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Retro Transit of Jupiter-Saturn in 2022

Jupiter is about to go retrograde in Pisces in a few hours. Saturn is already in retrograde movement and back in Capricorn. I have always seen retrograde transits as the time when energies of planets are more intensified as they are closer to Earth. I also consider retrograde transit as time where we have to make more efforts as things progress very slowly and then when planets turn direct again, we start getting results of all the hard work we have done. So, if we are not shy of hard work then this is the most important time period to put our best efforts.


Whatever results we have seen about Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn transit so far, they will make us reflect on those results and then work hard over same issues for better results in future.


As Saturn is in Capricorn and Jupiter is in Pisces, Saturn-Jupiter joint impacts on Pisces and Cancer signs will be important for next 6 months. Also, Saturn-Ketu joint impact on Libra will be important in next 6 months.


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