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Lord with the ring-2

So, this is a sequel post to my last Saturn post. Actually, there is so much to read and write about Saturn that it can never be covered in one go.

So, lets see Saturn as a generational planet and as one who shows us about the lessons of our life.

Generational Planet - By this term I mean that when Saturn moves into any sign, it stays there for about 2.5 years and in some cases the time goes up to 3 years. So, people born within this 2.5 years will be a same Saturn generation. Let me clarify more. So, recently Saturn moved into Scorpio on November 2nd. Before that, it was in Libra for last 3 years. So, kids born in last 3 years (upto 2nd November 2014) will have same Saturn in Libra position in their horoscope and hence they are Saturn in Libra generation. Kids now taking birth, after November 2nd, 2014 to 26th January, 2017, will be Saturn in Scorpio generation, as Saturn is in Scorpio in this time period.

So, what does it mean if I am a Saturn in Libra or Saturn in Scorpio generation. Well, here comes the 2nd part of post, the lessons of life.

So, wherever Saturn is in your horoscope, sign or house, you have your life lessons to learn there. So, if I am born with Saturn in Aries then I have my lessons of life in letting go of Ego, as Aries is a sign which represents ego. If I am born with Saturn in Libra, then I have my lessons in relationships, as Libra is a sign representing relationships.

Likewise, if Saturn is in 2nd house then I will learn my lessons of life through my family, as 2nd house is house of family. If I have Saturn in 4th house then I will learn my lessons through my mother or home, as 4th house is house of mother and home.

Basic nature of Saturn remains the same everywhere, teaching lessons of life and making us pure.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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