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Saturn-Ketu JI on Scorpio, 2019

Now, let's try to understand upcoming Saturn-Ketu transit (https://www.astrosaxena.com/skpsagi19) in Sagittarius for Scorpio ascendant people like me and how they can handle it in a better way -

1. This conjunction will take place in their 2nd house/Sagittarius of Family, Wealth, Speech and Resources. May be it is the beginning of the Saturn-Ketu transit impact on me that nowadays I don't like to speak much in my personal life though speaking in professional life is very much on.

2. Now again, Saturn limits things and Ketu separates person from things related to the house. So, it is like minimum results in matters of 2nd house for the Scorpio ascendant people.

3. It shows that they can either go away from Family or if they are with Family then they can have stressful time with them or they can live with family but without any real sense of attachment. If overall chart and dashas don't support much of family life or happiness with family then staying away from the family is better option. Better to stay away and be peaceful rather than being together and have issues.

4. If they are staying with Family then they may need to show great patience, accommodation or adjustment to keep family environment peaceful. There can be some stressful moments within family during the year which will require them to exhibit patience and calm approach to handle it.

5. But the biggest challenge they can face in wealth management. They must be very cautious or mindful in planning their wealth matters or their savings else they can land in big financial mess as Saturn-Ketu together in 2nd house can dry their resources to a great extent. If they continue to be spendthrift or negligent in wealth matters then they can see serious issues in financial stability. Hence, it is time to take care of financial matters from now only.

6. Then Saturn's transit into 3rd ouse/Capricorn after Jan, 2020 and PKY for 2nd house with Ketu in 1st house/Scorpio after Sep, 2020 again shows that results of 2nd house will be minimum. It means that they can continue to live away from family and they can continue to have some financial issues.

7. Hence, it is very clear that from now to mid-2022, Scorpio people need to be very careful in 2nd house related matters. They can live away from family (if they get any chance of staying away from family, they must grab it) or they may need to show great adjustment in dealing with family matters or stress in family. Likewise, they need to be extra-careful in financial matters as saving wealth can become an issue. They can have major expenses coming during the year. Hence, if they don't plan their finances well or continue to be a spendthrift then they can have major financial problems.

8. This time can still be good for focus on matters of higher education, knowledge and research on all Sagittarius related stuff.

Along with the above results, we can understand that strong malefics like Saturn-Ketu in 2nd house of family can also bring negative events like illness or death in family. More so, as 2nd house itself is maraka house but as always, final event is accumulated result of Chart + Dasha + Transits. So, such an event can happen only if chart and dasha of person or any family member is indicating towards illness or death. Again, it only means that person needs to take extra care of his health during this dasha + transit.

Next, we will see the Saturn-Ketu transit for Libra ascendant.



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