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Venus Difficult Transits, 2022

Venus is entering in Cancer sign tomorrow. Every year, Venus goes through a difficult phase of transits when it transits through Cancer, Leo and Virgo sign. Why?

Because –

a. Venus will be in enemy sign in Cancer.
b. Then Venus will be in another enemy sign in Leo.
c. Then Venus will be in debilitation in Virgo.

As Venus transits in one sign for about 25 days, we can say that total 2.5 months (approximately 75 days) can be difficult in Venusian matters.

As always, negative impact will be seen more in relationship matters or living significances as there are always more than one individual involved in relationship matters and everyone can behave differently as per his/her Free Will. One person can be conscious about his own thoughts and actions but he doesn’t have any control over others’ thoughts and actions.

Hence every year, it is normal for people to have more conflicts and frustrations in relationship when Venus transits these three signs one after the other. In a summarized way, we can understand these three transits and functioning of Venus in these signs as follows –

i. Venus in Cancer – As Cancer remains sign of emotions, when Venus is transiting Cancer, people can be doing even unnecessary adjustments or accommodations with their partners in relationship due to the emotions involved. Or they can feel that they are making unnecessary adjustments or accommodations with their partners in relationship due to the emotions involved.

ii. Venus in Leo – Then Venus goes into Leo which is sign of ego. Now, after making unnecessary adjustments or after feeling like making unnecessary adjustments, people can face ego hurt or ego clashes here. As Leo is ruled by fiery Sun which represents Ego, Venus in Leo transit most generally brings ego clashes in relationship. And as I always say, you can either keep your ego or keep your relationship.

iii. Venus in Virgo – Then after going through two difficult transits, Venus enters in Virgo where it is debilitated of weakest. This is where the peak of this difficult transit can come where people can be really knit-picky or perfectionist towards each other which can obviously lead to fights/conflicts and eventual separation/break-ups.

This is why, it is always better to be aware of these difficult transits. So that, people can be more accommodative or adjusting towards each other during these 2.5 months to avoid any major conflict or situation of separation in relation.

Venus is planet of Relationship and one of Venusian sign Libra is sign of Balance. Try to seek balance in relationship in coming months. Here, balance doesn’t mean adjustment at all points by one partner but a balance in adjustment between two partners.

Obviously, people who have these positions of Venus in birth chart or who are under Venus MD/AD/PD are going to feel more impact.

Other results of Venus like finance, conveniences, service and devotion may not be impacted negatively as they are non-living significances.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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