Rahu-Moon Conjunction.

This one doesn't actually fall into deadly conjunction category as one of the planets involved is not malefic but this one can actually be termed as the most dangerous conjunction.

Moon represents Mind, Emotions and our sensitivity towards others. For me, Moon is always the most important planet as Moon represents Mind and all actions we take in life are 1st sanctioned by mind. Whatever mind says, we do that.

Rahu represents obsession, illusion and confusion.

So, when they both are conjunct it creates an obsessive mind and a highly emotional person. This is a situation where person is unable to balance out his emotions. They go into extremes. From this pole to that pole. Either they are too happy or they are too sad. If they are happy, they can give away anything to anyone in that happiness. If they are sad, they can go deep into depression. So, the biggest challenge or lesson with this conjunction is to keep the emotions in balance. Extremes are always dangerous. The middle path is always the right path.

Such Results can also be seen when Moon is in Rahu's nakshatras or Rahu is in Cancer.

Few other results which this conjunction can give are -

Something unusual in relationship with Mother. 

Person can have child through unusual ways like adoption, surrogacy etc.

Mind can be always under confusion or illusion. There is always a shadow functioning over mind and person is unable to think in right way. 

This conjunction can become really dangerous if Moon is getting further malefic impact through conjunction or aspect.

Again, the only thing which can help the person is Meditation. Person has to start meditation as early as possible in life. Only then he can hope to strike the balance in emotions and stabilize his mind.

This conjunction reminds me a story of Buddhism where Buddha used to stress at the need of following the middle path in life. In every matter of life, Buddha used to tell his disciples to avoid extremes and come at the middle path. One day a disciple said that you stress so much on middle path that it becomes the "extreme" of following middle path.

Buddha replied, I can allow only one extreme, i.e. extreme of middle path. 

So, if this conjunction is taking you towards extremes then make sure that extreme is of middle path or balanced emotions.

As it can lead person to extremes, it also includes positive extremes. Here, I have 2 examples where these people used this conjunction to achieve positive extremes.

1. Sachin Tendulkar 

https://www.astrosaxena.com/stendulkar .

Rahu-Moon conjunct in 5th house/Sagittarius and they were within 10 degrees. 5th house is house of sports and creativity. It is also a house of education. Sagittarius is also sign of higher education. Normally, we consider education and teaching only up to the academic one. But being a mentor in any field and guiding others is also very much part of 5th house and Sagittarius. So, although Sachin didn't complete his academic education in time due to his extreme involvement in sports but he played the role of mentor and guide to many.

Then Rahu-Moon in 5th house of sports and creativity made his mind to achieve extremes of creativity in sports field. Karaka of Sports Mars was exalted which also played its part. Be it inventing new shots or bowling almost anything, Rahu-Moon conjunction gave him ability to be extremely creative in sports. Here, this conjunction of Rahu-Moon proved to be a great one.

2. Raj Kapoor - Likewise, Great Raj Kapoor ji had Rahu-Moon conjunction in 1st house/Cancer. It looks like he might have been a very emotional person. But I was always curious to know that what made him such a visionary in field of cinema. He was way ahead of his times. If we see his chart then we may not find anything special in 5th house (Sun in Scorpio), 12th house lord Mercury in 6th house or with Venus (Venus with Saturn). Then what made him such an extra-ordinary movie director of all times. If I read well then he was ready with concept of his 2-3 movies at his teenage and by the age of 21, he directed his 1st movie Aag in which he actually played himself.

So, we will miss the reason here if we ignore outer planets. Neptune represents Photography. Hence, it also represents Cinema/Movies. Neptune was with Rahu-Moon in 1st house/Cancer. Neptune was in Ashlesha with Rahu and only 5-6 degrees apart, which was also his ascendant nakshatra. This exploded his interest in Theater and Movies from early age. And by the time he entered in Mercury MD at the age of 15 which activated Ashlesha, Ascendant and Jyeshtha Nakshatra in 5th house, he started preparing for his extra-ordinary journey.

I heard that he used to keep a diary with him in which he used to write important things of the day. In those days, he was preparing his team of actors, actresses, musicians etc who can give him services for a long time. He got most of the people as he wanted but something was missing. Then it so happened that Lata ji sang her 1st song for his movie Barsat. That day, Raj Kapoor wrote in his diary that now he has the team and he is ready to make some memorable movies. 

It also shows that if you have Rahu-Moon conjunction then it is better to have some passion in life and direct this energy of Rahu-Moon towards that passion creatively. It may make you obsessed towards such pursuit but it will be a positive obsession.




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