasha a person may fall for addiction but as soon as Jupiter dasha starts and if Jupiter is well placed in chart, then person can have wisdom coming to him that he is wasting his time.

Conclusion - So, this is the way I see addictions working Astrologically. Rahu remains the main karaka of addiction but Moon and Jupiter's position holds the key. Needless to say that lots depend on dashas and the society you live in.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • "Dear Sir, I was going through your above article and I must say that your way of explaining the situations are worth reading and informative.My interest in Astrology is growing day by day, but obviously some basic knowledge in astrology is necessary to understand what you say. Thanks for the article, Regards, S C Mitra

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  • Dear Sir I have started reading and try to learn and update my very little knowledge of this devine subject through this app. I like the way you write and present to people. I consider you as my another Guru and seek your devine blessing. You are doing superb job for mankind. God bless you Guruji. Regards Dr Vijaya Marakala

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