Venus Transit & Retrograde in Leo/Cancer in 2023

We are about to begin the Venus retrograde in Leo/Cancer. So, let’s look at this Venus retrograde from Leo to Cancer and its impact on our lives.

Venus goes retrograde after every 18 months and this time it will go retrograde in the sign of Leo and it will go back into Cancer. Normally, Venus transit into a sign takes about 20 to 25 days and hence nothing much concrete can be predicted for such a short time, but when it goes retrograde in any sign, then it slows down its pace, moves back & forth and hence takes about 3-4 months to cover the sign which it normally covers in 25 days max. Hence, it is considerably longer time and we can predict things/events for this time period.

This time also, Venus has already entered in Cancer sign on May 30th and it will remain there 7th July when it will transit into Leo sign. Then it will stay in Leo for about a month and will come back in Cancer on 7th Aug. Then Venus will remain in Cancer sign for about 2 months; i.e. till 2nd Oct and after that re-enter in Leo to stay there till 2nd Nov.

So, if we summarize Venus’ transit in Cancer and Leo sign then –

Venus is in Cancer right now for 38 days.
Then Venus will be in Leo for 30 days.
Then Venus will again be in Cancer for about 55 days.
Then Venus will again be in Leo for 30 days. And then Venus will move into its debilitation sign Virgo.

So, Venus is going to remain in Cancer sign for total 93 days and Venus is going to remain in Leo sign for total 60 days. This is a considerably long transit in comparison to Venus’ normal transit of about 25 days. Hence, we can utilize this transit to make potential predictions, especially in matters of Venus; i.e. Finance and Relationship etc.

As we go through this article, we will deal in detail as to what different factors can be attached with Venus Retrograde in general and Venus Retrograde in Leo/Cancer in specific. Now, let’s begin to first understand all the important things attached with coming Venus Retrograde.

Venus - Venus represents Beauty, Desire and Love. Venus is the main significator of Marriage. Venus represents Girlfriend or Wife for a Man. Venus is the significator of all relations, may it be Husband-Wife or Mother-Daughter. Venus is Wealth & Conveniences, Vehicles & Luxuries. Venus’s highest representation is Service and Devotion, which is where Venus is most pious.

Cancer - Cancer is 4th sign of Zodiac Belt, hence it represents the things represented by 4th house like Mother, Mother's Care, Emotions, Taking Care of Others and Nourishment etc. Cancer is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatras namely Punarvasu, Pushyami and Ashlesha. Cancer's lord is Moon, which again represents almost same things which Cancer and 4th house represents.

Leo - Leo is 5th sign of zodiac belt, hence it represents the things associated with 5th house of horoscope like Love, Creativity, Arts, Being on Stage etc. Besides that, Leo is basically the Lion. This is the sign of feeling like King or Queen. Also, it is a sign of independence, Confidence, Ego, Self Esteem etc. Leo is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatra namely Magha, Purva-Phalguni and Uttara-Phalguni. Leo's lord is Sun.

Venus in Cancer – Cancer is ruled by Moon and it is enemy of Venus. So, 1st thing is that this person may not get the desired love of life. Whomsoever he gets, he feels frustrated in that relation. This person can earn his wealth through ways of taking care of others like Medicine and Healing. His spouse can be working at home and taking care of home responsibilities. They can have a beautiful home or they like to decorate it. But when it comes to relation, person can have natural dissatisfaction as he feels that it is not what he desired as relationship. Venus in Cancer can be termed as motherly spouse.

Venus in Leo – Now, the planet of creativity is coming into the sign of creativity. So, obviously this person is going to be a very creative person. But more than that this person seeks for attention and appreciation. They want to be at center-stage and want people to take notice of their work/creativity. It is very important for them to get appreciation or attention because that's what builds their self-worth. For lovers and life-partners too, they look for someone who is equally creative but here is where things can go wayward. As Leo is ruled by Sun, such placements can lead to ego battles in relation. Another way of saying the same thing is that Leo's lord is Sun and Sun is all about Fire and that's where the gentle planet Venus feels heated and burnt and relationships suffer. For relationship, they should keep an attitude of letting go of ego else relations are going to suffer. Creativity-wise, we can say it is best placement.

