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Relationship Synastry # 6

Relationship Synastry Post # 6

Next in the Ascendant Analysis is 6/8 relationship. It means X person’s ascendant is 6th to Y person’s ascendant, hence Y person’s ascendant is 8th to X person’s ascendant. It is like a relationship between Aries-Virgo people or Scorpio-Gemini people.

Now, what will be the results?

1. 1st of all, first person is activating 6th house of other person and other person is activating 8th house of first person after they get into a relation. Now, what are these houses?

2. 6th house is house of conflicts, disputes, litigation, debts and diseases etc. 8th house is the house of major changes, ups/downs, instability and sudden events etc.

3. Among all relationship ascendant combination, this is the one which is the most serious and capital NO. Reason is simple that one person is bringing conflicts and disputes in relationship and other person is bringing instability in relationship. So, this relationship will either have conflicts or they will have continuous changes.

4. As you want some stability in life, it is advised to avoid this 6/8 synastry as these relations may never get stable. 

5. This relation can also bring the possibility of health issues, accidents, surgeries and debts etc for partners. Hence, it should remain in the bucket of avoidable relations.

6. Then there are some 6/8 ascendants like Sagittarius/Cancer or Taurus/Sagittarius which are ruled by benefic planets. For these people, intensity of conflicts or changes may be lesser but still they will have conflicts and instability in relationship. There are some ascendants in 6/8 relation for which ascendant lords are enemies and malefic planets. There it must be totally avoided.

7. Only way, this relation may work is through a long distance relationship. If they are staying together then they are bound to invite some conflicts to each other. Another way is always awareness. If both partners are aware that these are the limitations in their chart and they are supposed to work within such limitations, then they can avoid many small conflicts.

8. But this is where the overall chart analysis is also important. Like, being a Scorpio ascendant, I was always pleasantly surprised that most of my long time friends are either Gemini ascendant or Gemini Moon Sign. I could never understand why because Gemini/Scorpio are in 6/8 relation and their lords Mercury & Mars respectively are great enemies, till one day a friend of mine told that it is because Gemini falls into my 8th house where I have a Shubh Kartari Yoga happening between exalted Moon and exalted Jupiter. So, in between those 2 exalted planets, Gemini people find peace in my company. That’s why, whole chart needs to be analysed thoroughly.

Let’s check it ascendant-wise as ascendant lords can change the equation little bit here –

a. For Aries-Virgo, Gemini-Scorpio, Leo-Capricorn & Aquarius-Cancer ascendants, this relation is strictly avoidable as not only it is 6/8 relation but the ascendant lords for these ascendants are great enemies to each other. These people can have continuous conflicts or instability in relation.

b. For Virgo-Aquarius and Capricorn-Gemini ascendants, ascendant lords (Saturn-Mercury) are mutual friends but presence of heavy Saturnian energy is enough to bring stress in their relationship.

c. For Cancer-Sagittarius and Pisces-Leo ascendants, this relation may still work with some conditions as stated above, because ascendant lords Moon-Jupiter and Jupiter-Sun are best friends. Relationship can still have its instability but it might sustain due to friendship and benefic nature of lords. But it is certainly not advisable still.

d. For Libra-Pisces and Sagittarius-Taurus ascendants, although the ascendant lords (Venus & Jupiter) are benefic planets by nature but they are mutual enemies. So, these ascendants will still have some instabilities and conflicts.

e. I think the best bet here will be Taurus-Libra and Scorpio-Aries ascendants in relation as the ascendant lord here is same planet for both ascendants, i.e. Venus and Mars respectively. Even in them, Taurus-Libra is better bet as the lord Venus is benefic planet and karaka of relationship.

f. Still, first advice for this 6/8 relation is serious and capital NO.

Obviously, we need to look at whole chart of both persons involved and check their dashas to get the complete idea. From this analysis, we can only understand that if one sign or one planet can cause issues in relationship then how many issues can be seen through 12 signs and 9 planets. This is my intention behind writing this series to make people aware that there is no ideal relation, no ideal marriage and no perfect partner.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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