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Horoscope of Sridevi ji – Timing of Attaining Fame.

So after a long time, a Celebrity Horoscope. It was a pending request from a long time and I apologize for the delay. Finally it is here, Horoscope of Sridevi ji - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sridevi. As I like to cover a celebrity horoscope based on a particular concept of astrology, let’s see Sridevi ji’s horoscope on timing of attaining fame. Let’s cover this analysis on following points –

Introduction of the Chart.

Important points of the Chart.

Concept of Fame.

Houses and Planets of Fame.

Timing of Fame as per Dashas.


Let’s cover all the points one after the other –

Introduction of the Chart - As per the information available online, Sridevi ji was born on 13th Aug, 1963 at 5.30 am at Madras @ Chennai (TN). She was born as Cancer ascendant person with Sun-Venus in 1st house/Cancer, Mercury in 2nd house/Leo, Mars in 3rd house/Virgo, Ketu in 6th house/Sagittarius, Saturn in 7th house/Capricorn, Jupiter in 9th house/Pisces, Moon in 11th house/Taurus and Rahu in 12th house/Gemini.

Important points of the Chart – Here are some important points about herself as per her chart –

  • Venus in 1st house is always indicative of someone who is very beautiful. Sun with Venus is further enhancing the beauty. Although Venus is also combust which would have given her issues in relationships which we are not here to talk about but it only proves the concept of Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka as correct - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jkak .
  • Venus and Sun in 1st house also show someone who is very creative as the both represent creativity. Normally, these people like to follow a creative path in life.
  • 5th house/Scorpio is house of creativity, media and arts. 10th house/Aries is the house of Career. For her, both these houses are interlinked as Mars rules both the houses. As Mars is in 3rd house/Virgo of self-efforts and communication, it shows that her Career was connected with putting self-efforts in communication and creative matters.
  • Saturn in 7th house/Capricorn shows long time popularity among masses but it also shows extreme hard work, perseverance and sacrifices to reach that position. Like, Saturn’s aspect on her 1st house and 4th house shows responsibilities from very initial childhood where she became a child artiste at the age of 4 and continued to work till her demise last year.
  • Rahu in 12th house/Gemini is also a very good position for the kind of career she followed as Rahu itself represents fame & creativity, Gemini is sign of communication and 12th house is house of imagination & working behind the scenes. In movies, what we see on scene is couple of hours but main effort and hard work is always done behind the scenes for at least an year.
  • But as I see, the most potential planetary placement or combination for her strong career was Shubh Kartari Yoga between Jupiter in 9th house/Pisces and Moon in 11th house/Taurus. Not only two benefic planets were surrounding her 10th house of career but they both were in excellent dignity, i.e. Jupiter in own sign and Moon in exaltation. This gave her a strong career throughout.

Concept of Fame – Timing of attainment of fame is one of the most common questions asked during a consultation. Now, it is important to know what does actually fame mean? Fame means that you are known among masses. That means people should know you. Now, people can only know you if you are connected with people through any means, i.e. either sports, media, arts, politics or any profession which requires you to connect with masses on daily basis through your work. So, fame is only possible when you are following your creative pursuits, interests, hobbies and passions in a business-setup of career. This is sad reality of job-setup career that you can have very limited fame or popularity there among your team or on your floor. For the fame among masses, you have to come out of your comfort zone and connect with masses. Then only you can expect your chart, planets and dashas to bring some fame to you.

Houses and Planets of Fame – Following are important houses and planets of fame –

  • 1st house – It is the house of how people see you as a person.
  • 5th house – It is house of creativity, arts and media, obvious fields of fame.
  • 7th house – It is the main house of masses and people.
  • 10th house – It is the main house of fame as it is the house of your public image.
  • Sun – As Sun brighten-up things, Sun represents Fame.
  • Rahu – Rahu is karaka of fame as it represents illusion and fame is one of the illusion.
  • Venus – As Venus represents creative field of work, it represents fame.
  • Moon – If Moon is in 7th house or in 10th house, such person doesn’t find peace of mind unless he can connect with people with his work which in turn brings fame.
  • Saturn although delays things but when it finally gives then it gives for a sustained time period. So, if Saturn gives fame then it is received after immense hard work and perseverance but then it sustains for a very long time.

Timing of Fame as per Dashas – Now, let’s see which time periods brought fame to Sridevi ji –

  • She entered in her Moon MD at the age of 2 years and she got her 1st opportunity of Child Artiste at 4 years of age and her 1st award of Best Child Artiste at 8 years of age. Moon MD activated 1st house/Cancer and Venus-Sun in 1st house. As Moon was exalted in 11th house/Taurus, she started getting rewards and recognition of her work.
  • Then came Mars MD which activated her 5th house/Scorpio of Creativity and 10th house/Aries of Career. It continued her career as she transitioned from Child Artiste to Lead Roles and also sustained the fame as both houses were fame oriented.
  • But her big breakthrough came with Rahu MD. Rahu MD started in June, 1982 and her landmark movie Sadma was released in July, 1983 which was actually a remake of 1982 Tamil Movie Moondram Pirai in which Sridevi ji happened to play the same role. So, Rahu MD shot her into fame as soon as it began and she was known throughout India. Till then, she was more popular in South India. Rahu MD gave her a sustaining fame till late 1990’s when she decided to focus more on her family life.
  • It was also because her Jupiter MD was coming up and Jupiter was in 9th house/Pisces, 12th from 10th house, of loss of fame. So, she was happy going into self-imposed retirement.
  • Then came Jupiter-Moon dasha between Oct, 2011 to Feb, 2013 and that one of the strongest of Shubh Kartari Yoga got activated. And although she had clearly passed-out her prime but still she managed to come back from retirement and gave us a beautiful movie in name of English Vinglish.
  • This shows the strength of her Shubh Kartari Yoga that it could pull her out of 15 year old retirement for that one movie when its dasha came.
  • Now, one question can be asked that Moon was in 11th house, Mars was in 3rd house, Mars ruled 10th house and Saturn was in 7th house. 3rd house, 10th house and 11th house are Upachaya Houses. They give results with delay and mostly in 30s. Saturn also delays the results. Then how these houses and Saturn were so kind upon her?
  • As I see, it is because Moon also rules 1st house, Mars also rules 5th house and by the time she got fame among masses (7th house) in 1982, she had already put hard work of at least 15 years as she had started her career at age as low as 4 years. So, Saturn was bound to reward her for her hard work.

Conclusion – So, this is one way by which we can see fame for a person. Normally, I never use “Late” word before the name of any creative person who passes away. Because they never actually pass-away. They are always present in front of us through the work they have done and memories they have given to public. Thanks for memorier Sridevi ji.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • Nodes aspects are about educating yourself. Person needs to educate in 4th house and 8th house related matters.

  • Rahu aspects 4th and 8th house.what about results of these aspects

  • Dear Sir , Very very superbly written on the fame and popularity of our dear Srideviji . You have really fantastically explained all the dashas and accordingly as to how she acquired popularity through her films . I was longing to hear about her horoscope and as you know I had also requested you to write about the detailed horoscope of Srideviji as I am a big fan of hers . Thank you very very much Sir for explaining to us about the deep analysis of fame and success acquired by Srideviji . Thanking you one again .

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