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Thank You!!!!


Normally, human beings are ungrateful beings but I don’t want to commit any such mistake. So, after writing all the upcoming transit articles, I just wanted to write this thanksgiving note for all of you.

Thanks to 2500+ followers at Facebook, 2000+ followers at YouTube, 300+ followers at Twitter, about 50 students in total and about 4000+ site visitors every day. I am thankful for your support and suggestion. I am also grateful to Universe for giving me this ability to read people’s chart and getting me into position where I can serve/help them through my limited ability.

Just thought of clarifying a few things -

  1. On daily basis, I get suggestions from people that how I can increase my business and subscribers? And how they can help me in growing my business?
  2. I get many emails too from various advertising firms that how they can help me in growing my business further.

First of all,

  • Thanks to all for your concern. I very much appreciate it.
  • But now, think from my point of view. I handle all my work by myself. Sites, Social Media Pages, Consultations and Teachings all are done by me only. On social media pages also, I try to make sure that I respond to everyone’s question as far as practically possible.
  • So, all I want to say that I am left with no time to take care of any additional work. Hence, I am happy with number of people who are following me at different spaces.
  • Actually, I have tried my best to filter-out people by removing marriage/horoscope matching consultations, writing against connection of Astrology and Marriage and by writing against Remedies. These were my ways to limit people, so that I can handle things meaningfully and help people who are really interested in Astrology, rather than in remedies.
  • That’s why I keep videos in a very raw manner (no editing) and Osho picture also helps a great deal in limiting people.
  • All this, so that I can focus on people who are really interested in Astrology and want to evolve through it.

So, I sincerely appreciate your concern towards me and I understand that you people want millions of other people to follow me, but if you see it from my point of view then you will accept that I won’t be able to handle those millions of people. Hence, I am happy with my situation right now.

I will close this note with this story –

There is a story about a Sufi fakir. There were two fakirs who stayed opposite each other. The disciple of one of them, approached his guru and said, "The Sufi next door is spreading all kinds of stories about you. He even maligns you and spreads horrible rumours about you. Why do you not set him right? Why do you not say something to him?"

The fakir told him, "Why don't you go and find out yourself? But do not ask him in haste for priceless things are not told to a stranger. If a traveller, walking on the road asks a question the answers are only good for the road." "Then what shall I do?" The disciple asked.

"Go and serve him for a year. Try to be as near to him as possible. Win his confidence. Then some day, seeing the right hour and opportunity put him the question."

For a year the disciple served his Guru's enemy. He won his confidence and was very close to him. One night as he was pressing his legs, thinking the moment to be opportune, he asked him, "Why do you speak against and abuse the fakir across the road? What is the secret?" The fakir replied, "I shall tell you since you ask but tell no one. I am his disciple. I am forbidden to give out the secret. You better go and ask him yourself. Remember, these things are not spoken about to a stranger. Try to be as near to him as possible."

Now the poor disciple was in a dilemma! Thinking him to be the Guru's enemy, he had set out to solve the mystery and this man turned out to be his Guru's disciple! He went back to his Guru and served him devotedly for two years. Then one day as he was bathing the Guru and nobody was about, he asked him, what the mystery was.

The Guru said, "He is my disciple. I have specially placed him there to spread false and derogatory rumours about me. Those who believe the false rumours, do not come to me for they are false. This saves my precious time, which I utilise on those only who are really the seekers of Truth. Those who turn back by rumours alone, are not genuine seekers. This is my own man and he has served me as no other can. He has saved me from hundreds of useless seekers." - Osho - Tao Upanishad

Thank you all.

Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • Thank you for all your articles and videos SPB!

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