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Horoscope of Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin - The Legendary Tramp.

Today, let’s see what makes a person Legend in his field. We will try to understand it from the chart of an all time legend; Sir Charlie Chaplin. Let’s cover this analysis on following points –

Birth Chart Information.



Important Planetary Positions in Chart.

Legendary Status.


Let’s cover these points one after the other –

Birth Chart Information – As per the information available online, Charlie Chaplin was born on 16th April, 1889 at 8 pm at London, UK. He was a Libra ascendant person with Moon in Libra, Jupiter-Ketu in 3rd house/Sagittarius, Mercury in 6th house/Pisces, Sun-Mars-Venus in 7th house/Aries, Rahu in 9th house/Gemini and Saturn in 10th house/Cancer.

Introduction – Do I need to give any introduction of Sun itself? Sun will rise and people will know. Likewise, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Chaplin.

Childhood – The reason why I am writing about Charlie Chaplin’s chart is the kind of impoverish childhood he had. Charlie was born in a family where his father was absent in his childhood and Mother ended-up in mental hospital by the time Charlie was 10 years old. He had seen extreme poverty. In Charlie’s own words – “I was hardly aware of a crisis because we lived in a continual crisis; and, being a boy, I dismissed our troubles with gracious forgetfulness.”

Normally, whenever I wrote about such a childhood for anyone, I ended-up in writing about chart of some serial killer. But Sir Charles Chaplin transformed the same pain and suffering into empathy through his humorous acting and through his legendary character of The Tramp.

This is where I always feel that planetary positions in our chart are just the energies which are neutral. It all depends on us or our consciousness level as to how we want to utilize the same energy.

Important Planetary Positions in Chart – Now, what were the planetary positions which made him go into acting career because all we see is deadly Saturn in 10th house/Cancer of career which has nothing to do with comedy or humour in life?

Ascendant Nakshatra Chitra – Ascendant Nakshatra shows our life pattern. Chitra literally means Picture. It is also represented by a Picture or Painting. That’s where, it becomes an important nakshatra of Creativity which became his life pattern.

Ketu-Jupiter in 3rd house – It shows his past-life expertise at self-expression and Guru like status with his communication skills.

Rahu in Gemini – Rahu is karaka of acting and Gemini is sign of communication. Rahu in Gemini people are normally seen as good at acting or any creative art.

Mercury – But he is basically remembered as Comedian. Mercury is karaka of Comedy. Mercury is 12th house/Virgo lord and Mercury is in 6th house/Pisces. As 12th house and Pisces both represent imagination, Mercury represents double energy of imagination. Mercury is in Revati Nakshatra which is again nakshatra of imagination and creativity. This made him so unique and creative with his humour that even after 100 years of making of his movies, we still laugh while watching them.

Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka – Venus is Atma Karaka and Mercury is Amatya Karaka. As they both are planets of creative arts, movies and skills, they were there to support any actions taken in creative field.

Legendary Status – But what made him Legend; not only living legend but legend beyond his life and eternal legend?

It is the same deadly Saturn in 10th house/Cancer. Saturn may represent all the troublesome things in our life but Saturn is the only planet which wants us to become legend in our field because Saturn represents repetitive efforts. It makes us put our best effort over the longest period of time before it gives any success to us. Now, if you are doing some work day-in and day-out then sooner or later you are going to become perfect at it. This is what happens with every legend in their respective field.

Another thing with Saturn is that not only it gives results after long delays and hard work but when it gives the results then those results are also there for long durations, for almost lifelong or many a times beyond life too.

Saturn is rules of 5th house/Aquarius of Creativity and sitting in 10th house/Cancer of recognition and fame. So, Saturn made Charlie Chaplin work over his creativity for long duration and then gave him success and legendary status beyond life.

And when did his initial recognition came? As soon as he started Saturn MD in 1910. Charlie Chaplin was spotted by the owners of the New York Motion Picture Company. In September of 1913, they offer him a contract with the Keystone Film CompanyHence, Saturn can be like the most troublesome planet in your life but if you want to become legend status in your life then nothing helps you more than Saturn.

Conclusion – Again, it all depends on us as to how we want to use the experiences of life? Same pain and suffering in childhood can make someone a Charles Manson and same pain and suffering can make someone a Charles Chaplin. It all depends on where we want to focus in our lives.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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