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Guest Post by Yvy M - Introduction


The transition to modern society has been swift and seems to be moving exponentially with all the technological updates that have been made. Our bodies, our minds, and infrastructure have not been able to keep up as quickly as these “progresses”. And as a result, many of us find ourselves amidst chaos whether in our minds or our daily lives. Many of us may feel a sense of being anxious or depressed among other issues, even despite living what people perceive to be a “good life.”  I want you to know that this is a normal response to these present conditions; our ways of living have become so unnatural, chaotic, and unconscious. I feel that if one does not experience some type of emotional distress in their lives at least once - that is strange. When we live in close proximity to sickness, there is a high risk of becoming sick ourselves.


However, sickness is not inevitable and humans are very much adaptable; it is completely possible to live well. We can do so by being aware - by being aware of how our mind, our bodies, our actions, and planting our feet firmly in the present so that we can walk a conscious path. Just as if we are mindful of our environments and actions, we can avoid such sickness.


Ultimately, the best way is through meditation. (Also, it’s free.) If you like - there is even scientific evidence that shows the many ways meditation is beneficial. However, the best way is through your own experiences and seeing the results for yourself. There are many types of meditations and we are certain that there is one that will work for you. Can’t sit still or sit in one place? There is active/dynamic meditation. Can’t sit cross-legged? There is meditation where you lay on your back or stand up. If you are interested, Holistic Guidance Services can help you find a method more suited to you based on both your astrological birth chart and personal tendencies.


And so now I feel this is a good time to introduce myself. Hello readers, I thank you for reading thus far. I am Yvy M., the other half of Holistic Guidance Services. For some background, I have self-studied psychology for nearly two decades, got my degree in behavioral neuroscience, then studied nursing, and I do some teaching here and there in between. I have worked with people from all walks of life and of all ages. However, the most valuable knowledge came from my own life experiences and observations. I, like many others, grew up around violence, chaos, trauma and without proper guidance, but those experiences enabled me to better serve others. I do not consider myself a healer because I believe that you are the one who heals yourself. (After all, humans are naturally self-healing, but we can make the process more intentional and focused.) I am here with Swami Premanand Bharti to show you some of the ways that have worked for me and for many others and maybe crack some jokes once in a while.


In future articles or sessions, I hope to share knowledge on the ways that our mind and bodies work to enable understanding that should aid in awareness. By being able to see, for example, how our perceptions or thoughts affect our reality or how different ways of breathing can trigger or reduce anxiety, we can empower ourselves to transform our lives through simple, informed changes. Knowledge is power and by demystifying these things, we can live a more harmonious and conscious life and reduce much unnecessary tension.


In the next article, I will be expanding more on the ways that our bodies were used to living in the past, how it differs from now in the modern day, and how these changes may be influencing some of the ways we live. For example, older humans were accustomed to scarcity and developed the taste for sweet and high-caloric foods for survival. Now we live in relative abundance, but our tastes are the same although it is no longer necessary for survival. If anything, eating in moderation is what would be better for us.

Many people view the primitive person as someone who just acts on their urges. And much of modern day seems to reward suppression - we suppress our need for sleep, we suppress our emotions, our thoughts, etc.. The answer is always somewhere in the middle. It is not healthy to just act on impulses or urges and it is just as harmful to suppress them. This is why awareness is important because we can be aware of our urges and more importantly, accept them, and after acceptance we will no longer be so plagued by tensions associated with it. I believe that much of the chaos that we see now in society such as the mass violence is due to suppression. Anyway that is just a preview for what is to come.


Thank you for reading and please let me know if you enjoyed this or even if you hated it.

Much love to you all!


Yvy M


PS - Thanks Yvy for support. - SPB

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  • What a great idea to introduce yourself Ivy! I’m sure there’s so much more we will learn about you, your self-healing process, and how you work with others to support their healing. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences and your wisdom. You mentioned about our bodies living in the past, as a result of how past we’ve quickly advanced our society through technology. Looking forward to that article. This got me thinking that our bodies also live in the past of our life experiences. You are very aware of trauma and I would be curious to know what you have to say about our bodies functioning from a state of 5, 10, 20, or more years ago when we experienced certain traumas. I am remembering Gabor Mate’s work on how the body carries stress from adverse and traumatic experiences, especially from childhood, and that we function today from them. It’s cool to see your psychology and nursing background aligning with astrology. You are compassionate and intuitive, and wishing you an amazing journey from here :)

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