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Upachaya Houses

3rd house, 6th house, 10th house and 11th house are known as Upachaya Houses. The houses which grow or improve with time. It means these houses give better results after a certain age which is normally considered as 30+. Now, why these houses only are known as Upachaya Houses?

3rd house - 3rd house is house of communication and self-efforts. Our communications improve with age and our ability to put efforts too. Like, if you see my very initial articles of 2014 then you can see a definite improvement in my writing with time. Also, as a kid we can't put our best efforts. We give our best efforts from our 30s as body and mind both mature.

6th house - 6th house is basically house of conflicts. Our ability to deal with conflicts also improve with age. In childhood or adolescence, we may even be ready to fight on streets for almost anything but as we grow, we develop an ability to ignore useless conflicts and deal with conflicts in more intellectual and righteous/legal ways.

10th house - 10th house is house of Work, Career and Recognition/Status. It doesn't happen that your 1st job is of Senior Manager or VP or Director. We join at the lowest level and then our status grow with time.

11th house - Similarly, as 11th house is house of Income and Gains, its not that your 1st salary is in millions. We start with low income package and then it gradually increases throughout life.

Hence, we can see that all Upachaya Houses and planets there are going to make us work hard for initial time in life and results can be reaped only from 30s. This applies even to the lord of these houses. Somehow they will make us work hard in life even if they are naturally beneficial planets. They will make us work hard in things related with the house where they sit.

Some additional info - It might be surprising but 11th house lord is considered the most malefic planet of the chart. Reason is very simple. 11th house is basically a house of Desires. Desires,which never end for humans. One after the other, we have desires coming in mind. The moment we achieve one desire, the next desire takes birth. And one day or the other, some of our desires won't be fulfilled and we will suffer because of that. Hence, 11th house lord becomes the most malefic planet in the chart. They say that if 11th house lord is sitting in any of the Upachaya Houses, it gives good results but still the vicious circle of desires continue.



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