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Say Yes To Life!!!

During one of Astrology Q&A session, someone asked that in a few of his preaching, Osho has compared Suicide with Sannyas. Why it is so?

I tried to respond during session itself but then I realized that it is a topic which needs detailed explanation else things can be easily misunderstood and this is certainly not a topic where I would like to take any risk of being misunderstood. Hence, I thought of writing this article. Another option was to make a video but as the topic remains the sensitive one, I thought it is better to explain everything in writing to avoid any risk, as I still feel that I am better writer than speaker.

First of all, if Osho has said something then it is better to check His literature only for any clarification. Osho has explained everything in great detail and left no room for anyone to re-interpret/mis-interpret Him. This is something Ma Anand Sheela said in Her session with us that “people should stay away from interpreting Osho’s words” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9LmZ-tNYTo.

Also, I cannot be Osho’s spokesperson. People may think that I am disciple of Osho, which I am, so I would know everything what Osho said. Well, I can only tell you what I understood out of reading very limited literature of Osho. So, things I am going to explain now, are my understanding or misunderstanding of Osho’s literature. Please don’t project it as Osho’s message or what Osho meant to say…

With this disclaimer, let’s begin with my understanding of Osho’s message on this topic - 

  • As I understood, Osho said in a few of his preaching that a person committing suicide and a person taking Sannyas are similar “IN A WAY”, as they both are dead or non-existent for Society. A physically dead person is obviously non-existent for society and a person, who has taken Sannyas, will never work according to societal dictate which makes him also “IN A WAY” dead for society.

Then as mind remains a question making factory, a few follow-up questions were asked which I will try to respond now.

  • Is Osho trying to justify Suicide?” – Even if you have read a single book of Osho then you would know that people like Osho can never justify Suicide. Osho is most life-affirmative Man I ever came across. His whole message was to “Live Life to the Fullest”. It is unimaginable to even dream that Osho will ever support or justify Suicide. Osho is not justifying Suicide. Osho is just telling that Sannyas is better than committing Suicide. If you are dejected or depressed over life and find no meaning there then come towards Sannyas and you will find the best meaning and purpose in life.
  • Why not Suicide?” - Osho has repeatedly said that we are anyways going towards Death. What is the hurry to reach Death that you think of committing Suicide? Death is anyways coming, whether you like it or not. Osho has also tried to make us understand that person committing suicide may not get worthy birth in next life as he didn’t appreciate what he has got in this life? Osho also explained that it looks like that person committing suicide is losing interest in life but it is not so. He is very much interested in life but as per his conditions. If his conditions are getting fulfilled then he is ready to live the same life. Suppose someone is contemplating suicide because of financial crunch and I happen to tell this person that don’t worry, I will pay-off all your loans. Then do you think that this person will still commit suicide? Of course not. So, it is not that he has any lack of interest in living life but he has interest in living his conditional life.
  • Osho says that you can also think like this that if killing another person is crime then how killing self cannot be a crime? Same activity is happening. If X person shows knife to other or to himself, what is the difference? Eventually, he is killing life only. Person committing Suicide has no right to take his life as life belongs to the existence. He is given free of cost. He should rather be grateful about it.
  • But what if there is only one-life and no re-incarnation?” – As I said, a person committing suicide is not committing suicide due to all these philosophical reasons. His only reason behind suicide is that he feels that his life is not going as per his wishes. If his wishes are getting fulfilled then he will live the same life gladly without getting into this philosophical discussion as to whether there is only one-life or re-incarnation?
  • Although, it is beyond the current topic but in this article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/incarnate, I mentioned how these concepts of One-Life Vs Re-incarnation which look like two different or even opposite concepts are actually two different ways of saying one and the same thing.
  • Osho also adds that committing Suicide actually shows your disrespect towards life. Osho says that even animals have more respect towards life. You will not find any animal committing suicide by jumping-off the cliff but you will find humans committing suicide by jumping-off the cliff. Osho says that it means that concept of Suicide is not natural and it is creation of human mind, else other animals should also be committing suicides every now and then. Osho also says that the very fact that a person suffers hysterically when he attempts the suicide, itself shows that something inside the person wants to live and this death is imposed one rather than natural.
  • In one of Q&A Sessions, Osho was asked, “if there is any point in living”? Osho replied, “I am afraid that if I say that there is no point in living then you will think that you have to commit suicide….. I am not saying commit Suicide because in committing Suicide also there is no point”. Live Totally - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu7m2ypV5_8
  • In my considered view, Suicide will remain a measure of Escapism, no matter how much some people want to validate it. Few people say that “it is matter of braveness that a person is committing suicide because he is going into his own death and everyone in world is afraid of death”. Well, if he is so brave then why can’t he face life and life’s challenges? It is easy to be mindlessly audacious for a few minutes and commit suicide but it is difficult to be brave for whole life and face life challenges. Moreover, we all know that before committing suicide, many people have searched for the easiest and least painful ways of committing suicide. This speaks a great deal about their bravery. 
  • Finally, forget about people like Osho, even a human being of most mundane common sense will never justify Suicide. Someone who has lived, loved and appreciated LIFE, will never appreciate this ugliest act against LIFE.
  • By no means I am belittling someone's struggle in life but if at all, you ever get into this situation of choosing Life and Death, please choose Life as with Life, there is a hope. Things can change in future and life can get better. With Death, there is no hope.

“Say Yes To Life”. – Osho - https://oshoworld.com/sannyas-or-suicide/

We all love success in life but sometimes failures are more worthy; i.e. like a Failed Suicide Attempt. :) 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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