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Horscope of Rekha ji – Difficulty in Relationship

Another celebrity horoscope today, i.e. Horscope of Rekha ji - As I cover celebrity charts over certain topic, I would like to cover Rekha ji’s chart on the point of how relationship can be difficult for everyone? I would be the last person to go into details of her or anyone’s personal life and relationship matters. I would just cover this analysis on astrological points just to show that there is no good chart for relationship and relationships are difficult & challenging for everyone. Even the best of planetary positions can bring certain difficulties in relationship aspect of life. So, if you see anyone’s problematic chart for relationship then understand that you may not be far-away either. Hence, we need to be sympathetic towards each other in this matter and in other matters of life too. May be that’s how human relations are going to improve for all of us.

So, let’s analyse Rekha ji’s chart on following points –

Introduction of the chart – As per information available online, Rekha ji was born on 10th Oct, 1954 at 11 am at Madras, Tamil Nadu. She is born as Sagittarius ascendant with Rahu-Mars in 1st house/Sagittarius, Moon in 3rd house/Aquarius, Ketu in 7th house/Gemini, Jupiter-Uranus in 8th house/Cancer, Pluto in 9th house/Leo, Sun in 10th house/Virgo, Saturn-Mercury-Neptune in 11th house/Libra and Venus in 12th house/Scorpio. I will explain why I took outer planets in consideration here.

Ascendant – So, first problem in relationship can be seen for anyone from ascendant itself regardless of which planet is placed where? She is born as Sagittarius ascendant ruled by Jupiter. 7th house/Gemini of Relationship is ruled by Mercury. As Jupiter-Mercury are mutual enemies due to Pushya Nakshatra story -, relationship for all dual sign ascendants (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) is a frustrating experience because of the rulership of Jupiter-Mercury at 1st house/7th house axis. They always feel that desires didn’t get manifested from their relationship or partner and then they look for another relationship or partner to get it manifested. Life lesson is to understand that no-one else can make you happy. You need to find it within yourself.

Rahu-Mars in 1st house – Rahu or Venus in 1st house is always an important planetary placement for anyone in media, arts or creative fields. Rahu-Mars together can blow-up someone’s aggressive streak and can make person very dominant which is not good for long term relationship. Rahu in 1st house also shows that person needs to focus on self in this life which is not favourable for relation as relationship requires focus on partner.

Ketu in 7th house – By far, Ketu in 7th house is the main planetary placement which gives frustration with relation or partner. They feel separated from the partner they get and seek another partner. As Ketu is headless, many-a-times they can be just totally blind in choosing their partner. In such cases, even the best person in world can be in front of them as option but they themselves will choose the wrong person as Ketu in 7th house can make them totally blind about relationship and partner. Sometimes death of partner can also separate them from their partner but it is nothing to blame on anyone. Time was over for that person, hence he/she passed away.

But then this is not the only reason –

Mercury – 7th house lord Mercury is with Saturn-Neptune in 11th house/Libra. First of all, Saturn with 7th house lord shows delay and challenges in relationship. People say that things can be better after 35 in such a case but as I see unless and until person starts behaving in a matured way, things can never be better with Saturn. Maturity, Practicality and Realistic approach towards life can bring better results from Saturn, no matter what is the age of person.

Venus – Venus is natural karaka of relationship. It is also her Darakaraka at 2 degree. Venus is in 12th house/Scorpio. Although it is in neutral sign but 12th house is still the house of losses. Whichever planet is in 12th house, consider it in the bucket of losses. Person will have a feeling of loss regarding things related to that planet.  Now, if you want to gain anything from such a planet then you need to put more efforts in those matters represented by that planet. With Venus in 12th house, person can continuously feel that he is wasting his time and energy in matters of relationship. Needless to say that basic nature or energy of Scorpio is of instability and with Venus in Scorpio, it can bring lots of instability in relations. As Scorpio is also sign of control, they can also be very controlling and insecured in relationship.

Jupiter – But there is a big question. Her Jupiter was exalted in 8th house/Cancer. Jupiter is karaka of married life. Then how come she didn’t get those results? There are two reasons. First, her Jupiter dasha was over at the age of 10 years. So, in her marriageable age, her Jupiter MD was never active. Second reason is impact of outer planets. Her Jupiter is at 4 degree and her Uranus is also at exact 4 degree. Uranus represents changes, transformation or continuously creating something new. It represents to continuously working over something and creating/recreating it many a times to finally realize your own unique creative ability. Wherever Uranus is in our chart, things related to that house can go through many changes and we continuously create/recreate those things many a times to finally reach our unique way to approach things related to that house. For example – I have Uranus in 12th house/Libra of spirituality and in my life, I followed many spiritual views, teachers, philosophies till I finally reached Osho and realized that even Spirituality is also an illusion. So, as Jupiter-Uranus are at exact same degree, Jupiter got impacted by this transformative energy of Uranus and her relationship life seen many a changes. Needless to say that 8th house itself is house of major changes and instability.

Uranus-Neptune – There are two more reasons why I referred to Uranus-Neptune in this analysis –

  • They are invisible planets. Hence, they bring invisible events which are internal in nature. As Uranus is with her Jupiter and Neptune is with her 7th house lord, every relationship transformation would have brought some big internal change in Rekha ji’s life, thinking or her approach towards life and relationship.
  • They are planets with longer orbits. Their transits are for longer times. Uranus takes about 7 years to transit through one sign, Neptune transits in a sign for 14 years and Pluto takes about 248 years to transit through all 12 signs, i.e. an average of 20 years in one sign. As a whole new generation takes birth in these many years, they are called as Generational Planets.
  • So, when Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are impacting someone’s relationship oriented houses or planets then person can get into relationship with someone from other generation altogether. Thst’s where we see a generational age gap between couple like Girl can be in her 20s and Guy can be in her 40s or vice-versa.
  • As Rekha ji had Uranus and Neptune along with Jupiter and 7th house lord Mercury, we can see that some of the relationship partner she had, as per media reports, were either 10-12 years elder to her or then 10-12 years younger to her.

Dashas – Finally, her dashas never supported a smooth relationship as her Jupiter MD was over at the age of 10 years. Till 29 years of age, she was under Saturn MD. Then till 46 years of age, she was under Mercury MD which was again closely conjunct with Saturn. And then she was under Ketu MD. So although, she had relationship and partners but no stability in relationship.

Conclusion – As we can see that every planet or house is adding to the problems in relationship rather than making it better. And this is story of almost every chart which I saw in last 5 years. So, we all are in same boat. 

As Osho said, only that person can be happy in relationship who can be happy alone.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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