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Sannyas Initiation.

As many of you following me on Facebook would know that I have been to Rajpipla, Gujarat for Guru Purnima Festival and on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima (16th July, 2019), I got initiated in Sannyas at Osho Swarg Ashram there. I have been given a new name after initiation, i.e. Swami Premanand Bharti. Going forward, I am going to use this name along with my original name as most people know me through my original name. I have made the requisite changes in Facebook regarding this and soon I will do the same on site and other places.

At the same time, one of my client/friend emailed me to ask what planetary dashas and positions made me get this initiation. So, let's deal with this topic in some detail on the basis of following points –

My Chart.

First Inclination.

Strong Desire.

Current Dashas.

Transits of important planets.



Meaning of Sannyas for me.


Let’s cover all the points one after the other –

My Chart – First of all, let’s refer to my birth chart to understand this small analysis. Here it is - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astrologer .

First Inclination – I had first inclination to take Sannyas around Nov, 2017 when I visited Osho Ashram at Jabalpur. The first spark was lit on that day and I made initial inquiries at Ashram there and I started thinking about it seriously. I was in Jupiter-Mercury-Saturn dasha.

Strong Desire – Then that thought process converted this inclination into a strong desire around Jan, 2018. I was about to start Jupiter-Ketu dasha. Perfect dasha for spiritual pursuits. But then as it normally happens with all of us in spiritual matters that we start thinking about why such pursuits are necessary? Same thing happened with me. I started contemplating over it and missed the bus in process. It is funny that we never think about necessity of any negative act, such as anger, violence, speaking lies etc but when it comes to all the spiritual pursuits, we become very philosophical and knowledgeable to seek necessity of spiritual pursuits in life. Osho used to say that “people say that think as much as you can before jumping but I say that first jump and then think as much as you want”, lol. Somehow I missed the trick at that time as I started thinking over it. Astrologically, I can say that although dasha was perfect for spiritual pursuits but transits of last year didn’t help much and didn’t give me the courage to put efforts into this strong desire.

Current Dashas – Then came 2019 with Jupiter-Venus dasha, a perfect dasha for relationship and material pursuits. And I happened to meet one of the Osho Sannyasin Maa Prem Karuna who provided the much needed push for this action. Now, let’s analyse it astrologically –

Jupiter-Venus dasha – No matter how beautiful this dasha looks together for relationship and material pursuits, but for a Scorpio Ascendant like me, this is maraka dasha, the dasha of lords of killer houses, i.e. house # 2 and house # 7. Jupiter rules my 2nd house and Venus rules my 7th house. Venus also sits in 2nd house. So, this dasha completely activates 2nd house for me through 2 maraka planets. 2nd house represents family, family lineage, wealth, speech and neck portion of body. It shows that I could have some maraka results related with my family or family lineage.

Transits of important planets – Then I think the biggest factor which came into play was Saturn-Ketu transit in same 2nd house/Sagittarius. Saturn limits the benefits and Ketu separates us from benefits. So, stage was set for me to be separated from 2nd house results through dasha and transits both.  

Results – Following were the results - 

  • First result was as soon as Jupiter-Venus dasha began in Jan, 2019 and Saturn-Ketu came together in 2nd house/Sagittarius in March, 2019. As I said, 2nd house represents neck-area of body and I was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylitis. Due to involvement of Ketu, I opted for Homeopathic Treatment and after 4 months, I am feeling much better.
  • Then came the 2nd result through this Sannyas where now I am separated from my family lineage. As a Sannysin, I don’t belong to a particular family now. Now, I belong to the whole Universe which includes my previous family too. I am disconnected (Saturn-Ketu in 2nd house) from any family lineage now.

FAQ – Now, my responses to FAQ asked on Facebook page.

  • I will continue to work as an Astrologer and live my life as is. The only difference is that I need to include regular meditation and awareness in my daily life.
  • One can say that what is need of taking Sannyas for that? You can do it as is. Agreed, but Sannyas is like commitment to your Guru. Being a non-Sannyasin, I can skip meditation session some day and I may not feel any compulsion for it. But as a Sannyasin, it would be like breaking promise given to your Guru. So, it binds the person.
  • Need for new name? – Sannyas is considered as new birth of person. You let go of your previous-self and move into a new identity altogether. So, the new identity needs new name. Actually, this is very effective when someone had a very troublesome overall life and unable to let go of its memories. Then you can just enter into a new identity through any such process of name change and start a brand new life altogether.
  • So, everything in my life will continue as is with touch of meditation and awareness.

Meaning of Sannyas for me – For me, Sannyas is a big responsibility. It is the beginning of journey rather than end of it. The biggest responsibility Sannyas brings to us is that now you can’t behave like a non-Sannyasin. If I am Sannyasin and I am shouting at people, showing my anger, keeping resentments and grudges against others, getting into conflicts, using intoxications etc then what is difference between a Sannyasin and non-Sannyasin. In that case, at least that non-Sannyasin is honest with his behaviour because he is not showing up any mask of Sannyasin in front of others.

Wearing a robe of Sannyas or getting a mala or having a new name is easy. Anyone can manage to get this much. But more important is living Sannyas in daily life. Living like a detached person in spite of taking all actions necessary for life.

There was a reason why Osho used to refer male Sannyasin as Swami. Literal meaning of Swami is Owner, the one who owns. Osho interprets it as Swami is a person who has owned himself. One who has won over himself. So for me, Sannyas is a journey to become my own Swami.

Conclusion – So, the journey of being a Sannyasin has just begun. I don’t think I can claim myself as a Sannyasin as yet. That’s why the word “Initiation” is very important. It would mean that Journey has been initiated.

Hope you like the 1st article of Swami Premanand Bharti. Thanks a lot. 

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  • @ SS - I think most prominent indication for Sannyas in my chart is Jupiter exalted in 9th house and Jupiter dasha running. Thanks,

  • Thank you all.

  • Very Nice explanation ..concept clear..I feel very fortunate that I know you through this network..What I can say, I am very small man..Still best wishes for your new journey from bottom of my Heart..

  • Namaste, I am.so very glad that i know a person like you.Yes its a new janma for you..all the best... Humble pranaam, Vinita

  • Sir plz explain the sanyas yogas which you have in your chart

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