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Venus Retrograde Transit 2020.

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One of the very first question I ask people when they approach me regarding their relationship issues is - If their other relations are perfect in life? If they never had any argument or disagreement with their parents or siblings? And if they had problems in other relations then did they divorce their parents or siblings?

If we can sustain other not-so-good or imperfect relations then why there is a problem with this relation where we are looking for separation? I am fully aware that there are abusive relations where it is better to part ways but in other situations where there is no abuse involved and things can be managed by showing a bit of maturity and understanding then it should be done so.

One of the main problems in relationship is that we project the failure or shortcoming of relation on partner. Normally, people are adamant to tell me all the drawbacks or faults their partner has. And my only response is that "I agree that he/she is the worst person in the world but at least one mistake is with you also that you chose that person as your partner. At least take responsibility of that one mistake".

As retrograde is all about reverting back, this time can be best utilized when we can look inside and try to find out our own mistakes and insecurities in relationship and resolve those issues within ourselves. We will miss the trick if we are continuing to project failure of relations on partner.

Also remember that an ideal relation is always about striking the balance (Libra). One person can't sustain a relationship for a long time.

Happy Venus Retrograde 2020.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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