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Tatiana Balashova - Astrologer & Healer

Hi All,

As I keep meeting new occultists and mystics on my journey as an Astrologer, I am happy to share about my new friend from mystical world.

Tatiana Balashova - Tatiana is a practicing astrologer at Vancouver, Canada. She mainly practices in Western Astrology but keeps a keen interest in Vedic Astrology too. She also provides services in Crystal Healing and Reiki Healing etc. I would suggest all to please have a look at her sites and YouTube Channel and if there is any need then take consultations from her.

She has also agreed to write a few articles showcasing her knowledge and expertise for astrosaxena.com and astrosaxena.in. I am very much looking forward for that.

As always, every good idea deserves good luck.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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