Retrograde Planets – Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn go through retrograde phases. These phases are of different time periods from 21 days to about 4 to 5 months. Retrograde is actually when a planet is closer to Earth and that’s why, while looking from Earth, it looks like planet is moving backwards as it is slower in its speed than Earth. So, retrograde is actually an optical illusion. Planet doesn’t move backwards but it only looks-like moving backwards. So, 1st thing retrograde time brings is confusion related with the planet that is retrograde. Also, as retrograde planet is closer to Earth, the best way to understand a retrograde planet is to imagine someone just standing right next to you and looking at you. How would you feel? You will definitely be impacted by the intense energy of that person. The same ways, when a planet goes retrograde and come closer to Earth, its rays are reaching us with great intensity. That’s why; retrograde season, when most planets go through retrograde cycle, can be the most intense time on Earth. It also means that retrograde planet will almost push/force us to act in matters related to the planet or house/sign where it is retrograde by creating some or the other situations. As retrograde time is about moving backwards though only as an illusion, retrograde motion of a planet also shows that we reflect back on things related to that planet or house/sign where it is retrograde. Basically, during direct motion of planet, planet gives us many indications about things to correct or sort-out but if we don’t take any proactive measure then planet is forced to create some events and circumstances during its retrograde motion under which we will be forced to take actions in those matters. So eventually, retrograde cycles are good which force us to take actions which were long overdue. Last but not the least, a person born with retrograde planets also follows the same path where in early life he makes mistakes related with retrograde planet and in later life, he improves or corrects those mistakes.

Venus Retrograde – Venus retrograde is normally a 40 days long period in which Venus moves backwards or at least it looks like that from Earth. Generally speaking, Venus represents our conveniences in life and when it is retrograde then in its most literal sense, it means that our conveniences are going back. It means that we are supposed to live a life of inconvenience in these 40 days. But as I said, it is most literal meaning. Things are much deeper in Astrology. Retrograde literally means Reverting Back or Reflecting Back. So, whichever planet goes retrograde during transit or even when it is retrograde in Birth Chart, it makes us reflect or think over things related to that planet. As Venus represents Relationship, Wealth and Convenience aspects of life, people also reflect back on their wealth & luxuries but as relationships remain the key aspect of almost everyone’s life, Venus retrograde normally leads to the situations where person reflects back to the fact that if he/she is in right relationship? Normally, we tend to project the flaws in relationship on other person but retrograde Venus is an opportunity to look within and find out the reasons behind troubles in relations. So, Venus retrograde normally leads to some uneasy situations in relations, when couple starts reflecting back as to what is wrong or missing. But it is not all negative all the time. Venus retrograde is also the time when Venus will be closer to Earth, hence its rays will be reaching more intensely. Whenever any planet is retrograde, it remains the most prominent time for events related to that planet. As Venus is mainly about relations, this can also be time of getting into new relation if someone is single or an ex-lover can come back in life. At the same time, Venus Retrograde is not considered as an auspicious time to begin a new relationship as there can be some confusion or illusion involved with it. Another thing is when do we actually reflect or think back over something? When things don’t go as per our wishes or when we feel like we failed at those things. So, Venus retrograde can be a good time to introspect why relations and wealth aspect of our life is not as we wished so?

Last Venus Retrograde – It is interesting to note that last few Venus retrogrades were in signs where Venus was in good dignity. In 2017, Venus was retrograde in Pisces, where Venus is exalted ( It was between Jan, 2017 to May, 2017 and it was a good time for relationship overall. Although expectations were really high in relations due to exalted nature of Venus but I still know some of my friends or clients getting into relation or having a reunion with their partner. Then Venus was retrograde in Libra sign, where it is in own sign ( It was between Sep, 2018 to Dec, 2018. As Venus and Libra both represent relationship, it was a tough time for relationship or I should say tough for a balanced relationship. Actually, Jupiter & Venus both were retro in Libra which was a great reminder or learning phase to many people who take their spouse or partner for granted and expect them to do all the adjustments in marital life. Then Venus went retrograde in another own sign Taurus ( between March, 2020 to July, 2020. As Venus and Taurus both represent wealth, it proved to be good time financially for majority of people. Then Venus went retrograde in its friendly sign in Capricorn and move back into neutral sign Sagittarius in 2021-22 ( Again, Venus was in good dignity in both signs, at least it is not losing dignity. Hence, we have seen some good results in matters of wealth and conveniences but relationships would have its normal challenges where people may need to find ways to sustain their relationship in a balanced way.

