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Rahu-Saturn JI on Aquarius for Gemini Asc, 2019

Let's understand Rahu-Saturn joint impact (https://www.astrosaxena.com/rasaaqua19) between March, 2019 to Sep, 2020 for Gemini ascendant -

1. So, Rahu-Saturn joint impact will impact their 9th house/Aquarius till Jan, 2020 and then it will impact their 5th house/Libra till Sep, 2020. Both are Dharma houses and related to education. They also represent change of job and 9th house represents travelling.

2. As discussed, Rahu-Saturn joint impact creates a feeling of frustration and limited results in the houses thus impacted. It also makes us work hard in matters related to those houses.

3. So 1st of all, this impact will take place in 9th house of Gemini people which is about higher education, knowledge and travelling from March, 2019 to Jan, 2020. It means that they will feel that they are not getting enough results in matters of higher education despite their best efforts. Rahu-Saturn will make them work really hard for educational matters. They can have real issues with their teachers and it can cause big stress. They can get a Guru or Teacher who can be weird or controversial.

4. They can have similar stress and frustration in their travelling plans also which may not work in one go. Travelling can bring further stress.

5. As it is also 12th from 10th house, it represents loss of career, authority and father. They can have serious issues related with job oriented career where they may leave their job. It also shows some misunderstanding with authorities and father. It can also be time for taking good care of Father's health. People desirous of switching job can have new job opportunities coming their way.

6. Then this joint impact of Rahu-Saturn will be on their 5th house/Libra from Jan, 2020 to Sep, 2020. As 5th house is also related with education, it shows similar stressful issues in educational matters to continue. As it is also house of creativity, Rahu-Saturn will make them work hard in educational and creative pursuits.

7. These people can have stress or frustration around their love matters and children. They would feel that their expectations didn't get fulfilled by their love partner or child.

8. As 5th house is 8th from 10th house, it again shows change in work, instabilities with father or bosses and possible defamation if overall chart + dasha + transit allows it.

9. Overall, it can be a time of some major changes in career/job, hard work in education, facing problems with father or authority etc and as always, positive/negative nature of final event can be assessed only through Chart + Dasha + Transits.



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