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Relationship Synastry - Introduction

So, I was thinking on the next series of random posts on alternate days which I normally make and relationship synastry came to my rescue. I have written about it in some articles https://www.astrosaxena.com/relsyn and https://www.astrosaxena.com/astromarriage1 but I think writing it in some detail will help us understand why all relationships are so difficult and why a great awareness is needed to resolve relationship conflicts. So, there are few ways by which we can look at relationship synastry -

1. Ascendant Analysis - 1st of all, it is always through ascendant and what houses both people are activating through their respective ascendants. Like, a relationship between a Gemini ascendant person and Scorpio ascendant person will be a 6/8 relationship which is something avoidable as it activates both dushthana houses for each other. It means none of the party may gain any benefit in this relationship. But at the same time, not all 6/8 relationships can be termed as negative one. Aries/Scorpio relation is also a 6/8 relation but it can still bring some benefits because Mars is lord of both signs. 2/12 relation between Aries/Pisces ascendant can be beneficial as both lords are mutual friends but it can be troublesome for Gemini/Cancer ascendant as lords are mutual enemies. So, through this series, we will not only go into the houses they activate for each other but also the planetary relation and what benefits or losses they can bring to each other. It will also give us an idea as to what actions can make their relationship a little improved one if they are going through a rough time in relation.

2. Relationship Planets - Then we can apply same logic through personal/relationship planets too like Moon and Venus. Like, we can see the same 6/8 , 2/12 or 4/10 relationship between people's Moon and Venus signs. It will also give an indication about positive/negative impacts on each other. Like, Moon in Taurus and Moon in Sagittarius is although a 6/8 relation but as Moon is well placed in both charts, mind of both persons will be inclined to sort out the conflicts and changes in relation and co-operate to sustain the relationship. So, although it is 6/8 relation of Moon but not a negative one. But Moon in Capricorn and Moon in Gemini can be a challenging combination as not only it is 6/8 relation but Moon is losing its dignity in both charts too. We can analyse the same thing for Venus too as per signs of Venus involved in 2 charts.

3. Darakaraka - Then we can look at darakaraka of people involved if it is matter of love relationship/marriage. I meant to say that above 2 analysis you can do in any relationship and can judge what 2 persons are bringing to each other, regardless of the fact that they are parent/child or siblings. But as darakaraka is for love relation, we can analyse it for couple interested in love relationship only. We can see the mutual nature, friendship/enmity of both darakaraka and what houses they are activating for each other.

4. Planetary Synastry - Then finally, if we super-impose one chart on another then how many planets are impacting in both charts. Like, if one person has Saturn in Cancer and another person has Venus in Cancer then what will be the joint impact when they start living together. This point can also be used in any relation.

So, I am planning to cover all these concepts from this upcoming series. Further suggestions are always invited to make this series a better and more exhaustive one. So, please feel free to comment and let's begin this series to understand the complexities of relationship.



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