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Abhijeet Nakshatra

The Invisible Nakshatra, i.e. Abhijeet Nakshatra.

Let’s cover Abhijeet Nakshatra based on following points –

Sign and Degree
Name and its meaning
Activation Age
Deity, Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord
Mythological Story
Prominence of a Nakshatra
Various interpretations of Abhijeet Nakshatra

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Sign and Degree – Abhijeet Nakshatra falls within 6.40 degree of Capricorn to 10.53 degree of Capricorn. So, Abhijeet Nakshatra falls completely within Capricorn sign but it is spread between 2 visible nakshatras, i.e. Uttara-Ashadha & Shravana.

Name and its meaning – Abhijeet means "The Victorious" or "One who could not be defeated". As it's major portion is falling into Uttara-Ashadha Nakshatra, it is apt that its meaning or significance should be akin to Uttara-Ashadha only.

Representation – I could not find that it is represented by any picture or symbol and I feel it is apt as it is invisible nakshatra. An invisible thing can't be represented. Still, if anyone knows about any representation of Abhijeet Nakshatra then please feel free to comment.

Activation Age - As majority of Abhijeet Nakshatra falls into Uttara-Ashadha Nakshatra, the activation age of Uttara-Ashadha will automatically activate Abhijeet

Deity, Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord – Deity & Lord of Abhijeet Nakshatra is Lord Brahma. Some scholars also take Sun as lord of Abhijeet as its major portion is within Uttara-Ashadha which is ruled by Sun. Sign lord is Saturn.

Mythological Story – A reference of Abhijeet Nakshatra is found in Bhagwad Geeta when Lord Krishna explains to Arjun all his forms and representations. There He says that He is Abhijeet among Nakshatras.

Prominence of a Nakshatra – Now, throughout this series, whenever we say about a nakshatra being prominent in a chart, it means it is either ascendant nakshatra, Sun nakshatra, Moon nakshatra or 2 or more planets are placed in 1 nakshatra, Understand that a nakshatra is only 13 degree 20 minutes long and if even 2 planets are there within that range then it is huge energy accumulation. It will make that nakshatra related things important in person’s life.

Various interpretations of Abhijeet Nakshatra – Now, here are some of the interpretations of Abhijeet Nakshatra we can take as per the things discussed above –
  • As it is an invisible nakshatra, quite rightly very less information is available on Abhijeet Nakshatra.
  • Different people have given different reasons as to why Abhijeet was not considered as in the scheme of nakshatras. My understanding as I wrote in introductory article that all other nakshatra names are female names and Abhijeet is the only male name. As we know that 27 nakshatras were actually 27 sisters married to Moon, it looks obvious that Abhijeet being a male was left out of Nakshatra scheme.
  • As majority of Abhijeet falls into last Pada of Uttara-Ashadha Nakshatra, we have to again go back to the traits and characteristics of Uttara-Ashadha.
  • As we know that Uttara-Ashadha people are career or ambitious driven and look for great success in life. And then Abhijeet Nakshatra comes into last portion of Uttara-Ashadha and Abhijeet means Victorious. So, this is where Victory is complete and this is where the person finally achieves his ambitions.
  • Hence, Abhijeet comes as a more intense Uttara-Ashadha traits where person can go all out for his achievements. They are born to be victorious or successful people in whichever field they choose.
  • Abhijeet's link with Krishna also shows the nature of being victorious as Krishna invented many ways during Mahabharat war to make Pandavs victorious. Actually, Krishna was the only difference between two warring sides.
  • As Krishna was full of logic and arguments, these people can be seen as very logical or good at debates.
  • Another trait we can take from Krishna is of Mysticism. Krishna had mystical powers, hence people born in this nakshatra can be seen as interested in occult and mystical activities.
  • One common use of Abhijeet Nakshatra in our daily life is through Abhijeet Muhurt. Just like Rahu Kaal is a time when any auspicious act should be avoided, Abhijeet Muhurt is a time which overpowers all negativity of the day and it is considered that you can do any auspicious act during Abhijeet Muhurt time.
  • Also, it is considered that if any planet is sitting in Abhijeet Nakshatra will be away from any malefic or negative impacts and that planet will be all positive. Like, Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn but if it is in degrees of Abhijeet Nakshatra, then it is considered all auspicious. I disagree with it. I feel that every placement has good/bad impact. So, any planet even in Abhijeet nakshatra will have both good/bad impact. Nothing is totally good in life and nothing is totally bad in life.
  • Overall, it is a nakshatra of people who are highly ambitious, success-driven and achievers
Conclusion – So, this is some basic information and interpretation of Abhijeet Nakshatra.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


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  • My ascendant is in this nakshatra

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