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Understanding the Metaphor – Chitra Nakshatra.

Mythological Story – God Sun is married to Sandhya. This is the time when Sandhya left the company of Sun. Sun followed her and to search her, Sun reached the home of Vishwakarma, who was father of Sandhya. Vishwakarma told Sun whereabouts of Sandhya but requested Sun to reduce his glare and heat as that was the main cause of Sandhya avoiding Sun throughout. Sun told that Heat & Fire is part of his nature and he can't do anything about it. Vishwakarma offers his help as divine architect and cuts off some of the Sun-rays to reduce Sun's heat.


Sun is representation of Ego. Fire and Heat is just the other way of exhibition of Ego. Whenever our ego gets hurt or we get into ego conflicts, we exhibit the ego hurt by ways of fiery or heated communications.

Sandhya is representation of Relationship as she is wife of Sun. Sandhya also means Twilight Time. It is a time either very early in morning (Dawn Time) or later in evening. Twilight is also time which is cold as Sun is not at its full flare.

So, when Sandhya left the company of Sun due to fire and heat of the Sun, it was actually due to the Ego of the Sun or due to the ego conflicts between Sun and Sandhya.

When Sun was told by Lord Vishwakarma to lower down his fire and heat, Sun was actually told to lower down his ego if he wants to have company of Sandhya again. When Vishwakarma cut down some of the rays of the Sun, it was actually like he hit hard at the ego of the Sun and thrashed into pieces. Then only Sun was allowed to go and meet Sandhya.

As I said, Sandhya literally means Twilight Time. Sun in Twilight Time has no fire, heat and power in its rays. It means that Sun can meet Sandhya only when he is ready to let-go of his ego.

So, this whole story is representation of the fact that you cannot have ego and relationship both at same time. Either you can keep your ego or you can keep your relationship. In order to sustain relationship, you have to let-go of ego.

And in charts where Chitra Nakshatra has relationship oriented planets, I have seen this story manifesting in real life AS Is. It means that girl leaves the company of guy and goes back to her Father’s place. Then guy tries to pursue her and gets his ego shattered by Father or girl’s family.

What does Vishwakarma represent in the story of Chitra Nakshatra?

Answer - This is what I could think-of.

Vishwakarma is Universal Architect in mythology. Vishwakarma literally means "All Maker".

Vishwa is World or Universe and Karma means The Action. So, I would interpret Vishwakarma as Universal Actions or Worldly Actions.

Vishwakarma advises Sun to lower down his fire and heat. Then Vishwakarma cut off some of the rays of Sun.

It means to let-go or exhaust his ego. We can exhaust our ego only by taking some actions.

Understand it like this, if I have this egoistic thought that I can achieve XYZ thing only through my efforts then I can exhaust this ego only by taking some worldly actions or efforts. Then only I can realize that only my egoistic actions are not enough, there has to be God's wish also included then only I can achieve my desires. So, my actions are actually helping me to reach a point where my ego will be exhausted.

So, basically Vishwakarma helped Sun to exhaust his Ego. Sun had to put some actions upon himself to first realize and then to let-go of his ego.

So I would interpret that Vishwakarma represents our worldly actions which help us in exhausting our ego.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

P.S. – The difference between Ego and Self-Respect. Ego is always comparative. In Ego, we are always comparing ourselves with other. In Ego, at least 2 people are involved or needed. Self-Respect is respect towards everything which Universe/God has given to you, yourself. So, Self-Respect is concerned with individual only whereas Ego is always in comparison with the other. If someone rolls over your self-respect then you are bound to respond and defend yourself. Defending your self-respect should not be misunderstood as defending your ego.

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