Now, Venus is going to retrograde in Leo/Cancer signs where it is in enemy sign in both signs. So, we can expect this Venus retrograde as much more frustrating in matters of relationship. Person can still gain results of creativity, service and finance, the non-living significances, but when it comes to living significances of relationship, there can be many disappointments.

Venus Retrograde Impacts – Now, we can split the impact of Venus retrograde in following parts –

As per Karaka – First of all, Venus retrograde will make us reflect back on relation/marriage. It can be other relations like between siblings or parent/child too. So, relations are going to be at stake. People will retrospect on how to maintain a meaningful relation or what they can do or what their partner should do for the same? So, as I see, focus may not be on compromising or adjusting in relation but on a balanced relation where both sides accommodate with each other. People will also reflect back on their wealth or conveniences factor and may try to improve the same.

As per Houses – Also, Venus retrograde will make us reflect on things related to the houses it rules, house it sits in birth chart and the house it is transiting in Leo/Cancer signs as per your chart. Like for me as a Scorpio ascendant, Venus will make me reflect on things related to 7th house/Taurus, 12th house/Libra, 10th house/Leo and 9th house/Cancer. So, any Scorpio ascendant person will reflect back at things related to these houses and take necessary actions for improvement.

Venus’s Aspects – During this transit, Venus will first aspect Aquarius sign from Leo and then Venus will aspect Capricorn sign from Cancer. So, it will also impact the house where Aquarius and Capricorn fall in your chart. Venus’s aspect is more about Love and Desire. Wherever Venus aspects, we desire to be involved in things related to that house. Venus aspect on Aquarius will show our love towards service and healing others. Venus aspect on Capricorn will show our love towards authority and recognition. It can also be love towards the houses where Aquarius and Capricorn fall in your chart.

Dashas – As always, this transit of Venus will be more influential on those people who are going through Venus Dashas. It doesn’t mean that for others it won’t do anything. 4-5 months of retrograde + direct transit period is good enough time to give some results.

Venus Retrograde in Birth Chart – Those who are born with Venus retrograde in their birth chart will get some additional intensity from this retrograde transit but as they have Venus retrograde in birth chart, they are used to see such intensity in Venus related matters in their lives, especially if they are 30+ in age.

Retrograde Period – Venus will start retrograde in Leo from 23rd July, 2023 and will remain in Leo till 7th Aug, 2023. Then it will go into Cancer and will retrograde there till 3rd Sep, 2023. So, 15 out of 40 days in retrograde motion, Venus will be in Leo. Then Venus will stay in Cancer till 2nd Oct, 2023 before entering in Leo again. So, if we see it logically then it is more a Venus retrograde transit in Cancer, rather than Leo.

Shadow Period – Venus will start retrograde on 23rd July, 2023 at 4 degree Leo and will go back till 18 degree Cancer on 3rd Sep, 2023. Although, the retrograde motion will finish on 3rd Sep, but Venus will remain in Shadow Period till it again reaches 4 degree of Leo on 7th Oct, 2023. Shadow Period is when the planet is although moving ahead but still gives the results of retrograde motion till it reaches the point from where it started retrograde motion. So, from 23rd July, 2023 onwards till 7th Oct, 2023, either Venus is in retrograde time or shadow period.

Other Planets – Likewise, if a person has planet/planets in Leo/Cancer sign in birth chart then Venus transiting over that planet/planets will make person focus on things related to that planet too. Now, the exact result depends on the planet, its dignity and conjunction/aspects on it. So, we can’t cover everything here.

Generic Effect of Venus retrograde in Leo and then in Cancer – Leo is the sign of authority, recognition and creativity. Venus retrograde in Leo can make us reflect back on our authority and recognition, besides relation and finance. This will also make us look back at our creative talents, hobbies and interests. People can resume working on their hobbies and interests during this retro transit. At the same time, ego issues can come up in relationship matters.

Then Venus will go into Cancer and we will reflect back on serving and nourishing others through our knowledge and skills/interests. This also shows frustrations in relationship as person feels that he is unable to find emotional connection.

We need to keep in mind that Venus is in enemy sign in both signs Cancer and Leo. Hence, frustrations will be there in living significances of Venus or of the houses where Venus is transiting. So, it is better to work on non-living significances of Venus or of the houses where Venus is transiting and expect results in those areas of life.

Now, the main course.

Please see results of this transit from Ascendant and Moon Sign both. Predictions from Ascendant Sign will show what will actually happen and predictions from Moon Sign will show what our mind desires and how mind will react to such events? Another thing is that when Ascendant and Moon sign both point towards one event that event is more probable to happen.

