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Watts Family Murders - Chart of Chris Watts - How Maraka Dasha works?

I wanted to cover this chart as part of Karmic Connection Series but as I didn’t get the charts of whole family here, I decided to cover it under Celebrity Horoscope section and try to understand how Maraka Dasha brings the results in life.  So, let’s begin with chart of Chris Watts.


Birth Details – Following are Chris Watts birth details available online –

Chris Watts was born on 16th May, 1985 at 7 pm at Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Chart Introduction – Following are Chris Watts chart details –


Chris Watts was born with Ketu in 1st house/Libra, Saturn in 2nd house/Scorpio, Jupiter in 4th house/Capricorn, Venus in 6th house/Pisces, Rahu-Mercury-Moon in 7th house/Aries and Sun-Mars in 8th house/Taurus.


Introduction – Now, here is a small introduction of this matter. Watts Family Murders (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watts_family_murders) took place on 13th Aug, 2018 when Chris Watts annihilated his own family of his wife and 2 daughters. As his wife was pregnant at that time, it was like Chris took away 4 lives on that day. Chris claimed that he was in another relationship and wanted to lead a new life altogether.

When I went through Maraka Dasha Series - https://www.astrosaxena.in/astrology/category/44/maraka-dasha-series , many people were of the view that how it can happen that family members end-up in killing each other? Well, we have seen in Karmic Connection Series - https://www.astrosaxena.in/astrology/category/46/karmic-connection-series that how people can kill other person even without any reason also.

Imports Points - Here are some important points in his chart –

As we know, 2nd house/Scorpio and 7th house/Aries are maraka houses for Libra ascendant. Both of these houses are ruled by Mars and 2nd house/Scorpio is further ruled by Ketu. In Chris chart, many planets are there in these 2 houses.

Saturn is in 2nd house/Scorpio. Rahu-Mercury-Moon in 7th house/Aries.

Mars itself is in 8th house/Taurus of chaotic events. Ketu is in 1st house/Libra.

Victims – Now, let’s see who were the victims –

Wife – Partner is represented by 7th house and 7th lord itself. Besides that his darakaraka is Moon. Where is Moon? Moon is in 7th house/Aries/Ashwini at 0 degree. It means it is in Gandanta too, bringing instability in emotions or mind which can push person to take unpleasant actions.

1st child – 1st child is seen from 5th house/Aquarius. Its lords are Saturn and Rahu. Where are Saturn-Rahu. Saturn is in 2nd house/Scorpio and Rahu is in 7th house/Aries, both maraka houses.

2nd child – 2nd child is seen from 7th house/Aries. Obviously, this itself is a maraka house.

3rd child – As his wife was pregnant, we can say that 3rd child got his/her existence at least in womb. 3rd child is seen from 9th house/Gemini ruled by Mercury. Where is Mercury? It is in 7th house/Aries again.

Besides these, Sun is his Putra Karaka at 2 degree. Where is Sun? Sun is in 8th house/Taurus along with maraka lord Mars.

So, we can see that houses and planets related with his kids and his wife are all connected with maraka houses or maraka lord Mars.


Mahadasha – Now, the important thing is dasha –

Incident took place on 13th Aug, 2018. Is it just a coincidence that Chris had just started Moon MD in Mar, 2018 and at the time of killing his family, he was under Moon-Moon dasha only? Well, nothing is coincidence in this world.

Now, Moon is in 7th house/Aries which is maraka house. We have seen that this Moon is in deepest gandanta degree which can create instabilities in mind.

Moon is darakaraka and in 7th house of partner.

Moon was also with 5th house lord Rahu and 9th house lord Mercury.

But as I see, biggest activation during Moon MD was of Mars. Mars is in Rohini Nakshatra ruled by Moon in 8th house of chaotic events. As Mars itself is maraka lord, this was a troublesome activation.

Then incident took place just 2 days after solar eclipse. His ability to see things clearly and make a right decision was blurred. His ascendant lord was in debilitation too during transit.

Conclusion – RIP to Shanann Cathryn Watts, Bella Watts, Celeste Watts & Nico Watts.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.



Swami Premanand Bharti


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