So, let’s begin –

Aries Ascendant or Aries Moon Sign – For Aries people, Venus rules over 2nd house of Family & Wealth and 7th house of Marriage & Spouse. Venus will be retrograde in 5th house/Leo and then in 4th house/Cancer. This transit can again make someone reflect on their relationship matters. They can reflect back on their education and creative pursuits too. They can think on job change or career change as 5th house is 8th from 10th house. Also, they will reflect on their relation with their children or love interests and may try to make it a better one. This transit can bring love matters to them. This can also make them interested in education, arts, media or any type of creative interests. They need to be careful in dealing with love matters to sustain it. Venus in 4th house/Cancer shows that they may reflect on their relation with Mother or their finance, wealth or real estate related matters. They would love to nourish, serve and take care of people at home.

Taurus Ascendant or Taurus Moon Sign – For Taurus people, Venus rules 1st house of Self/Life Path and 6th house of Work Routine & Obstacles. Venus will be retrograde in 4th house/Leo and 3rd house/Cancer. They will reflect on their relation with mother or home or conveniences or financial matters etc. Then with 3rd house/Cancer transit, person may be interested in learning further and serve/nourish people through their communications, teaching, counselling and business. Venus in 3rd house transit can also make them learn in any of their creative interests. It can also bring some travelling to them. They would try to make their relation with mother a better one. They may make their home more beautiful. Mother or real-estate matters can become a source of wealth. It can bring convenience items in family.

Gemini Ascendant or Gemini Moon Sign – For Gemini people, Venus rules 5th house of Happiness, Creativity & Romance and 12th house of Working behind the Scenes, Foreign Lands & Imagination. Venus will be retrograde in 3rd house/Leo and then in 2nd house/Cancer. It shows a time of reflecting on their business, communications and relation with siblings. They can desire more money coming out of their business. They can go back to their creative skills and interests too. With Venus in 2nd house/Cancer, person may like to nourish and take care of family. They may reflect back in matters of family and relationship, as to how to maintain a beautiful relation in family setup. This transit can bring good money for them. It can bring convenience items in family.

Cancer Ascendant or Cancer Moon Sign – For Cancer people, Venus rules 4th house of Home & Mother and 11th house of Gains & Desires. Venus will be retrograde in 2nd house/Leo and 1st house/Cancer only. So, it is clearly a wealth and assets related transit for them. Venus and 2nd house both represent wealth. So, they will be completely focused on assessing and reflecting their wealth or assets factor. They will try to find out new ways of getting more wealth. They would focus on managing their relation in their family setup. Venus in Leo can be good for creative matters but it can bring ego clashes in family. This is where they need to be careful. Venus in 1st house/Cancer transit can make them reflect on themselves, life path and overall life. This time can result in self-love or nourishing themselves or connecting with self. It is also time to reflect back on overall well-being. They can be more inclined towards service to people

Leo Ascendant or Leo Moon Sign – For Leo people, Venus rules 3rd house of Communication, Efforts & Younger Siblings and 10th house of Career, Work, Govt & Father. Venus will be retrograde in their 1st house/Leo and then in 12th house/Cancer. They can reflect back on their overall life and life path. They can feel that their materialistic success is not up to the level they desired in life. This may make them reflect back on actions which may help them in improving their life overall. This transit can make them feel beautiful about themselves. They can be inclined towards spirituality too. They may also reflect back if moving towards any foreign lands would help them in their overall life. It is a time they should spend more towards spirituality, meditation and higher education. This time can bring expenses or can make them reflect on expenses. This may also bring a feeling of loss in relationship.

Virgo Ascendant or Virgo Moon Sign – For Virgo people, Venus rules 2nd house of Family & Wealth and 9th house of Luck & Fortune. Venus will be retrograde in their 12th house/Leo and 11th house/Cancer. They may reflect on their losses and expenses or money matters. Likewise, they may reflect back on their spirituality and spiritual values. They may have a sense of loss with regard to their relations too. Then Venus in 11th house/Cancer can make them learn ways to manage their finances wisely. This can also indicate frustrations in relation in general or with elder sibling/friends in particular. Venus in enemy sign can again make them reflect on their finances and work on to it to get better in this area of life. They will be inclined to serving humanity and entrepreneurship.

Libra Ascendant or Libra Moon Sign – For Libra people, Venus rules 1st house of Self and 8th house of Marriage Benefits & In-Laws. Venus will be retrograde in 11th house/Leo and then in 10th house/Cancer. They can be reflecting back on their relationship with elder sibling/friends and trying to make it more peaceful or beautiful. They can be reflecting back at their achievements, finance and R&R. This may make them to reflect back, work and improve career matters as Venus goes into 10th house/Cancer. Here, people can reflect back at their own authority and would like to work on their authority and recognition. Also, they may like to work on their relation with authority figures. Again, as Venus is in enemy signs in both houses and going retrograde, relationship with Father and other people of 10th house/11th house can be difficult and lots of adjustments are required.

Scorpio Ascendant or Scorpio Moon Sign – For Scorpio people, Venus rules 7th house of Marriage & Spouse and 12th house of Spirituality & Creativity. Venus will be retrograde in 10th house/Leo and then in 9th house/Cancer. Scorpio people will be reflecting on their relation with their father or with other authority figures in life. They can gain good wealth through their business setup career. They can also reflect back at their career and authority. They can resume any of their creative interests. Then during Venus in 9th house/Cancer transit, they will reflect back as to what type of education, knowledge and counselling is needed to improve their 10th house related matters. They may travel to a long distance place too. They may be inclined to serve and nourish people through their knowledge.

Sagittarius Ascendant or Sagittarius Moon Sign – For Sagittarius people, Venus rules 6th house of Daily Work Routine, Debts & Obstacles and 11th house of Gains, Income & Desires. Venus will be retrograde in 9th house/Leo and 8th house/Cancer. There will be a clear reflection on gains, work life and education. People may also reflect on their health issues or financial obligations. There will be an effort to improve on these matters. They will also reflect on their belief system and higher education in 9th house/Leo which may make them consider taking higher education in their creative interests. When Venus goes in 8th house/Cancer they may serve/nourish people through their higher education and creativity. This service can be in research oriented matters. If person is working in business setup work, person can see good money coming. At the same time, relationship life can see the instability and ups & downs.

Capricorn Ascendant or Capricorn Moon Sign – For Capricorn people, Venus rules 5th house of Creativity & Romance and 10th house of Career & Work. Venus will be retrograde in 8th house/Leo and 7th house/Cancer. They will reflect back on their relationship life, especially as Venus/7th house/8th house all represent relationship. Again, this transit can give good money from business setup work as 7th house and 8th house both represent business too. They will certainly reflect on their relation, marriage or partner. They can consider going into business path. A new relationship can come up in life. They can also get into serving other people which may help them in their business matters. They can also pursue their creativity in mystical or occult side of life and may also serve people there. Relationship can be frustrating.

Aquarius Ascendant or Aquarius Moon Sign – For Aquarius people, Venus rules 4th house of Home & Mother and 9th house of Far Distant Places, Pilgrimages etc. Venus will be retrograde in 7th house/Leo and 6th house/Cancer. This transit can make them reflect on their relationship life as Venus and 7th house both represent it. They may first have some ego clashes in relationship and when Venus goes into 6th house/Cancer, these clashes can become big conflicts. What is needed is maturity and wisdom from both partners in relationship matters. They can have wealth from business setup. They can serve people through their creativity. They can serve and nourish people in their health issues too. They can reflect upon their business to make it a better one. They can take education in business and creative matters too. They should also keep themselves aware in health matters.

Pisces Ascendant or Pisces Moon Sign – For Pisces people, Venus rules 3rd house of Communication, Younger Siblings & Business and 8th house of Marriage Benefits, In-Laws and Transformation. Venus will be retrograde in 6th house/Leo and then in 5th house/Cancer. Venus retrograde can be a time when they should be careful in relationship matters as it involves houses related with love/conflicts. They will reflect back on their conflicts, disputes, work life and finances etc. Then in 5th house/Cancer, they will be reflecting on their education and creative matters. They can decide to go for their higher education. It can be education in finance related matters. People may think back if it is the right time to plan for a child.

Needless to say that Venus is also going through a difficult transit at this time when it will pass through Cancer, Leo and Virgo signs. Cancer and Leo are enemy signs for Venus and then Virgo is the sign of debilitation. This will make retro transit of Venus further challenging, especially in matters of relationship. These articles may help people to understand further - and

Hope this is understandable and helps. Please feel free to comment if there is any doubt.


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